2008 Presidential Primaries,
Caucuses, and Conventions
Major Events

Donkey and Elephant Democratic

*Monday 25 August - Thursday 28 August 2008: 45th Democratic National Convention
Thursday 3 January 2008*Iowa Caucus1*Iowa Caucus
Saturday 5 January 2008 *Wyoming County Conventions
Tuesday 8 January 2008*New Hampshire Primary1*New Hampshire Primary
Tuesday 15 January 2008*Michigan Primary1*Michigan Primary
Saturday 19 January 2008*Nevada Precinct Caucuses1*Nevada Precinct Caucus
*South Carolina Primary
Saturday 26 January 2008*South Carolina Party-run Primary1 
Tuesday 29 January 2008*Florida Primary1*Florida Primary
Friday 1 February - Sunday 3 February 2008 *Maine Municipal Caucuses
Tuesday 5 February 2008*Alaska Precinct / House District Caucuses1
*Alabama Primary1
*Arkansas Primary1
*American Samoa Territorial Caucus1
*Arizona Primary1
*California Primary1
*Colorado Precinct Caucus1
*Connecticut Primary1
*Delaware Primary1
*Georgia Primary1
*Idaho County Caucus1
*Illinois Primary1
*Kansas Local Unit Conventions1
*Massachusetts Primary1
*Minnesota Precinct Caucuses1
*Missouri Primary1
*North Dakota Precinct Caucuses1
*New Jersey Primary1
*New Mexico Party-run Primary1
*New York Primary1
*Oklahoma Primary1
*Tennessee Primary1
*Utah Primary1
*Alabama Primary
*Arkansas Primary
*Arizona Primary
*California Primary
*Colorado Precinct Caucuses
*Connecticut Primary
*Delaware Primary
*Georgia Primary
*Illinois Primary
*Massachusetts Primary
*Minnesota Precinct Caucuses / non-binding straw poll
*Missouri Primary
*Montana Caucus
*North Dakota Caucus
*New Jersey Primary
*New York Primary
*Oklahoma Primary
*Tennessee Primary
*Utah Primary
*West Virginia State Presidential Convention
Tuesday 5 February - Saturday 9 February 2008 *Alaska District Conventions
Tuesday 5 February - Tuesday 12 February 2008*Democrats Abroad Local Caucuses / Primary1 
Saturday 9 February 2008*Louisiana Primary1
*Nebraska Precinct Caucus1
*Virgin Islands Territorial Convention1
*Washington Precinct Caucuses1
*Kansas Caucuses
*Louisiana Primary
*Washington Precinct Caucuses
Sunday 10 February 2008*Maine Municipal Caucuses1 
Tuesday 12 February 2008*District of Columbia Primary1
*Maryland Primary1
*Virginia Primary1
*District of Columbia Primary
*Maryland Primary
*Virginia Primary
Tuesday 19 February 2008*Hawaii Precinct Caucus1
*Wisconsin Primary1
*Washington Primary
*Wisconsin Primary
Saturday 23 February 2008 *American Samoa Territorial Caucus
*Northern Marianas Commonwealth Convention
Sunday 24 February 2008 *Puerto Rico Territorial Caucus
Saturday 1 March 2008 *Tennessee State Executive Committee
Tuesday 4 March 2008*Ohio Primary1
*Rhode Island Primary1
*Texas Primary1
*Vermont Primary1
*Ohio Primary
*Rhode Island Primary
*Texas Primary
*Vermont Primary
Saturday 8 March 2008*Arkansas Special State Convention
*Wyoming County Caucuses1
*Guam Territorial Caucus
Tuesday 11 March 2008*Mississippi Primary1*Mississippi Primary
Thursday 13 March - Saturday 15 March 2008 *Alaska Convention
Saturday 15 March - Friday 11 April 2008*Democrats Abroad Regional Caucuses 
Saturday 29 March - Saturday 19 April 2008 *Minnesota District Conventions
Thursday 3 April 2008*District of Columbia State Party Committee 
Saturday 5 April 2008*Missouri State Committee*Virgin Islands Territorial Caucus
Saturday 12 April 2008*Democrats Abroad Global Convention 
Tuesday 22 April 2008*Pennsylvania Primary1*Pennsylvania Primary
Saturday 26 April 2008*Iowa District Conventions*Nevada District Meetings and State Convention
Thursday 1 May 2008*Maryland State Democratic Central Committee Meeting 
Saturday 3 May 2008*Guam Territorial Caucus (Party run primary)1*Maine District Caucuses and State Convention
Saturday 3 May - Friday 16 May 2008*Colorado District Conventions 
Tuesday 6 May 2008*Indiana Primary1
*North Carolina Primary1
*Indiana Primary
*North Carolina Primary
Tuesday 13 May 2008*West Virginia Primary1*West Virginia Primary
Friday 16 May - Sunday 18 May 2008 *Hawaii State Convention
Saturday 17 May 2008*Colorado State Convention
*Kansas State Convention
*Washington Congressional District Caucuses
Saturday 17 May - Sunday 18 May 2008*Nevada State Convention 
Sunday 18 May 2008*California Delegation Meeting 
Tuesday 20 May 2008*Kentucky Primary1
*Oregon Primary1
*Kentucky Primary
*Oregon Primary
Tuesday 20 May - Wednesday 21 May 2008 (tentative date) *New York State Committee
Thursday 22 May 2008 (tentative date) *Kansas State Party Committee Meeting
Saturday 24 May 2008*Alaska State Party Convention
*Wyoming State Convention
Saturday 24 May - Saturday 7 June 2008 (tentative date) *Colorado District Conventions
Tuesday 27 May 2008 *Idaho Primary
Thursday 29 May - Saturday 31 May 2008 *Minnesota State Convention
*Washington State Convention
Friday 30 May - Saturday 31 May 2008 *Wyoming Convention
Saturday 31 May 2008 *Colorado State Convention
Saturday 31 May - Sunday 1 June 2008*Maine State Convention. 
Sunday 1 June 2008*Puerto Rico Primary1 
Sunday 1 June - Monday 2 June 2008 *Indiana State Convention
Tuesday 3 June 2008*Montana Primary1
*South Dakota Primary1
*New Mexico Primary
*South Dakota Primary
Friday 6 June 2008 *Pennsylvania Summer Meeting
Friday 6 June - Saturday 7 June 2008*Texas State Convention 
Saturday 7 June 2008 *Illinois Convention
Thursday 12 June - Saturday 14 June 2008*Idaho State Convention 
Friday 13 June - Sunday 15 June 2008*Washington State Convention 
Saturday 14 June 2008*Michigan State Central Committee*New Mexico State Republican Convention
Friday 20 June - Sunday 22 June 2008*Nebraska State Convention 
Saturday 28 June 2008*Iowa State Convention 
Friday 11 July - Saturday 12 July 2008 *Iowa State Convention
Saturday 12 July 2008 *Nebraska State Convention
Saturday 26 July 2008 *Nevada State Convention

* Major event or National Convention delegates allocated.
1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.

Notes: Saturday 1 March 2008: Democratic unpledged delegates are automatically selected.


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