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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 15 January 20081
District Conventions: Saturday 19 April 2008
State Central Committee: Saturday 14 June 2008
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Clinton, Hillary Rodham328,309  55.23%73.0  46.50%27.0  17.20%
Uncommitted238,168  40.07%84.0  53.50% 
Kucinich, Dennis J.21,715   3.65%  
Dodd, Christopher J. "Chris"3,845   0.65%  
Gravel, Mike2,361   0.40%  
Obama, Barack Hussein  125.0  79.62%
(not voting)  5.0   3.18%
Total594,398 100.00%157.0 100.00%157.0 100.00%

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Sunday 24 August 2008: The Democratic National Convention's Credentials Committee has, at the request of Senator Barack Obama, voted to restore full voting strength to the delegates from Michigan and Florida, bringing the primary dispute to closure. The panel approved the full seating of Michigan and Florida with no debate or opposing votes.

Sunday 3 August 2008: Reports state that Democratic nominee apparent Senator Barack Obama has asked the Democratic National Convention's Credentials Committee to restore Florida and Michigan to a "full vote" when it meets on 24 August.

Saturday 31 May 2008: Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting

The main item of business on the Committee's agenda will be the consideration of two pending challenges regarding the seating of the Florida and Michigan Delegations. The Committee will hear proposals from Michigan State University Trustee Joel Ferguson and Florida party official Jon Ausman.

A motion to restore the Michigan Delegation to 50% of the state's pledged delegate votes and 50% of their unpledged delegate votes (with a pledged delegate distribution of Clinton 34.5, Obama 29.5) was made. The Committee approved the motion with a vote of 19 in favor, 8 opposed, 0 abstentions.

Commentary Friday 30 May 2008
Battles over Florida and Michigan shadow
the electoral battle in Puerto Rico

by Richard E. Berg-Andersson Staff

The seating of these delegations is discussed in our commentary series "THEATRE OF THE POLITICALLY ABSURD ... The Relationship between State Law and Party Rules and the 'Punishing' of the former where violative of the latter" by Richard E. Berg-Andersson Staff

"Vox Populi" ('Letters to the Editor' on this website) in response to the above pieces were those dated

On 7 May 2008, the Michigan Democratic Executive Committee voted to ask the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee to approve a Clinton 69, Obama 59 pledged delegate split and seat the full Michigan Delegation at the National Convention. The Rules Committee meets 31 May. Reports state that the math splits the difference between the 73 delegates Clinton won in the 15 January primary and the 64-64 split the Obama campaign wanted. It also gives a Clinton 54% to Obama 46% delegate split. PA split their popular vote Clinton 55%, Obama 45% on 22 April 2008; OH split the vote Clinton 54%, Obama 44% on 4 March 2008; and NJ split the vote Clinton 55%, Obama 44% on 5 February 2008.

Assuming no sanctions, the pledged delegate split from the Tuesday 15 January 2008 primary is Clinton 73, Uncommitted 55.

The Michigan Democrats also voted to move their State Central Committee meeting from 17 May to 14 June. The party plans to elect 28 At-Large, 17 Pledged PLEO, and 2 Unpledged "add-ons"s at that meeting. 83 pledged district delegates were elected last month at the 19 April 2008 District Conventions.

20 April 2008 Media Article: Michigan Democrats pick delegates

The 12 December 2007 Voter Guide published by the Democratic Party states: "A vote for "uncommitted" is a vote to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention who are not committed or pledged to any candidate. Those delegates can vote for any candidate they choose at the Convention. Supporters of Joe Biden, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson are urged to vote "uncommitted" instead of writing in their candidates’ names because write-in votes for those candidates will not be counted.

Voter Guide for 1/15/08 Primary
Q & A for 1/15/08 Primary


Certified returns of the 15 January 2008 primary from an official source.

Here's how we compute the delegate count assuming that the full delegation is seated (based on certified returns of the 15 January 2008 primary from an official source):

  1. A candidate must receive 15% or more of the total popular vote to qualify for delegates. Discard votes cast for those candidates who do not qualify. Clinton and Uncommitted have qualified for delegates.
  2. Allocate Congressional District delegates from the qualified vote in each district. Allocate Pledged PLEO and At-Large delegates using the state-wide qualified vote.
  3. In each jurisdiction (CD and statewide):
    1. Total qualified vote = total votes cast for the qualifying candidates in the jurisdiction.
    2. Allocation = (delegates for the jurisdiction) × (candidate's popular vote) ÷ (total qualified vote).
    3. Assign each candidate the WHOLE NUMBER of delegates.
    4. If delegates remain, allocate each of the remaining delegates to those candidates with the LARGEST REMAINDERS.
Delegates  128  73  55

Unpledged delegates as of
29 January 2008: Clinton: 6, Edwards: 1, Obama: 1
31 January 2008: Clinton: 6, Obama: 1
9 February 2008: Clinton: 8, Obama: 1
12 February 2008: Clinton: 8, Obama: 2
16 February 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 2
20 February 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 1
18 March 2008: The number of unpledged delegates increases to 29 with the addition of Mayor Brenda Lawrence of Southfield, Michigan representing the Democratic Mayors.
14 May 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 2
14 May 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 3
16 May 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 5
2 June 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 7
3 June 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 15
6 June 2008: Clinton: 7, Obama: 16
(these delegates appear as 0.5 delegate in our "Soft" count [50% sanction] and as 1 delegate in our "Alternative" [no sanctions] tally).

36 Unpledged District Level delegate breakout as of
15 January 2008: Uncommitted: 36
27 May 2008: Obama: 18, Uncommitted: 18
28 May 2008: Obama: 22, Uncommitted: 14
31 May 2008: Soft count-- Uncommitted: 0 (soft count per the decision of the RBC meeting)
31 May 2008: Alternative count-- Obama: 22, Uncommitted: 14 (these delegates appear as part of our "Alternative" tally and are subtracted from the 55 pledged delegates for "uncommitted" elected according to the results of the 15 January primary.)

  1. CD 1: Miles Baker - Obama - 27 May 2008
  2. CD 1: Abby Dart - Obama - 27 May 2008
  3. CD 3: Armand Robinson - Obama - 27 May 2008
  4. CD 3: Alice Corey - Obama - 27 May 2008
  5. CD 4: Mary Bacon - Obama - 27 May 2008
  6. CD 4: Robert Ciaffone - Obama - 27 May 2008
  7. CD 5: Floyd Clack - Obama - 27 May 2008
  8. CD 5: Geraldean Hall - Obama - 27 May 2008
  9. CD 6: Mark Miller - Obama - 27 May 2008
  10. CD 6: Marletta Seats - Obama - 27 May 2008
  11. CD 8: Irene McDonnell-Cahill - Obama - 28 May 2008
  12. CD 8: Griffin Rivers - Obama - 28 May 2008
  13. CD 9: Doris Toney - Obama - 27 May 2008
  14. CD 9: Aldo Vagnozzi - Obama - 27 May 2008
  15. CD 10: Rose Marie Fessler - Obama - 27 May 2008
  16. CD 11: Marian Novak - Obama - 27 May 2008
  17. CD 11: Michael Siegrist - Obama - 27 May 2008
  18. CD 12: Jennifer Miller - Obama - 28 May 2008
  19. CD 14: Dan Geb - Obama - 28 May 2008
  20. CD 15: Derrick Jackson - Obama - 27 May 2008
  21. CD 15: Christina Montague - Obama - 27 May 2008
  22. CD 15: Lynne Schwartz - Obama - 27 May 2008



On 1 December 2007, the DNC has determined that the date of Michigan's 15 January 2008 primary violates party rules and has decided to strip the state of its delegation. The determination was made official on 5 January 2008. Michigan had 128 pledged delegate votes (83 district, 28 at-large, and 17 PLEO) and 29 unpledged delegate votes (18 unpledged DNC members, 1 Governor, 2 Democratic U.S. Senators, 6 Democratic U.S. House Members, and 2 add-ons). Total delegate votes changed from 157 to 0. will be tracking delegate counts as both "Soft" (here assuming that relevant delegations will remain sanctioned into the respective National Conventions [that is: with no delegates to be seated at the Democratic National Convention]) and as "Alternative" (here assuming that the full delegation of an affected jurisdiction- as originally allocated before being sanctioned- is eventually to be seated [that is, at some point before the Conventions, sanctions will be lifted]) from now until the Democratic National Convention convenes or until no delegation is any longer sanctioned, if this should occur prior to the Conventions.

On Saturday 31 May 2008 a motion to restore the Michigan Delegation to 50% of the state's pledged delegate votes and 50% of their unpledged delegate votes (with a pledged delegate distribution of Clinton 34.5, Obama 29.5) was made. The Committee approved the motion with 19 in favor, 8 opposed, 0 abstentions. We have not updated the verbiage below to reflect the change.

Tuesday 15 January 2008: 128 (pre-penalty 128) of 157 (pre-penalty 156) delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today's Presidential Primary.

A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  • 83 (pre penalty 83) district delegates are to be allocated proportionally to presidential contenders based on the results in each of the State's 15 congressional districts.
    • CD 1: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 2: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 3: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 4: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 5: 0 (pre penalty 6)
    • CD 6: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 7: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 8: 0 (pre penalty 6)
    • CD 9: 0 (pre penalty 6)
    • CD 10: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 11: 0 (pre penalty 5)
    • CD 12: 0 (pre penalty 6)
    • CD 13: 0 (pre penalty 6)
    • CD 14: 0 (pre penalty 7)
    • CD 15: 0 (pre penalty 6)
  • 45 (pre penalty 45) delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the vote statewide.
    • 28 (pre penalty 28) at-large National Convention delegates
    • 17 (pre penalty 17) Pledged PLEOs

Participation in Michigan’s delegate selection process is open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats. Voters will declare that they are participating as Democrats before they receive their ballots.


On 21 March 2008 the Michigan Democratic Party Executive Committee decided to postpone the District Conventions until 19 April 2008. Media: [Michigan] Dems State Democratic Party postpones district conventions.

Saturday 19 April 2008: District Conventions. District-level delegates and alternates are elected according to the results of the Tuesday 15 January 2008 Presidential Primary.


The State Central Committee Meeting was moved from Saturday 17 May 2008 to Saturday 14 June 2008 on 7 May 2008.

Saturday 14 June 2008: State Central Committee Meeting.

At-Large and Pledged PLEO delegates and alternates are elected according to the results of the Tuesday 15 January 2008 Presidential Primary.

The remaining 29 (pre-penalty 29) National Convention delegates consist of

  • 0 (pre-penalty 27) Unpledged PLEO delegates:
    • 0 (pre-penalty 18) Democratic National Committee members.
    • 0 (pre-penalty 8) Members of Congress (2 Senators and 6 Representatives).
    • 0 (pre-penalty 1) Governor.
    • 0 Distinguished Party Leaders.
  • 0 (pre-penalty 2) Unpledged "add-on"s (selected by the State Central Committee).

These 29 (pre-penalty 29) delegates and will go to the Democratic National Convention officially "Unpledged".

Delegation to the National Convention

Michigan Delegation (as posted by, 18 July 2008)

Pledged District473683
Pledged PLEO8917
Pledged At-Large141428
Total Pledged6959128
Alternate Pledged District13215
Alternate Pledged PLEO000
Alternate Pledged At-Large336
Total Alternates16521
Unpledged  29
Credentials Committee  6
Platform Committee  6
Rules Committee  6
Pages  0
Pledged District 1ObamaMiles BakerMarquette, MI
Pledged District 1ClintonThomas L. BaldiniMarquette, MI
Pledged District 1ObamaAbby B. DartHarbor Springs, MI
Pledged District 1ClintonBonnie J. LauriaWestbranch, MI
Pledged District 1ClintonSusan S. TollefsonMarquette, MI
Pledged District 2ClintonJohn J. De WolfMontague, MI
Pledged District 2ClintonMarcia H. Hovey-WrightMuskegon, MI
Pledged District 2ClintonDonald G. OetmanAllegan, MI
Pledged District 2ObamaRillastine R. WilkinsMuskegon Heights, MI
Pledged District 2ObamaJoseph ZaineaHolland, MI
Pledged District 3ObamaAlice M. CoreyIonia, MI
Pledged District 3ClintonMichael J. HodgeDelton, MI
Pledged District 3ClintonLupe Ramos-MontignyGrand Rapids, MI
Pledged District 3ObamaArmand M. RobinsonGrand Rapids, MI
Pledged District 3ClintonMargaret A. SimmonsGrand Rapids, MI
Pledged District 4ObamaMary K. BaconMidland, MI
Pledged District 4ObamaRobert B. CiaffoneSaginaw, MI
Pledged District 4ClintonHon. Robert L. DonoghueMidland, MI
Pledged District 4ClintonDiana L. KetolaTraverse City, MI
Pledged District 4ClintonDuane E. ZuckschwerdtCorunna, MI
Pledged District 5ClintonMichael J. BehmGrand Blanc, MI
Pledged District 5ObamaFloyd E. ClackFlint, MI
Pledged District 5ClintonRonald DuncanFlint, MI
Pledged District 5ObamaGeraldean D. HallFlint, MI
Pledged District 5ClintonRosa HollidayBay City, MI
Pledged District 5ClintonVickie S. PriceFlint, MI
Pledged District 6ClintonNancy H. CrowellKalamazoo, MI
Pledged District 6ObamaMark E. MillerKalamazoo, MI
Pledged District 6ClintonMarcus RobinsonBenton Harbor, MI
Pledged District 6ObamaHon. Marletta B. SeatsBenton Harbor, MI
Pledged District 6ClintonMamie L. YarbroughBenton Harbor, MI
Pledged District 7ClintonJoan G. BowmanGrand Ledge, MI
Pledged District 7ClintonR. Kent BrownChelsea, MI
Pledged District 7ClintonHon. Glenn H. Freeman, IIILansing, MI
Pledged District 7ObamaFrances G. SibleyBrooklyn, MI
Pledged District 7ObamaLeonard E. SmigielskiJackson, MI
Pledged District 8ClintonHon. Virgil P. BerneroLansing, MI
Pledged District 8ClintonChong-Anna R. CanforaLansing, MI
Pledged District 8ObamaIrene Mc Donnell-CahillHowell, MI
Pledged District 8ClintonPhillip W. ReidClarkston, MI
Pledged District 8ObamaGriffin H. Rivers, Jr.Lansing, MI
Pledged District 8ClintonAnna F. StrongLansing, MI
Pledged District 9ClintonHon. James J. BlanchardBeverly Hills, MI
Pledged District 9ClintonJohn M. HamiltonBloomfield Hills, MI
Pledged District 9ClintonZina KramerBloomfield Hills, MI
Pledged District 9ObamaCatherine M. MartinFranklin, MI
Pledged District 9ObamaDoris P. ToneyTroy, MI
Pledged District 9ObamaHon. Aldo VagnozziFarmington Hills, MI
Pledged District 10ClintonNancy Falcone SullivanWashington Township, MI
Pledged District 10ObamaRose Marie FesslerSterling Heights, MI
Pledged District 10ObamaKenneth J. PechettePort Austin, MI
Pledged District 10ClintonElisabeth SierawskiSterling Heights, MI
Pledged District 10ClintonHenry J. YanezSterling Heights, MI
Pledged District 11ClintonDavid A. CursonBelleville, MI
Pledged District 11ClintonBrandon HynesCanton, MI
Pledged District 11ClintonCarole S. LarkinGarden City, MI
Pledged District 11ObamaMarian L. NovakNorthville, MI
Pledged District 11ObamaMichael SiegristCanton, MI
Pledged District 12ClintonLisa R. CanadaFerndale, MI
Pledged District 12ObamaRory L. GambleLathrup Village, MI
Pledged District 12ClintonDavid B. HeckerDetroit, MI
Pledged District 12ObamaJennifer MillerMount Clemens, MI
Pledged District 12ObamaNancy L. QuarlesSouthfield, MI
Pledged District 12ClintonDouglas I. SkrzyniarzSterling Heights, MI
Pledged District 13ObamaJohn Henry Davis, Jr.Detroit, MI
Pledged District 13ObamaHon. Timothy P. KilleenDetroit, MI
Pledged District 13ClintonJesse B. Long-BeyDetroit, MI
Pledged District 13ClintonEula M. MurrayDetroit, MI
Pledged District 13ObamaCecilia WalkerDetroit, MI
Pledged District 13ClintonHon. Jewel C. WareDetroit, MI
Pledged District 14ClintonAlbert GarrettDetroit, MI
Pledged District 14ObamaDaniel M. GebAllen Park, MI
Pledged District 14ObamaElizabeth JacksonDetroit, MI
Pledged District 14ObamaHon. Martha G. ScottHighland Park, MI
Pledged District 14ClintonBetty A. SmithDetroit, MI
Pledged District 14ClintonSaundra L. WilliamsDetroit, MI
Pledged District 14ObamaFrank D. Woods, Jr.Detroit, MI
Pledged District 15ObamaDerrick D. JacksonYpsilanti, MI
Pledged District 15ObamaP. Christina C. MontagueAnn Arbor, MI
Pledged District 15ClintonJames R. PedersenBelleville, MI
Pledged District 15ClintonRonnie D. PetersonYpsilanti, MI
Pledged District 15ObamaLynne SchwartzAnn Arbor, MI
Pledged District 15ClintonPatricia T. ScribnerAnn Arbor, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. David W. CoulterFerndale, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonDanny CraigDetroit, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Andrew J. DillonLansing, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Lee GonzalesFlint, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaBarry J. GoodmanFarmington Hills, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Cheryl M. HadsallBirch Run, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Tupac A. HunterDetroit, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Gilda Z. JacobsHuntington Woods, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaSally S. JosephFlint, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaSue LevySparta, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaNan A. MelkeWestland, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaKevin D. MooreDearborn Heights, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Faylene OwenEast Langsing, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonHon. Leonard R. PageCheboygan, MI
Pledged PLEOClintonJoan E. Robsinson-CheeksDetroit, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaTaleb SalhabDearborn, MI
Pledged PLEOObamaHon. Samuel Buzz Thomas, IIIH.Lansing, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaCaryn AckerHuntington Woods, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonJill AlperGrosse Pointe, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaDennis W. ArcherDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaEdna S. BellDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonKelly R. BerneroLansing, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaWafa Fay BeydounDearborn, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonJanet A. BlanchardBeverly Hills, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaRick BlockerDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaHon. David E. BoniorWashington, DC
Pledged At-LargeClintonCarolyn ClarkWest Bloomfield, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaMichelle De BeaussaertClinton Township, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaRon GettelfingerDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaSigrid L. GraceRochester Hills, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaMel D. GrieshaberAnn Arbor, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonRhonda M. Hennessy D.D.S.Northville, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonAbena O. HoganDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonKathy McAtteeDewitt, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaGloria McDonaldCanton, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonDeborah McNeilWest Bloomfield, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonDaniel G. MulhernLansing, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonLinda R. MyersHolt, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaBenny N. NapoleonDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaJoseph PetersRochester Hills, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonElva RevillaWilliamston, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonBarbara RomBloomfield Hills, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonIris K. SaltersLansing, MI
Pledged At-LargeObamaElizabeth ThomasDetroit, MI
Pledged At-LargeClintonJack C. Wurm, Jr.Rockford, MI
Alternate Pledged District 1ClintonJason MorganPinconning, MI
Alternate Pledged District 2ClintonPatricia A. WadeMuskegon, MI
Alternate Pledged District 3ClintonRandy J. BellielGrandville, MI
Alternate Pledged District 4ClintonRuth M. AverillFreeland, MI
Alternate Pledged District 5ClintonGeraldean KariemSaginaw, MI
Alternate Pledged District 6ClintonCathy La PointeCassopolis, MI
Alternate Pledged District 7ClintonDavid A. NachtAnn Arbor, MI
Alternate Pledged District 8ClintonNadine A. NosalLansing, MI
Alternate Pledged District 9ClintonAnanda S. Prasad M.D.Orchard Lake, MI
Alternate Pledged District 10ClintonClarice M. SquillaceSterling Heights, MI
Alternate Pledged District 11ClintonThomas M. KerrLivonia, MI
Alternate Pledged District 12ClintonMegan WilburFerndale, MI
Alternate Pledged District 13ObamaJohn A. GravesDetroit, MI
Alternate Pledged District 14ObamaCharlene M. SnowDetroit, MI
Alternate Pledged District 15ClintonLarry C. ArreguinBrownstown Township, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonJeannete M. Di FlorioBrighton, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaSarah Gonzales TriplettEast Lansing, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonNorwood H. JewellDavison, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaHon. Bert C. JohnsonHighland Park, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeObamaDouglas C. KelleyAnn Arbor, MI
Alternate Pledged At-LargeClintonSue A. MaturkanichWest Olive, MI
Delegation Vice Chair
 Arthenia "Tina" AbbottBrownstown, MI
Delegation Chair
 Mark BrewerClinton Township, MI
Unpledged Add-On James P. HoffaTroy, MI
Unpledged Add-On Richard W. LongWaterford, MI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. John ConyersDetroit, MI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. John DingellDearborn, MI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Dale KildeeFlint, MI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Sander LevinRoseville, MI
Unpledged Congressman Hon. Bart StupakMenominee, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Lu BattaglieriE. Lansing, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Elizabeth BunnDetroit, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Carolyn Cheeks-KilpatrickWashington, DC
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. John CherryLansing, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Eric ColemanSouthfield, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Debbie DingellDearborn, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Joel FergusonLansing, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Robert FicanoDetroit, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Kwame KilpatrickDetroit, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Joyce LalondeEastpointe, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Brenda LawrenceSouthfield, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Jeffrey RadjewskiChesterfield Township, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Virgie M. RollinsDetroit, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Richard ShoemakerSt. Clair Chores, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Hon. Debbie StabenowEast Lansing, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Michael TardifDetroit, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Richard N. WienerLansing, MI
Unpledged DNC Member Lauren WolfeRoyal Oak, MI
Unpledged Governor Hon. Jennifer GranholmLansing, MI
Unpledged Senator Hon. Carl LevinWashington, DC
Credentials CommitteeClintonEmma BellDetroit, MI
Credentials CommitteeObamaCurtis B. BlessingPleasant Ridge, MI
Credentials CommitteeClintonDenise D. BrooksMonroe, MI
Credentials CommitteeObamaNicole Lamb-HaleDetroit, MI
Credentials CommitteeClintonLawrence A. RoehrigLinden, MI
Credentials CommitteeObamaMarvin RussowGrand Rapids, MI
Platform CommitteeClintonDeborah K. BlairBrownstown Township, MI
Platform CommitteeClintonJames J. Blanchard, Jr.Bloomfield Hills, MI
Platform CommitteeObamaHon. Brenda J. ClackFlint, MI
Platform CommitteeObamaRickman S. JacksonDetroit, MI
Platform CommitteeObamaThomasina L. LentzLathrup Village, MI
Platform CommitteeClintonGregory R. MorrisHolt, MI
Rules CommitteeClintonIsmael N. AhmedDearborn, MI
Rules CommitteeObamaMichael W. FikesGrand Blanc, MI
Rules CommitteeClintonCatherine FrederickFlint, MI
Rules CommitteeClintonJudy GettelfingerDetroit, MI
Rules CommitteeObamaJayashree KommareddiGrand Blanc, MI
Rules CommitteeClintonRussell L. WilliamsNegaunee, MI

1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.


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