Vox Populi

Your comments are welcome! Submissions must be relevant to the subject matter of 'The Green Papers' (American Politics and Elections). There are only a few simple and most basic "rules" a submission for this section must adhere to in order to be considered for publication herein:

1. the author of a submission for TheGreenPapers.com 'Vox Populi' must allow his e-mail address (or, as an equivalent, the URL to a website with an email link therein) posted as a link along with his/her 'vox Populi'. Prior to posting, submissions will be verified by email (and, where applicable, website URLs will be accessed) to determine that such information as is provided is, indeed, legitimate. We will not post a submission where the e-mail address and/or website URL proves to be phony!

2. TheGreenPapers.com reserves the right to edit any 'Vox Populi' submitted to us prior to publication. We pledge to never edit a submission in such a way as to at all change the "voice" of the author of a particular 'vox Populi'... however, if we should receive a piece which contains only a portion of usefulness re: the purposes of our site or if the submission should be such that it well bodes further editing, if only for greater clarity, we reserve the right to so edit the piece and, if necessary, publish only those portions which we feel best fit the aims and purposes of the content of this website.

3. TheGreenPapers.com reserves the right to respond to whatever is submitted to us as a 'vox Populi' (such response will appear- in boldface- directly underneath a published submission to 'Vox Populi'). This doesn't mean we will necessarily respond, only that we reserve the right to respond should we wish to. The existence of such response is totally up to we who run the website and the author of a submission to 'Vox Populi' cannot ask us not to respond once he/she agrees to publication of his/her submission in the 'Vox Populi' section of this site.

Contact us by sending an email to with "For Vox Populi" in the subject field.

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