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Any candidate for President of the United States reporting a minimum of $200,000 in "Total Receipts" to the Federal Election Commission is hereby defined as a "principal candidate" for the purposes of 'The Green Papers' website. Such "principal candidates" are listed, per each Political Party (or other classification containing more than one Party), in a separate section ahead of other candidates for President of that same Party (or said multi-Party classification).

This listing includes candidates appearing on a state election authority's list of 2020 Presidential candidates; individuals who have filed a Form 1 Statement of Candidacy for President in 2020, filed a Form 2 Statement of Organization, and have $5000 or more in Total Receipts (frivolous submissions are excluded); and U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, and Governors who have declared they are running for President.

FEC indicates the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Finance Summary "Total Receipts" for candidates for Federal Office.

Federal Election Commission 2024 Candidates for President.

CountTotal ReceiptsCountTotal Receipts
Major Third Parties
Libertarian  1$20,000
Other  2$24,513
Grand Total: 3 candidates, $44,513 total receipts

Major Third Parties

Libertarian Candidates
Lars Damian Mapstead of California
FEC P40005936 30 Jun 21; Tot $20,000; Dsb $1,027
Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Monday 12 April 2021
Campaign website: http://www.lars24.com
Address: CAPITOLA, CA 95010


Other Candidates
Michael Floyd of Florida
FEC P40005993 30 Jun 21; Tot $6,150; Dsb $5,479
Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Wednesday 21 April 2021
Address: CRYSTAL RIVER, FL 34429
Howie Hawkins of New York
FEC P00012211 30 Jun 21; Tot $18,363; Dsb $31,408
Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Monday 9 November 2020
Campaign website: https://www.howiehawkins.us/
Address: SYRACUSE, NY 13205


"FEC" indicates the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Finance Summary.

When available, we post each candidate's FEC identification number, the date of their most recently filed Report of Receipts and Disbursements, their "Tot" [Total Receipts (contributions received or what came in: FEC Form 3, Line 16, Column B)] and their "Dsb" [Total Disbursements (expenditures or what was spent: FEC Form 3, Line 23, Column B)]. A link is provided to the Federal Election Commission's Summary Report for those who might wish to explore the details.

If a candidate raises or spends $5,000 or less, he or she is not subject to FEC reporting requirements.


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