The Green Papers
Presidential Primaries 2024
Democratic Delegate Pledging and Voter Eligibility

These pages contain a combination of official, unofficial, and estimated data. The information posted here is subject to change and will be updated as official information becomes available.

The delegate selection processes herein, along with any and all dates and delegate counts associated therewith, are unofficial and based on either (1) information obtained from either Major Party, (2) Presidential Primary dates established by currently-effective State statute, or- where the foregoing information could not be obtained- (3) the state's 2020 delegate selection process and associated dates adjusted to the corresponding dates in 2024.


  • The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee's 2 December 2022 recommendations for the "pre-window" dates have been used. Iowa is arbitrarily assigned a date of March 2024 for the time being.
  • Delegate counts reflect the DNC's 2024 Delegate Allocation document of 8 August 2022.
  • Democratic pledged delegate counts are determined by the jurisdiction's Presidential vote in 2012, 2016, and 2020; along with the jurisdiction's number of electors in 2024.
  • Democratic unpledged delegate counts are determined by the number of DNC Members, Democratic Governors, Democratic U.S. House members, and Democratic U.S. Senators serving at the time of the convention. The count for DNC Members, Distinguished Party Leaders is from the 2020 Convention. The tallies of Governors, Democratic U.S. House members, and Democratic U.S. Senators are the current officeholders.
  • Democratic Bonus Delegates and penalties are preliminary.


  • Republican delegate counts are based on the number of Republicans elected to the State Legislatures, Governors chairs, U.S. House seats, and U.S. Senators seats through 31 December 2023. Republican unpledged delegate counts are determined by state (or equivalent) party rules. We have assumed that the policies of 2020 will apply in 2024.
  • The Republican district delegate count is based on the number of U.S. House members each state will elect in 2024.
  • Republican penalties for violating the timing window are not included in these delegate tallies.

Democratic Party Democratic
Delegate Pledging
and Voter Eligibility
Delegate Pledging
Voter Eligibility
AlabamaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
AlaskaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
American SamoaProportional Caucus/ConventionOpen Caucus/Convention
ArizonaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
ArkansasProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
CaliforniaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
ColoradoProportional PrimaryModified Primary
ConnecticutProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
DelawareProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
Democrats AbroadProportional Caucus/ConventionOpen Caucus/Convention
District of ColumbiaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
FloridaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
GeorgiaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
GuamProportional Caucus/ConventionClosed Caucus/Convention
HawaiiProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
IdahoProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
IllinoisProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
IndianaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
IowaProportional Caucus/ConventionClosed Caucus/Convention
KansasProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
KentuckyProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
LouisianaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
MaineProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
MarylandProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
MassachusettsProportional PrimaryModified Primary
MichiganProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
MinnesotaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
MississippiProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
MissouriProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
MontanaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
NebraskaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
NevadaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
New HampshireProportional PrimaryModified Primary
New JerseyProportional PrimaryModified Primary
New MexicoProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
New YorkProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
North CarolinaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
North DakotaProportional Caucus/ConventionOpen Caucus/Convention
Northern MarianasProportional Caucus/ConventionClosed Caucus/Convention
OhioProportional PrimaryModified Primary
OklahomaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
OregonProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
PennsylvaniaProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
Puerto RicoProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
Rhode IslandProportional PrimaryModified Primary
South CarolinaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
South DakotaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
TennesseeProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
TexasProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
Unassigned Not applicable Not applicable
UtahProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
VermontProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
Virgin IslandsProportional Caucus/ConventionClosed Caucus/Convention
VirginiaProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
WashingtonProportional PrimaryClosed Primary
West VirginiaProportional PrimaryModified Primary
WisconsinProportional PrimaryOpen Primary
WyomingProportional Caucus/ConventionClosed Caucus/Convention
Delegate Pledging Tally
Proportional Primary49
Proportional Caucus/Convention10
Not applicable1
Voter Eligibility Tally
Closed Primary21
Open Primary16
Modified Primary12
Closed Caucus/Convention7
Open Caucus/Convention3
Not applicable1

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