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Presidential Primaries 2024
Republican Hard and Soft Count Delegate Summary

These pages contain a combination of official, unofficial, and estimated data. The information posted here is subject to change and will be updated as official information becomes available.

The delegate selection processes herein, along with any and all dates and delegate counts associated therewith, are unofficial and based on either (1) information obtained from either Major Party, (2) Presidential Primary dates established by currently-effective State statute, or- where the foregoing information could not be obtained- (3) the state's 2020 delegate selection process and associated dates adjusted to the corresponding dates in 2024.


  • The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee's 2 December 2022 recommendations for the "pre-window" dates have been used. Iowa is arbitrarily assigned a date of March 2024 for the time being.
  • Democratic unpledged delegate counts are determined by the number of DNC Members, Democratic Governors, Democratic U.S. House members, and Democratic U.S. Senators serving at the time of the convention. The count for DNC Members, The tallies of Governors, Democratic U.S. House members, and Democratic U.S. Senators are the current officeholders.
  • Democratic Bonus Delegates and penalties are preliminary.


  • Republican delegate counts are based on the number of Republicans elected to the State Legislatures, Governors chairs, U.S. House seats, and U.S. Senators seats through 31 December 2023. Republican unpledged delegate counts are determined by state (or equivalent) party rules. We have assumed that the policies of 2020 will apply in 2024.
  • The Republican district delegate count is based on the number of U.S. House members each state will elect in 2024.
  • Republican penalties for violating the timing window are not included in these delegate tallies.

Republican Party Republican
Hard and Soft Count Delegate Summary
Sorted by first date

Total Delegates: 2,467
Pledged/Unpledged delegates: 2,363 pledged, 104 unpledged.
Need to nominate: 1,234.
Rank (sort)
(available) Allocation
185 FebIowa404040 40
3213 FebNew Hampshire222222 22
3124 FebNevada262626 26
4524 FebSouth Carolina505050 50
2527 FebMichigan555555 55
15 MarAlabama494949 49
25 MarAlaska282828 28
55 MarArkansas404040 40
65 MarCalifornia169169169 169
75 MarColorado373737 37
225 MarMaine202020 20
245 MarMassachusetts404040 40
265 MarMinnesota393939 39
365 MarNorth Carolina757575 75
405 MarOklahoma434343 43
475 MarTennessee585858 58
485 MarTexas162162162 162
495 MarUtah404040 40
505 MarVermont171717 17
525 MarVirginia484848 48
139 MarGuam99 99
199 MarKansas393939 39
569 MarWyoming292926329
3810 MarNorthern Marianas999 9
4310 MarPuerto Rico232323 23
1412 MarHawaii191919 19
1512 MarIdaho323232 32
2712 MarMississippi393939 39
2812 MarMissouri545454 54
5312 MarWashington434343 43
419 MarArizona434343 43
1119 MarFlorida125125125 125
1619 MarIllinois646464 64
3919 MarOhio787878 78
320 MarAmerican Samoa99 99
2123 MarLouisiana464646 46
1226 MarGeorgia595959 59
3729 MarNorth Dakota2929 2929
552 AprWisconsin414141 41
923 AprDelaware161616 16
2323 AprMaryland373737 37
4223 AprPennsylvania6767165167
4423 AprRhode Island191919 19
830 AprConnecticut282828 28
3530 AprNew York919191 91
177 MayIndiana585858 58
547 MayWest Virginia313131 31
3014 MayNebraska363636 36
2021 MayKentucky464646 46
4121 MayOregon313131 31
5125 MayVirgin Islands99639
104 JunDistrict of Columbia191919 19
294 JunMontana313131 31
334 JunNew Jersey494949 49
344 JunNew Mexico222222 22
464 JunSouth Dakota292929 29
Rank Date State HardSoft PlUnplTotal
(available) Allocation

Soft: Soft count, estimated delegate preferences prior to the convention.
Hard: Hard count, the preference as originally assigned. (Note: unpledged delegates are hard counted as "Uncommitted".)
Pl: Pledged or Bound Delegates.
Unpl: Unpledged or Not Bound Delegates


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