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2020 Presidential Primaries at a Glance

These pages contain a combination of official, unofficial, and estimated data. The information posted here is subject to change.

The delegate selection processes herein, along with any and all dates and delegate counts associated therewith, are unofficial and based on either (1) information obtained from either Major Party, (2) Presidential Primary dates established by currently-effective State statute, or- where the foregoing information could not be obtained- (3) the state's 2016 delegate selection process and associated dates adjusted to the corresponding dates in 2020.


  • Republican delegate counts are based on the number of Republicans elected to the State Legislatures, Governors chairs, U.S. House seats, and U.S. Senators seats through 31 December 2019. Republican unpledged delegate counts are determined by state (or equivalent) party rules. We have assumed that the policies of 2016 will apply in 2020.
  • The Republican district delegate count is based on the number of U.S. House members each state will elect in 2020.
  • Republican penalties for violating the timing window are not included in these delegate tallies.


This "at a glance" look at the Presidential Primaries simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order. It seems a quick method of discerning the progress of the eventual presidential nominee of the given Major Party (along with that of any significant challengers to that nominee) as the Primaries have progressed through time.

In fact, [presidential] primaries have been much more likely to sow division than unity, and most likely to leave things as they are [re: a potential consensus nominee identified prior to the earliest presidential primaries and caucuses]--
William R. Keech and Donald R. Matthews: The Party's Choice: Studies in Presidential Selection (Brookings Institution, 1977)

2020 Presidential Primaries at a Glance
Date State Democrat
 Link  Type Winner % Second %  Link  Type Winner % Second %
Tuesday 11 February 2020 New Hampshire NH-D           NH-R          
Saturday 29 February 2020 South Carolina SC-D                      
Tuesday 3 March 2020 Alabama AL-D           AL-R          
Arkansas AR-D           AR-R          
California CA-D           CA-R          
Colorado CO-D           CO-R          
Maine             ME-R          
Massachusetts MA-D           MA-R          
Minnesota MN-D           MN-R          
North Carolina NC-D           NC-R          
Oklahoma OK-D           OK-R          
Tennessee TN-D           TN-R          
Texas TX-D           TX-RP          
Vermont VT-D           VT-R          
Virginia VA-D                      
Tuesday 10 March 2020 Idaho ID-D           ID-R          
Michigan MI-D           MI-R          
Mississippi MS-D           MS-R          
Missouri MO-D           MO-R          
Washington WA-D           WA-R          
Tuesday 17 March 2020 Arizona AZ-D                      
Florida FL-D           FL-R          
Illinois IL-D           IL-R          
Ohio OH-D           OH-R          
Tuesday 24 March 2020 Georgia GA-D           GA-R          
Sunday 29 March 2020 Puerto Rico PR-D                      
Saturday 4 April 2020 Alaska AK-D PR                    
Hawaii HI-D PR                    
Louisiana LA-D           LA-R          
Tuesday 7 April 2020 Wisconsin WI-D           WI-R          
Tuesday 28 April 2020 Connecticut CT-D           CT-R          
Delaware DE-D           DE-R          
Maryland MD-D           MD-R          
New York NY-D           NY-R          
Pennsylvania PA-D           PA-R          
Rhode Island RI-D           RI-R          
Saturday 2 May 2020 Guam GU-D PR                    
Kansas KS-D PR                    
Tuesday 5 May 2020 Indiana IN-D           IN-RP          
Tuesday 12 May 2020 Nebraska NE-D           NE-R          
West Virginia WV-D           WV-R          
Tuesday 19 May 2020 Kentucky KY-D           KY-R          
Oregon OR-D           OR-R          
Tuesday 2 June 2020 District of Columbia DC-D           DC-R          
Montana MT-D           MT-R          
New Jersey NJ-D           NJ-R          
New Mexico NM-D           NM-R          
South Dakota SD-D           SD-RP          
Sunday 7 June 2020 Puerto Rico             PR-RP          


  • state-party. P indicates a presumed date.


  • PR indicates a Party-run Primary.


  • If a presidential contender wins 75.5% or more of the primary vote, the second place finisher is not listed.
  • U means that this presidential contender- or his/her delegate slate [depending on the type of Primary]- ran in the Primary unopposed (that is, with no other presidential contenders appearing on the ballot but him/her). Please note that write-ins do NOT count as such "other presidential contenders on the ballot" but the appearance of "Uncommitted" (or equivalent, such as "None of the Above") on a ballot DOES.
  • L indicates a landslide majority [60.5 to 75.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • D indicates a decisive majority [52.5 to 60.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • N indicates a narrow majority [50.0(+1 vote) to 52.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • Where a winning presidential contender has failed to gain at least a majority of the primary vote, the winner of the primary and the contender who came in second are both listed with their respective percentages of the primary vote rounded up or down to the nearest whole integer.
  • P indicates Primary cancelled / nomination by default because nominee was the only presidential contender to have filed for this Party's Primary for this office. P also applies to nominees-to-be by apparent Party consensus (i.e. no opposition at an ensuing Convention).

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