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2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 12 February 20081
State Democratic Central Committee Meeting: Thursday 1 May 2008
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Obama, Barack Hussein532,665  60.66%42.0  42.00%94.0  94.00%
Clinton, Hillary Rodham314,211  35.78%28.0  28.00%6.0   6.00%
Uncommitted11,417   1.30%30.0  30.00% 
Edwards, John Reid10,506   1.20%  
Biden, Joseph Robinette "Joe", Jr.3,776   0.43%  
Richardson, William B. "Bill", III2,098   0.24%  
Kucinich, Dennis J.1,909   0.22%  
Gravel, Mike804   0.09%  
Dodd, Christopher J. "Chris"788   0.09%  
Total878,174 100.00%100.0 100.00%100.0 100.00%

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Maryland Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress
Maryland State and Local Government


Here is how we compute the delegate count (based on certified returns from an official source):

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not qualify. Clinton and Obama have qualified for delegates.
  2. Allocate Congressional District delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) (candidate's popular vote) (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.


According to the 13 May 2008 article below, 1 Clinton pledged delegate intends to cast his ballot for Obama. Accordingly, we have changed our soft pledged count from Obama 42, Clinton 28 to Obama 43, Clinton 27. Our hard count remains Obama 42, Clinton 28, Uncommitted 29 as originally assigned.

A 13 May 2008 article from the Washington Post states that Democratic Delegate and Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson, who is pledged to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, stated that he plans to support Senator Obama at the National Convention.

Unpledged delegates as of
29 January 2008: Clinton: 4, Edwards: 1, Obama: 3
31 January 2008: Clinton: 4, Obama: 3
9 February 2008: Clinton: 9, Obama: 3
12 February 2008: Clinton: 10, Obama: 3
16 February 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 3
4 March 2008: Clinton: 10, Obama: 3
15 March 2008: Clinton: 10, Obama: 4
30 March 2008: Clinton: 10, Obama: 3
19 April 2008: Clinton: 10, Obama: 4
4 May 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 4
7 May 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 7
9 May 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 8
17 May 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 9
3 June 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 12
4 June 2008: Clinton: 11, Obama: 14



Tuesday 12 February 2008: 70 of 100 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's Maryland Presidential Primary. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 46 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the State's 8 congressional districts. District-level delegates are elected by a two-part primary in which delegate positions are allocated based on a Presidential preference primary and filled through the election of delegates directly on the ballot.
    • CD 1: 5
    • CD 2: 5
    • CD 3: 6
    • CD 4: 7
    • CD 5: 6
    • CD 6: 4
    • CD 7: 6
    • CD 8: 7
  • In addition, 24 delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    • 15 at-large National Convention delegates
    • 9 Pledged PLEOs

Thursday 1 May 2008: State Democratic Central Committee Meeting.

The remaining 30 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 28 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 19 Democratic National Committee members.
    • 8 Members of Congress (2 Senators and 6 Representatives).
    • 1 Governor.
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders.
  • 2 Unpledged "add-on"s (selected at the State Democratic Central Committee meeting).

These 30 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Maryland Delegation (as posted by, 11 August 2008)

Pledged District0192746
Pledged PLEO1359
Pledged At-Large06915
Total Pledged1284170
Alternate Pledged District0268
Alternate Pledged PLEO0000
Alternate Pledged At-Large0134
Total Alternates03912
Unpledged   30
Credentials Committee   7
Platform Committee   6
Rules Committee   4
Pages   3
Pledged District 1ClintonMike EavesForest Hill, MD
Pledged District 1ObamaRyan EwingEaston, MD
Pledged District 1ObamaJoyce FitzpatrickGrasonville, MD
Pledged District 1ClintonJack HughesSalisbury, MD
Pledged District 1ClintonNancy VossDenton, MD
Pledged District 2ClintonMarietta EnglishBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 2ObamaHon. Cheryl GlennBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 2ClintonHon. Dion GuthrieJoppatowne, MD
Pledged District 2ObamaRobert Johnson, Jr.Randallstown, MD
Pledged District 2ObamaKathleen M. MillerTimonium, MD
Pledged District 3ObamaDan ClementsAnnapolis, MD
Pledged District 3ObamaLisa L. FriedmanColumbia, MD
Pledged District 3ClintonSandra HillmanBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3ClintonJon LariaBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 3ObamaDavid MarkerColumbia, MD
Pledged District 3ClintonHon. Maggie McIntoshBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 4ClintonAngela AlsobrooksUpper Marlboro, MD
Pledged District 4ObamaRushern L. Baker, IIICheverly, MD
Pledged District 4ObamaMichael BuckleySilver Spring, MD
Pledged District 4ObamaMary Jane CoolenCheverly, MD
Pledged District 4ObamaHon. Nathaniel ExumLandover, MD
Pledged District 4ObamaHon. Jolene IveyCheverly, MD
Pledged District 4ClintonHon. Darrell MillerCapitol Heights, MD
Pledged District 5ClintonHon. Ben BarnesCollege Park, MD
Pledged District 5ClintonVirginia BenedictNewburg, MD
Pledged District 5ObamaHon. Mark CookCollege Park, MD
Pledged District 5ObamaHon. Sue KullenPort Republic, MD
Pledged District 5ObamaHon. Justin RossGreenbelt, MD
Pledged District 5ObamaRoxanne TaylorBowie, MD
Pledged District 6ObamaGoodloe Byron, Jr.Frederick, MD
Pledged District 6ClintonHon. John DonoghueHagerstown, MD
Pledged District 6ClintonHon. Sue HechtFrederick, MD
Pledged District 6ObamaAnn-Marie LicianoMonrovia, MD
Pledged District 7ObamaHon. Lisa GladdenBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7ObamaHon. Verna L. JonesBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7ObamaHon. Nathaniel McFaddenBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7ObamaKeiffer J. Mitchell, Jr.Baltimore, MD
Pledged District 7ClintonHon. Catherine PughBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 7ClintonHon. Bernard YoungBaltimore, MD
Pledged District 8ObamaStewart BainumChevy Chase, MD
Pledged District 8ClintonMary BoergersChevy Chase, MD
Pledged District 8ClintonJohn K. DelaneyChevy Chase, MD
Pledged District 8ObamaRosie EngmanSilver Spring, MD
Pledged District 8ObamaHon. Brian FeldmanPotomac, MD
Pledged District 8ClintonHon. Nancy FloreenGarrett Park, MD
Pledged District 8ObamaLynn NovelliGaithersburg, MD
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Curt AndersonBaltimore, MD
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Anthony BrownMitchellville, MD
Pledged PLEO(unknown)Hon. Sheila DixonBaltimore, MD
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Peter FranchotSilver Spring, MD
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Douglas GanslerBaltimore, MD
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Carolyn J.B. HowardMitchellville, MD
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Susan LeeBethesda, MD
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Jen TerrasaColumbia, MD
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Ken UlmanColumbia, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonWayne CurryUpper Marlboro, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaJoseph HansenRockville, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaHon. Helen HoltonBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonHon. Jack JohnsonMitchellville, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonLorretta JohnsonBaltimore, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonHon. Adrienne JonesWoodstock, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonMarcia MasseySilver Spring, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaPenny McCrimmonOwings Mills, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaCheryl MillerAnnapolis, MD
Pledged At-LargeClintonEllis MotturNorth Bethesda, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaJoan PitkinBowie, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaJulie RandallLexington Park, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaElly Shaw-BelblidiaGaithersburg, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaDana V. ShelleyPikesville, MD
Pledged At-LargeObamaJason WaskeyRockville, MD
Alternate Pledged District 1ClintonHon. Barrie P. TilghmanSalisbury, MD
Alternate Pledged District 2ObamaKwame RichBaltimore, MD
Alternate Pledged District 3ObamaLyn FarrowAnnapolis, MD
Alternate Pledged District 4ObamaKatina Rojas JoyBowie, MD
Alternate Pledged District 5ObamaLen LucchiBowie, MD
Alternate Pledged District 6ClintonJames S. BestpitchCumberland, MD
Alternate Pledged District 7ObamaStephanie FarquharBaltimore, MD
Alternate Pledged District 8ObamaHon. Jamie RaskinAnnapolis, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonIda Bailey-JonesBaltimore, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaJean BaileySilver Spring, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaHon. Jamie BenoitCrownsville, MD
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaRobert YochemBaltimore, MD
Unpledged Laphonza ButlerNew York, NY
Delegation Chair
 Michael E. CryorAnnapolis, MD
Delegation Vice Chair
 Lauren D. GloverMitchellville, MD
Unpledged Add-On Hon. Parris GlendeningAnnapolis, MD
Unpledged Add-On Hon. Kathleen TownsendBaltimore, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Elijah CummingsWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Donna EdwardsLargo, MD
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Steny H. HoyerWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Dutch RuppersbergerWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. John P. SarbanesWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Chris Van HollenWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Alvaro CifuentesPotomac, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Maria CordoneUpper Marlboro, MD
Unpledged DNC Member John GageWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Janice GriffinArlington, VA
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Nancy KoppAnnapolis, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Belkis "Bel" Leong-HongGaithersburg, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Richard P. MichalskiUpper Marlboro, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Glenard S. MiddletonBaltimore, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Heather MizeurTakoma Park, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Mary Jo NevilleDayton, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Gregory PecoraroWestminster, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Carol PenskyWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Karren Pope-OnwukweHyattsville, MD
Unpledged DNC Member Michael SteedWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member John J. SweeneyWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Vice Chair Susan W. TurnbullBethesda, MD
Unpledged Governor Hon. Martin O'MalleyAnnapolis, MD
Unpledged Senator Hon. Benjamin L. CardinWashington, DC
Unpledged Senator Hon. Barbara MikulskiWashington, DC
Credentials Committee Hon. Sheila DixonBaltimore, MD
Credentials Committee Janice GriffinArlington, VA
Credentials CommitteeClintonMichele LewisSilver Spring, MD
Credentials CommitteeObamaHon. Joseline Pena-MelnykCollege Park, MD
Credentials Committee Carol PenskyWashington, DC
Credentials CommitteeObamaHon. Gene Ransom, IIIGrasonville, MD
Credentials Committee Michael SteedWashington, DC
Platform Committee Tom BuffenbargerUpper Marlboro, MD
Platform CommitteeObamaLuke ClippingerBaltimore, MD
Platform CommitteeClintonHon. James KraftBaltimore, MD
Platform CommitteeObamaNgoc Minh LeChevy Chase, MD
Platform Committee Judith McHaleBethesda, MD
Platform Committee Chris OwensTakoma Park, MD
Rules CommitteeObamaHon. Guy GuzzoneColumbia, MD
Rules CommitteeClintonMary Ann KeeffeKensington, MD
Rules Committee Vashti Murphy McKenzieBrentwood, TN
Rules CommitteeObamaThomas SlaterFrederick, MD
Page Caitlin McDonoughBowie, MD
Page Adam SchollBethesda, MD
Page Christopher WilhelmSilver Spring, MD

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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