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80 changes to the candidate list. 16 August AK and WY primary re-cap. Member of Congress Liz Cheney (WY, House At-Large, R) lost primary; Public Instruction Superintendent Brian Schroeder (WY, R) lost primary.
by Staff

80 changes to the candidate list:

Alaska (16 August primary update): Senate Class 3: Senator Lisa Murkowski (Republican) - On Ballot; former Seward Mayor Edgar Blatchford (Democratic) - lost Primary; Dave H. Darden (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Dustin T. Darden (Alaskan Independence) - lost Primary; Shoshana Gungurstein (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Sidney "Sid" Hill (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Jeremy Keller (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Huhnkie Lee (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Samuel Allen "Al" Merrill (Republican) - lost Primary; John Schiess (Republican) - lost Primary; Kendall L. Shorkey (Republican) - lost Primary; Karl W. Speights (Republican) - lost Primary; Joe T. Stephens (Alaskan Independence) - lost Primary; Sean Michael Thorne (Libertarian) - lost Primary. Governor: Governor Mike J. Dunleavy (Republican) - On Ballot; David S. Haeg (Republican) - lost Primary; John Wayne Howe (Alaskan Independence) - lost Primary; William J. Nemec, II (Undeclared) - lost Primary; William S. "Billy" Toien (Libertarian) - lost Primary; Bruce Walden (Republican) - lost Primary. House At-Large: Jay R. Armstrong (Republican) - lost Primary; former Dillingham City Manager Gregg Bowyer Brelsford (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Lady Donna Dutchess (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Ted S. Heintz (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; David M. "Heed" Hughes (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Davis Lee LeBlanc, Jr. (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Robert "Bob" Lyons (Republican) - lost Primary; Sherry M. Mettler (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Robert Ornelas (American Independent) - lost Primary; Silvio E. Pellegrini (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Andrew H. Phelps (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Randy Purham (Republican) - lost Primary; Brad Snowden (Republican) - lost Primary; Sherry A. Strizak (Undeclared) - lost Primary; Denise A. Williams (Republican) - lost Primary; Tremayne Wilson (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary.

Colorado: Senate Class 3: Tom Harvey (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added; Robert Messman (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added; Joanne Rock (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added; John Carleton Rutledge (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added. Governor: Laurie Clark (Write-in [Republican]) - previously listed as Write-in [Unaffiliated]; Zachary Varon (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added; Paul Willmon (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - re-added, previously listed as Unaffiliated. House CD 1: Iris Rhiannon Aurora Boswell (Write-in [Green]) - re-added, previously listed as Unaffiliated. House CD 3: Kristin Elise Skowronski (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - re-added, previously listed as Unaffiliated; Richard "Turtle" Tetu (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added; Martha Zimmerman (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added. House CD 5: Matthew "Matt" Feigenbaum (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - re-added, previously listed as Unaffiliated. House CD 7: JP Lujan (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added. House CD 8: Timothy Louis "Tim" Long (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - re-added, previously listed as Colorado Center Party. Attorney General: Stanley Charles Thorne (Write-in [Unaffiliated]) - added.

Connecticut: Governor: Governor Edward "Ned" Lamont (Democratic, Working Families) - previously listed as Democratic.

Maryland: House CD 6: David "Dave" August (Independent) - apparently not a candidate. House CD 7: Amber Ivey (Independent) - apparently not a candidate.

Massachusetts: House CD 4: David B. Cannata (Write-in [Republican]) - previously listed as Write-in.

North Dakota: Senate Class 3: state Representative Rick Clark Becker (Independent [Republican]) - previously listed as Independent.

Vermont: Senate Class 3: Carl Mark "Mark" *Correction* Coester (Independent) - previously listed as American Independent; Stephen Duke (Independent) - added; Dawn Marie Ellis (Independent) - added. Governor: Kevin Hoyt (Independent) - added. House At-Large: Adam Ortiz (Independent) - added; Luke Talbot (Independent) - added.

Wyoming (16 August primary update): Governor: Governor Mark Gordon (Republican) - Renominated; Brent Warren Bien (Republican) - lost Primary; James Scott Quick (Republican) - lost Primary; Rex Rammell (Republican) - lost Primary; Rex N. Wilde (Democratic) - lost Primary. House At-Large: Member of Congress Elizabeth "Liz" Cheney (Republican) - Lost Primary; Robyn Marie Belinskey (Republican) - lost Primary; state Senator Anthony Bouchard (Republican) - lost Primary; Steven Ross "Steve" Helling (Democratic) - lost Primary; Meghan Rae Jensen (Democratic) - lost Primary; Everett Denton "Denton" Knapp, Jr. (Republican) - lost Primary. Secretary of State: R. Mark "Mark" Armstrong (Republican) - lost Primary; state Senator Tara Nethercott (Republican) - lost Primary. Treasurer: Treasurer Curtis E. "Curt" Meier, Jr. (Republican) - Renominated; William J. "Bill Gallop" Ziomek (Republican) - lost Primary. Superintendent of Public Instruction: Public Instruction Superintendent Brian Schroeder (Republican) - Lost Primary; Robert Joseph White, III (Republican) - lost Primary; Jennifer Marie Zerba (Republican) - lost Primary.


1 change to the popular vote:

Alaska: House At-Large Special.

Tuesday 16 August 2022: Federal and State Primaries in ALASKA and WYOMING; also, a SPECIAL U.S. House ELECTION for ALASKA's At-Large seat in Congress
by Staff

ALASKA Primaries; also SPECIAL ELECTION for U.S. House of Representatives
polls close at 8 PM local time [0400 GMT for most of the State
(except 0500 GMT for the western portion of the Aleutians)]
Mail-in ballots postmarked by 16 August 2022 are counted providing they are received through 31 August.
Returns from an official source. Results from a media source.

WYOMING Primaries
polls close at 7 PM local time [0100 GMT]
Returns from an official source. Results from a media source.

20 changes to the candidate list.
by Staff

20 changes to the candidate list:

District of Columbia: Mayor: Jamar Byrd-Bey (Independent) - apparently not a candidate; Joe Green (Independent) - apparently not a candidate; former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner George "Action" Jackson (Independent) - apparently not a candidate; Staci R. Jameson (Independent) - apparently not a candidate; Carolyn E. O'Connor (Independent) - apparently not a candidate; Frank Sewell (Independent) - apparently not a candidate. Delegate to the House of Representatives: Greg Maye (Independent [Democratic]) - apparently not a candidate; Connell Wise (Independent [Democratic]) - apparently not a candidate.

Florida: House CD 1: Rebekah Jones (Democratic) - re-added.

Hawaii (13 August primary update): Governor: Keleionalani "Kelei" Taylor (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary. Lieutenant Governor: Charles B. "Kale" Keoho, III (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary. House CD 1: Calvin C. "G" Griffin (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary.

Indiana: House CD 2 Special: William E. "Will" Henry (Libertarian) - added; former Attorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr. (Republican) - added; Michael Hogberg (Republican) - added; Tiernan Kane (Republican) - added; Paul D. Steury (Democratic) - added; former state Representative Christy Stutzman (Republican) - added; Rudolph "Rudy" Yakym, III (Republican) - added.

Massachusetts: House CD 9: Jesse G. Brown (Republican) - re-added.

51 changes to the candidate list. Hawaii primary recap.
by Staff

51 changes to the candidate list:

Alaska: House At-Large Special: Tara M. Sweeney (Write-in [Republican]) - added.

Colorado: Senate Class 3: Derek Micheal Minnich (Veterans Party of America) - added.

Hawaii (13 August primary update): Senate Class 3: Senator Brian Emanuel Schatz (Democratic) - Renominated; Steven R. Bond (Republican) - lost Primary; Wallyn Kanoelani Christian (Republican) - lost Primary; Timothy Alan "Tim" Dalhouse (Republican) - lost Primary; Asia Lavonne (Republican) - lost Primary; Steve Tataii (Democratic) - lost Primary. Governor: David L. "Duke" Bourgoin (Democratic) - lost Primary; Vicky Cayetano (Democratic) - lost Primary; Gary Cordery (Republican) - lost Primary; George "Big Al" Hawat (Republican) - lost Primary; Keline K. Kahau (Republican) - lost Primary; Member of Congress Kaiali'i "Kai" Kahele (Democratic) - lost Primary; Richard Y. "Rich K" Kim (Democratic) - lost Primary; Clyde McClain "Mac" Lewman (Democratic) - lost Primary; Lynn Barry Mariano (Republican) - lost Primary; Paul Morgan (Republican) - lost Primary; Caleb Kekoa Nazara (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Moses "Momo" Paskowitz (Republican) - lost Primary; Jay Dee "B.J." Penn (Republican) - lost Primary; Van K. Tanabe (Democratic) - lost Primary; Honolulu City Council Member Heidi Haunani Tsuneyoshi (Republican) - lost Primary; Walter Woods (Republican) - lost Primary. Lieutenant Governor: Keith Amemiya (Democratic) - lost Primary; Ikaika Anderson (Democratic) - lost Primary; Rob Burns (Republican) - lost Primary; Daniel Cunningham (Democratic) - lost Primary; Tae Kim (Republican) - lost Primary; Sherry Menor-McNamara (Democratic) - lost Primary; Sam Puletasi (Democratic) - lost Primary. House CD 1: Member of Congress Edward E. "Ed" Case (Democratic) - Renominated; Steven L. "Steve" Abkin (Nonpartisan) - lost Primary; Sergio Josephus "Serg" Alcubilla, III (Democratic) - lost Primary; Patrick C. Largey, Sr. (Republican) - lost Primary; Arturo Pacheo "Art" Reyes (Republican) - lost Primary. House CD 2: state Representative Patrick Pihana Branco (Democratic) - lost Primary; Nicole Gi (Democratic) - lost Primary; Brendan Schultz (Democratic) - lost Primary; Steven B. "Steve" Sparks (Democratic) - lost Primary; Joseph E. "Joe" Webster (Republican) - lost Primary; Kyle T. Yoshida (Democratic) - lost Primary.

Maryland: Governor: Kyle Sefcik (Unaffiliated) - apparently not a candidate.

Massachusetts: House CD 4: David B. Cannata (Write-in) - added.

North Dakota: Senate Class 3: Rick Clark Becker (Independent) - added.

Oregon: Senate Class 3: Senator Ronald Lee "Ron" Wyden (Democratic, Independent Party of Oregon) - previously listed as Democratic. House CD 5: Jamie McLeod-Skinner (Democratic, Independent Party of Oregon) - previously listed as Democratic.

Vermont: House At-Large: Ericka Lynn Bundy Redic (Libertarian) - re-added, previously listed as Republican.

Virginia: House CD 2: Garry Hubbard (Write-in [Green]) - re-added, previously listed as Green. House CD 3: LaTasha Holloway (Write-in [Independent]) - added.

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