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2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 19 February 20081
County Caucuses: Sunday 6 April 2008
Congressional District Caucuses: Sunday 4 May 2008
State Convention: Friday 13 June 2008
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Obama, Barack Hussein646,851  58.08%42.0  45.65% 
Clinton, Hillary Rodham453,954  40.76%32.0  34.78% 
Edwards, John Reid6,693   0.60%  
Kucinich, Dennis J.2,625   0.24%  
Uninstructed861   0.08%  
Biden, Joseph Robinette "Joe", Jr.755   0.07%  
Richardson, William B. "Bill", III528   0.05%  
Gravel, Mike517   0.05%  
Dodd, Christopher J. "Chris"501   0.04%  
Scattering468   0.04%  
Uncommitted 18.0  19.57% 
(not voting)  92.0 100.00%
Total1,113,753 100.00%92.0 100.00%92.0 100.00%

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Wisconsin Primaries for Statewide offices and Congress
Wisconsin State and Local Government


Wisconsin 2008 Delegate Selection Plan

Here's how we compute the delegate count (based on certified returns from the 19 February Primary from an official source):

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not qualify. Clinton and Obama have qualified for delegates.
  2. Allocate Congressional District delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) (candidate's popular vote) (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.


Unpledged delegates as of
29 January 2008: Clinton: 2, Edwards: 2, Obama: 2
31 January 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 2
9 February 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 3
12 February 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 4
24 February 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 8
4 March 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 9
15 March 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 10
14 May 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 11
14 May 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 12
4 June 2008: Clinton: 2, Obama: 14
18 June 2008: Clinton: 3, Obama: 15


Tuesday 19 February 2008: 74 of 92 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's Wisconsin Presidential Primary. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 48 district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the State's 8 congressional districts.
    • CD 1: 6
    • CD 2: 8
    • CD 3: 6
    • CD 4: 6
    • CD 5: 5
    • CD 6: 5
    • CD 7: 6
    • CD 8: 6
  • In addition, 26 delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary vote statewide.
    • 16 at-large National Convention delegates
    • 10 Pledged PLEOs

Sunday 6 April 2008: County Caucuses. The first tier caucuses for District Delegate selection are held at the County or Assembly District level.


Sunday 4 May 2008: Congressional District Caucuses. The second and final tier caucuses for District Delegate selection are held at the Congressional District level.


Friday 13 June 2008: State Convention

The remaining 18 National Convention delegates consist of

  • 16 Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 8 Democratic National Committee members.
    • 7 Members of Congress (2 Senators and 5 Representatives).
    • 1 Governor.
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders.
  • 2 Unpledged "add-on"s (just before the Convention meets, the Administrative Committee of the Wisconsin Democratic Party chooses these delegates).

These 18 delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Wisconsin Delegation (as posted by, 18 July 2008)

Pledged District202747
Pledged PLEO5510
Pledged At-Large7916
Total Pledged324173
Alternate Pledged District088
Alternate Pledged PLEO000
Alternate Pledged At-Large224
Total Alternates21012
Unpledged  18
Credentials Committee  4
Platform Committee  3
Rules Committee  3
Pages  0
Pledged District 1ObamaMargaret AndrietschRacine, WI
Pledged District 1ClintonWilliam L. CobbKenosha, WI
Pledged District 1ObamaHon. Cory MasonRacine, WI
Pledged District 1ClintonMarlene OttGreendale, WI
Pledged District 1ObamaMichael L. UnderhillSalem, WI
Pledged District 2ClintonAnne BoleyMadison, WI
Pledged District 2ObamaStan DavisSun Prairie, WI
Pledged District 2ObamaBryon EagonMadison, WI
Pledged District 2ObamaRoberta GassmanMadison, WI
Pledged District 2ClintonHon. Brett HulseyMadison, WI
Pledged District 2ObamaFrances Huntley-CooperFitchburg, WI
Pledged District 2ObamaMary Lang SollingerMadison, WI
Pledged District 2ClintonRichard P. LoeperMadison, WI
Pledged District 3ObamaGraham ClumpnerLa Crosse, WI
Pledged District 3ClintonMerna FremstadWestby, WI
Pledged District 3ClintonKurt RandorfTomah, WI
Pledged District 3ObamaMary RasmussenBoyceville, WI
Pledged District 3ClintonLori ScottEau Claire, WI
Pledged District 3ObamaJames D. WineOnalaska, WI
Pledged District 4ObamaMilton Bond, Jr.Milwaukee, WI
Pledged District 4ObamaStephanie FindleyMilwaukee, WI
Pledged District 4ClintonPatrick W. KehoeMilwaukee, WI
Pledged District 4ClintonCandice OwleyMilwaukee, WI
Pledged District 4ObamaMichael RosenMilwaukee, WI
Pledged District 4ObamaThelma A. SiasMilwaukee, WI
Pledged District 5ClintonCharlene BradyGermantown, WI
Pledged District 5ClintonShah HaqqiBrookfield, WI
Pledged District 5ObamaLeslie JorgensenWauwatosa, WI
Pledged District 5ObamaHon. Larry NelsonWaukesha, WI
Pledged District 5ObamaFrank ShanskyWauwatosa, WI
Pledged District 6ClintonJennifer R. GieddBeaver Dam, WI
Pledged District 6ClintonRon GruettChilton, WI
Pledged District 6ObamaHon. Gordon HintzOshkosh, WI
Pledged District 6ObamaHon. Peg LautenschlagerFond du Lac, WI
Pledged District 6ObamaAngela SutkiewiczSheboygan, WI
Pledged District 7ClintonVirginia C. BossePark Falls, WI
Pledged District 7ObamaChristine Bremer-MuggliWausau, WI
Pledged District 7ClintonDenise HaughianChippewa Falls, WI
Pledged District 7ObamaGary B. HawleyStevens Point, WI
Pledged District 7ObamaHon. Patrick J. KreitlowChippewa Falls, WI
Pledged District 7ClintonGerald UglandPlover, WI
Pledged District 8ClintonMary M. GouldingGreen Bay, WI
Pledged District 8ObamaMargaret LardinoisGreen Bay, WI
Pledged District 8ObamaJamie StarkGreen Bay, WI
Pledged District 8ObamaJennie Sykes-SchwenkGreen Bay, WI
Pledged District 8ClintonTony VanderbloemenGreen Bay, WI
Pledged District 8ClintonRobert YingstAbrams, WI
Pledged PLEOClintonJan BanickiMontello, WI
Pledged PLEOObamaTom BarrettMilwaukee, WI
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. David J. CieslewiczMadison, WI
Pledged PLEOClintonHeather L. ColburnMadison, WI
Pledged PLEOClintonPedro ColonMilwaukee, WI
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Russ DeckerSchofield, WI
Pledged PLEOClintonKathleen M. FalkMadison, WI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Barbara LawtonMadison, WI
Pledged PLEOObamaMartha LoveMilwaukee, WI
Pledged PLEOObamaMark PocanMadison, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonNabeela BaigMadison, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaKatie BoyceCross Plains, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaGuy J. CostelloSouth Milwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonPaula S. DorseyMilwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaJessica L. DoyleMadison, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaBeverly JenkinsMilwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonJack L. KruegerGreen Bay, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonNancy NusbaumDe Pere, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaBethany OrdazMadison, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonShawn W. PfaffFitchburg, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaMolly RiveraPleasant Prairie, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaSara J. RogersMilwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaMarwill SantiagoMilwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeObamaMartin SchreiberMilwaukee, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonCris SelinMiddleton, WI
Pledged At-LargeClintonGloria G. VillanuevaRacine, WI
Alternate Pledged District 1ObamaJason J. SmithRacine, WI
Alternate Pledged District 2ObamaCelia JacksonMadison, WI
Alternate Pledged District 3ObamaSteve MercaitusMount Hope, WI
Alternate Pledged District 4ObamaMartha ToranMilwaukee, WI
Alternate Pledged District 5ObamaMushir HassanBrookfield, WI
Alternate Pledged District 6ObamaWendy Volz-DanielsCampbellsport, WI
Alternate Pledged District 7ObamaDaniel L. HannulaSuperior, WI
Alternate Pledged District 8ObamaJane RufeAppleton, WI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaIngrid AnkersonMadison, WI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonMark BoswellWaukesha, WI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonKira BrennerMadison, WI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaHarold JacksonLac du Flambeau, WI
Delegation Vice Chair
 Hon. Lena TaylorMilwaukee, WI
Delegation Chair
 Hon. Joe WinekeMadison, WI
Unpledged Add-On Linda HonoldMilwaukee, WI
Unpledged Add-On Walter KunickiMilwaukee, WI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Tammy BaldwinWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Steve KagenWashington, DC
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Ron KindLa Crosse, WI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Gwen MooreMilkwaukee, WI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. David ObeyWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Stan GruszynskiPorterfield, WI
Unpledged DNC Member Awais KhaleelMadison, WI
Unpledged DNC Member Jason RaeRice Lake, WI
Unpledged DNC Member Melissa SchroederMarrill, WI
Unpledged DNC Member Tim SullivanVerona, WI
Unpledged DNC Member Paula ZellnerPorterfield, WI
Unpledged Governor Hon. Jim DoyleMadison, WI
Unpledged Senator Hon. Russell D. FeingoldWashington, DC
Unpledged Senator Hon. Herb KohlWashington, DC
Credentials CommitteeObamaDian PalmerBrookfield, WI
Credentials Committee Leila SaharAppleton, WI
Credentials CommitteeClintonDawn M. SassBelleville, WI
Credentials CommitteeObamaScott P. TyreMadison, WI
Platform CommitteeClintonPamela CampbellChippewa Falls, WI
Platform CommitteeObamaEd MatuszakWausau, WI
Platform CommitteeClintonJames O. Sullivan, Jr.Wauwatosa, WI
Rules CommitteeClintonLisa C. GoldmanMadison, WI
Rules CommitteeObamaSusan GoodwinMadison, WI
Rules CommitteeObamaMarc J. MarottaMequon, WI

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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