The Green Papers
The Green Papers
Sessions of the Congress of the United States

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session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
1st1stQuorum6 April 178929 September 1789Langdon, John
(Opp.-New Hampshire)
Muhlenberg, Frederick A.C.
2ndlong4 January 179012 August 1790LangdonMuhlenberg
3rdshort6 December 17903 March 1791LangdonMuhlenberg
2ndSpecialSENATE4 March 1791same daynone- - - -
1stlong24 October 17918 May 1792Lee, Richard Henry
(Opp.- Virginia)
Trumbull, Jonathan
(Adm.- Connecticut)
2ndshort5 November 17922 March 1793Langdon, J.
3rdSpecialSENATE4 March 1793same daynone- - - -
1stlong2 December 17939 June 1794Izard, Ralph
(Adm.- South Carolina)
Muhlenberg, F.A.C.
2ndshort3 November 17943 March 1795Tazewell, Henry
(Opp.- Virginia)
4thSpecialSENATE8 June 179526 June 1795none- - - -
1stlong7 December 17951 June 1796Tazewell;
Livermore, Samuel
(Adm.- New Hampshire)
Dayton, Jonathan
(Adm.-New Jersey)
2ndshort5 December 17963 March 1797Bingham, William
(Fed.- Pennsylvania)
(NOW Fed.)
5thSpecialSENATE4 March 1797same daynone- - - -
1stExtra15 May 179710 July 1797Bradford, William
(Fed.- Rhode Island)
2ndlong13 November 179716 July 1798Read, Jacob
(Fed.- South Carolina)
SpecialSENATE17 July 179819 July 1798Sedgwick, Theodore
(Fed.- Massachusetts)
- - - -
3rdshort3 December 17983 March 1799Laurence, John
(Fed.- New York)
Ross, James
(Fed.- Pennsylvania)
6th1stlong2 December 179914 May 1800Livermore, S.
(Fed.- returning)
Tracy, Uriah
(Fed.- Connecticut)
Sedgwick, Theodore
(Fed.- Massachusetts)
2ndshort17 November 18003 March 1801Howard, John E.
(Fed.- Maryland)
Hillhouse, James
(Fed.- Connecticut)
7thSpecialSENATE4 March 18015 March 1801none- - - -
1stlong7 December 18013 May 1802Baldwin, Abraham
(Rep.- Georgia)
Macon, Nathaniel
(Rep.- North Carolina)
2ndshort6 December 18023 March 1803Bradley, Stephen R.
(Rep.- Vermont)
8th1stlong17 October 180327 March 1804Brown, John
(Rep.- Kentucky)
Franklin, Jesse
(Rep.- North Carolina)
2ndshort5 November 18043 March 1805Anderson, Joseph
(Rep.- Tennessee)
9thSpecialSENATE4 March 1805same daynone- - - -
1stlong2 December 180521 April 1806Smith, Samuel
(Rep.- Maryland)
2ndshort1 December 18063 March 1807SmithMacon
10th1stlong26 October 180725 April 1808SmithVarnum, Joseph B.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
2ndshort7 November 18083 March 1809Bradley, S.R.
Milledge, John
(Rep.- Georgia)
11thSpecialSENATE4 March 18097 March 1809none- - - -
1stExtra22 May 180928 June 1809Gregg, Andrew
(Rep.- Pennsylvania)
2ndlong27 November 18091 May 1810Gaillard, John
(Rep.- South Carolina)
3rdshort3 December 18103 March 1811Pope, John
(Rep.- Kentucky)
12th1stlong4 November 18116 July 1812Crawford, William H.
(Rep.- Georgia)
Clay, Henry
(Rep.- Kentucky)
2ndshort2 November 18123 March 1813CrawfordClay
13th1stExtra24 May 18132 August 1813noneClay
2ndlong6 December 181318 April 1814Varnum, Joseph B.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
Cheves, Langdon
(Rep.- South Carolina)
3rdshort19 September 18143 March 1815Gaillard, J.
14th1stlong4 December 181530 April 1816GaillardClay, H.
2ndshort2 December 18163 March 1817GaillardClay
15thSpecialSENATE4 March 18176 March 1817Gaillard- - - -
1stlong1 December 181720 April 1818GaillardClay
2ndshort16 November 18183 March 1819Gaillard;
Barbour, James
(Rep.- Virginia)
16th1stlong6 December 181915 May 1820Barbour;
Gaillard, J.
2ndshort13 November 18203 March 1821GaillardJohn W. Taylor
(Rep.- New York)
17th1stlong3 December 18218 May 1822GaillardBarbour, Philip P.
(Rep.- Virginia)
2ndshort2 December 18223 March 1823GaillardBarbour
18th1stlong1 December 182327 May 1824GaillardClay, H.
2ndshort6 December 18243 March 1825GaillardClay
19thSpecialSENATE4 March 18259 March 1825Gaillard- - - -
1stlong5 December 182522 May 1826Gaillard
(NOW Jackson Rep.)
Taylor, J.W.
(Jackson Rep.- returning)
2ndshort4 December 18263 March 1827Macon, Nathaniel
(Jackson Rep.- North Carolina)
20th1stlong3 December 182726 May 1828Smith, Samuel
(Jackson Rep.- Maryland)
Stevenson, Andrew
(Jackson Rep.- Virginia)
2ndshort1 December 18283 March 1829SmithStevenson
21stSpecialSENATE4 March 182917 March 1829Smith
(NOW Dem.-Rep.)
- - - -
1stlong7 December 182931 May 1830SmithStevenson
(NOW Dem.-Rep.)
2ndshort6 December 18303 March 1831SmithStevenson
22nd1stlong5 December 183116 July 1832Tazewell, Littleton W.
(Dem.-Rep. : Virginia)
2ndshort3 December 18322 March 1833White, Hugh Lawson
(Dem.-Rep. : Tennessee)
23rd1stlong2 December 183330 June 1834Poindexter, George
(Dem.- Mississippi)
Bell, John
(Nat. Rep.- Tennessee)
2ndshort1 December 18343 March 1835Tyler, John
(Dem.- Virginia)
24th1stlong7 December 18354 July 1836King, William R.
(Dem.- Alabama)
Polk, James Knox
(Dem.- Tennessee)
2ndshort5 December 18363 March 1837KingPolk
25thSpecialSENATE4 March 183710 March 1837King- - - -
1stExtra4 September 183716 October 1837KingPolk
2ndlong4 December 18379 July 1838KingPolk
3rdshort3 December 18383 March 1839KingPolk
26th1stlong2 December 183921 July 1840KingHunter, Robert M.T.
(Whig- Virginia)
2ndshort7 December 18403 March 1841KingHunter
27thSpecialSENATE4 March 184115 March 1841King- - - -
1stExtra31 May 184113 September 1841Southard, Samuel L.
(Whig- New Jersey)
White, John
(Whig- Kentucky)
2ndlong6 December 184131 August 1842Southard;
Mangum, Willie P.
(Whig- North Carolina)
3rdshort5 December 18423 March 1843MangumWhite
28th1stlong4 December 184317 June 1844MangumJones, John W.
(Dem.- Virginia)
2ndshort2 December 18443 March 1845MangumJones
29thSpecialSENATE4 March 184520 March 1845none- - - -
1stlong1 December 184510 August 1846Sevier, Ambrose H.
(Dem.- Arkansas)
Davis, John W.
(Dem.- Indiana)
2ndshort7 December 18463 March 1847Atchison, David Rice
(Dem.- Missouri)
30th1stlong6 December 184714 August 1848AtchisonWinthrop, Robert C.
(Whig- Massachusetts)
2ndshort4 December 18483 March 1849AtchisonWinthrop
31stSpecialSENATE5 March 184923 March 1849Atchison- - - -
1stlong3 December 184930 September 1850King, W.R.
Cobb, Howell
(Dem.- Georgia)
2ndshort2 December 18503 March 1851KingCobb
32ndSpecialSENATE4 March 185113 March 1851King- - - -
1stlong1 December 185131 August 1852KingBoyd, Linn
(Dem.- Kentucky)
2ndshort6 December 18523 March 1853Atchison, D.R.
33rdSpecialSENATE4 March 185311 April 1853Atchison- - - -
1stlong5 December 18537 August 1854AtchisonBoyd
2ndshort4 December 18543 March 1855Cass, Lewis
(Dem.- Michigan);
Bright, Jesse
(Dem.- Indiana)
34th1stlong3 December 185518 August 1856BrightBanks, Nathaniel P.
(Amer.- Massachusetts)
2ndExtra21 August 185630 August 1856BrightBanks
3rdshort1 December 18563 March 1857Mason, James M.
(Dem.- Virginia)
35thSpecialSENATE4 March 185714 March 1857Mason;
Rusk, Thomas J.
(Dem.- Texas)
- - - -
1stlong7 December 185714 June 1858Fitzpatrick, Benjamin
(Dem.- Alabama)
Orr, James L.
(Dem.- South Carolina)
SpecialSENATE15 June 185816 June 1858Fitzpatrick- - - -
2ndshort6 December 18583 March 1859FitzpatrickOrr
36thSpecialSENATE4 March 185910 March 1859Fitzpatrick- - - -
1stlong5 December 185925 June 1860Fitzpatrick;
Bright, J.D.
Pennington, William
(Rep.- New Jersey)
SpecialSENATE26 June 186028 June 1860Fitzpatrick
- - - -
2ndshort3 December 18603 March 1861Fitzpatrick;
Foot, Solomon
(Rep.- Vermont)
37thSpecialSENATE4 March 186128 March 1861Foot- - - -
1stExtra4 July 18616 August 1861FootGrow, Galusha A.
(Rep.- Pennsylvania)
2ndlong2 December 186117 July 1862FootGrow
3rdshort1 December 18623 March 1863FootGrow
38thSpecialSENATE4 March 186314 March 1863Foot- - - -
1stlong7 December 18634 July 1864Foot;
Clark, Daniel
(Rep.- New Hampshire)
Colfax, Schuyler
(Rep.- Indiana)
2ndshort5 December 18643 March 1865ClarkColfax
39thSpecialSENATE4 March 186511 March 1865Foster, Lafayette S.
(Rep.- Connecticut)
- - - -
1stlong4 December 186528 July 1866FosterColfax
2ndshort3 December 18663 March 1867FosterColfax
40th1stExtra4 March 18671 December 1867Wade, Benjamin F.
(Rep.- Ohio)
SpecialSENATE1 April 186720 April 1867Wade- - - -
2ndlong2 December 186710 November 1868WadeColfax
3rdshort7 December 18683 March 1869WadeColfax
41st1stExtra4 March 186910 April 1869Anthony, Henry B.
(Rep.- Rhode Island)
Blaine, James G.
(Rep.- Maine)
SpecialSENATE12 April 186922 April 1869Anthony- - - -
2ndlong6 December 186915 July 1870AnthonyBlaine
3rdshort5 December 18703 March 1871AnthonyBlaine
42nd1stExtra4 March 187120 April 1871AnthonyBlaine
SpecialSENATE10 May 187127 May 1871Anthony- - - -
2ndlong4 December 187110 June 1872AnthonyBlaine
3rdshort2 December 18723 March 1873AnthonyBlaine
43rdSpecialSENATE4 March 187326 March 1873Carpenter, Matthew H.
(Rep.- Wisconsin)
- - - -
1stlong1 December 187323 June 1874CarpenterBlaine
2ndshort7 December 18743 March 1875Carpenter;
44thSpecialSENATE5 March 187524 March 1875Ferry, Thomas W.
(Rep.- Michigan)
- - - -
1stlong6 December 187515 August 1876FerryKerr, Michael C.
(Dem.- Indiana)
2ndshort4 December 18763 March 1877FerryRandall, Samuel J.
(Dem.- Pennsylvania)
45thSpecialSENATE5 March 187717 March 1877Ferry- - - -
1stExtra15 October 18772 December 1877FerryRandall
2ndlong3 December 187720 June 1878FerryRandall
3rdshort2 December 18783 March 1879FerryRandall
46th1stExtra18 March 18791 July 1879Thurman, Allen G.
(Dem.- Ohio)
2ndlong1 December 187916 June 1880ThurmanRandall
3rdshort6 December 18803 March 1881ThurmanRandall
47thSpecialSENATE4 March 188120 May 1881Bayard, Thomas F.
(Dem.- Delaware)
- - - -
SpecialSENATE10 October 188129 October 1881Davis, David
(Ind.- Illinois)
- - - -
1stlong5 December 18818 August 1882DavisKeifer, J. Warren
(Rep.- Ohio)
2ndshort4 December 18823 March 1883DavisKeifer
48th1stlong3 December 18837 July 1884Edmunds, George F.
(Rep.- Vermont)
Carlisle, John G.
(Dem.- Kentucky)
2ndshort1 December 18843 March 1885EdmundsCarlisle
49thSpecialSENATE4 March 18852 April 1885none- - - -
1stlong7 December 18855 August 1886Sherman, John
(Rep.- Ohio)
2ndshort6 December 18863 March 1887Sherman;
Ingalls, John J.
(Rep.- Kansas)
50th1stlong5 December 188720 October 1888IngallsCarlisle
2ndshort3 December 18883 March 1889IngallsCarlisle
51stSpecialSENATE4 March 18892 April 1889Ingalls- - - -
1stlong2 December 18891 October 1890IngallsReed, Thomas B.
(Rep.- Maine)
2ndshort1 December 18902 March 1891IngallsReed
52nd1stlong7 December 18915 August 1892Manderson, Charles F.
(Rep.- Nebraska)
Crisp, Charles F.
(Dem.- Georgia)
2ndshort5 December 18923 March 1893MandersonCrisp
53rdSpecialSENATE4 March 189315 April 1893Harris, Isham G.
(Dem.- Tennessee)
- - - -
1stExtra7 August 18933 November 1893HarrisCrisp
2ndlong4 December 189328 August 1894HarrisCrisp
3rdshort3 December 18943 March 1895Ransom, Matt W.
(Dem.- No. Carolina);
54th1stlong2 December 189511 June 1896Frye, William P.
(Rep.- Maine)
Reed, T.B.
2ndshort7 December 18963 March 1897FryeReed
55thSpecialSENATE4 March 189710 March 1897Frye- - - -
1stExtra15 March 189724 July 1897FryeReed
2ndlong6 December 18978 July 1898FryeReed
3rdshort5 December 18983 March 1899FryeReed
56th1stlong4 December 18997 June 1900FryeHenderson, David B.
(Rep.- Iowa)
2ndshort3 December 19003 March 1901FryeHenderson
57thSpecialSENATE4 March 19019 March 1901Frye- - - -
1stlong2 December 19011 July 1902FryeHenderson
2ndshort1 December 19023 March 1903FryeHenderson
58thSpecialSENATE5 March 190319 March 1903Frye- - - -
1stExtra9 November 19036 December 1903FryeCannon, Joseph G.
(Rep.- Illinois)
2ndlong7 December 190328 April 1904FryeCannon
3rdshort5 December 19043 March 1905FryeCannon
59thSpecialSENATE4 March 190518 March 1905Frye- - - -
1stlong4 December 190530 June 1906FryeCannon
2ndshort3 December 19063 March 1907FryeCannon
60th1stlong2 December 190730 May 1908FryeCannon
2ndshort7 December 19083 March 1909FryeCannon
61stSpecialSENATE4 March 19096 March 1909Frye- - - -
1stExtra15 March 19095 August 1909FryeCannon
2ndlong6 December 190925 June 1910FryeCannon
3rdshort5 December 19103 March 1911FryeCannon
62nd1stExtra4 April 191122 August 1911FryeClark, James Beauchamp ["Champ"]
(Dem.- Missouri)
2ndlong4 December 191126 August 1912Bacon, Augustus
Gallinger, Jacob
(Rep.- New Hampshire)
3rdshort2 December 19123 March 1913Bacon & GallingerClark
63rdSpecialSENATE4 March 191317 March 1913Clarke, James P.
(Dem.- Arkansas)
- - - -
1stExtra7 April 191330 November 1913ClarkeClark
2ndlong1 December 191324 October 1914ClarkeClark
3rdshort7 December 19143 March 1915ClarkeClark
64th1stlong6 December 19158 September 1916ClarkeClark
2ndshort4 December 19163 March 1917Saulsbury, Willard
(Dem.- Delaware)
65thSpecialSENATE5 March 191716 March 1917Saulsbury- - - -
1stExtra2 April 19176 October 1917SaulsburyClark
2ndlong3 December 191721 November 1918SaulsburyClark
3rdshort2 December 19183 March 1919SaulsburyClark
66th1stExtra19 May 191919 November 1919Cummins, Albert B.
(Rep.- Iowa)
Gillett, Frederick H.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
2ndlong1 December 19195 June 1920CumminsGillett
3rdshort6 December 19203 March 1921CumminsGillett
67thSpecialSENATE4 March 192115 March 1921Cummins- - - -
1stExtra11 April 192123 November 1921CumminsGillett
2ndlong5 December 192122 September 1922CumminsGillett
3rdExtra20 November 19222 December 1922CumminsGillett
4thshort4 December 19223 March 1923CumminsGillett
68th1stlong3 December 19237 June 1924CumminsGillett
2ndshort1 December 19243 March 1925CumminsGillett
69thSpecialSENATE4 March 192518 March 1925Moses, George H.
(Rep.- New Hampshire)
- - - -
1stlong7 December 19253 July 1926MosesLongworth, Nicholas
(Rep.- Ohio)
ImpeachmentSENATE10 November 1926same dayMoses- - - -
2ndshort6 December 19263 March 1927MosesLongworth
70th1stlong5 December 192729 May 1928MosesLongworth
2ndshort3 December 19283 March 1929MosesLongworth
71stSpecialSENATE4 March 19295 March 1929Moses- - - -
1stExtra15 April 192922 November 1929MosesLongworth
2ndlong2 December 19293 July 1930MosesLongworth
SpecialSENATE7 July 193021 July 1930Moses- - - -
3rdshort1 December 19303 March 1931MosesLongworth
72nd1stlong7 December 193116 July 1932MosesGarner, John Nance
(Dem.- Texas)
2ndshort5 December 19323 March 1933MosesGarner
73rdSpecialSENATE4 March 19336 March 1933none- - - -
1stExtra/odd9 March 193315 June 1933Pittman, Key
(Dem.- Nevada)
Rainey, Henry T.
(Dem.- Illinois)
2ndeven3 January 193418 June 1934PittmanRainey
74th1stodd3 January 193526 August 1935PittmanByrns, Joseph W.
(Dem.- Tennessee)
2ndeven3 January 193620 June 1936PittmanByrns;
Bankhead, William B.
(Dem.- Alabama)
75th1stodd5 January 193721 August 1937PittmanBankhead
2ndExtra15 November 193721 December 1937PittmanBankhead
3rdeven3 January 193816 June 1938PittmanBankhead
76th1stodd3 January 19395 August 1939PittmanBankhead
2ndExtra21 September 19393 November 1939PittmanBankhead
3rdeven(ld)3 January 19402 January 1941Pittman;
King, William H.
(Dem.- Utah)
Rayburn, Sam
(Dem.- Texas)
77th1stodd3 January 19412 January 1942Harrison, Pat
(Dem.- Miss.);
Glass, Carter
(Dem.- Virginia)
2ndeven(ld)5 January 194216 December 1942GlassRayburn
78th1stodd6 January 194321 December 1943GlassRayburn
2ndeven(ld)10 January 194419 December 1944GlassRayburn
79th1stodd3 January 194521 December 1945McKellar, Kenneth
(Dem.- Tennessee)
2ndeven14 January 19462 August 1946McKellarRayburn
80th1stodd3 January 194719 December 1947Vandenberg, Arthur H.
(Rep.- Michigan)
Martin, Joseph W.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
2ndeven(ld)6 January 194831 December 1948VandenbergMartin
81st1stodd3 January 194919 October 1949McKellar
2ndeven(ld)3 January 19502 January 1951McKellarRayburn
82nd1stodd3 January 195120 October 1951McKellarRayburn
2ndeven8 January 19527 July 1952McKellarRayburn
83rd1stodd3 January 19533 August 1953Bridges, H. Styles
(Rep.- New Hampshire)
2ndeven(ld)6 January 19542 December 1954BridgesMartin
84th1stodd5 January 19552 August 1955George, Walter F.
(Dem.- Georgia)
2ndeven3 January 195627 July 1956GeorgeRayburn
85th1stodd3 January 195730 August 1957Hayden, Carl
(Dem.- Arizona)
2ndeven7 January 195824 August 1958HaydenRayburn
86th1stodd7 January 195915 September 1959HaydenRayburn
2ndeven6 January 19601 September 1960HaydenRayburn
87th1stodd3 January 196127 September 1961HaydenRayburn
2ndeven10 January 196213 October 1962HaydenMcCormack, John W.
(Dem.- Massachusetts)
88th1stodd9 January 196330 December 1963HaydenMcCormack
2ndeven7 January 19643 October 1964HaydenMcCormack
89th1stodd4 January 196523 October 1965HaydenMcCormack
2ndeven10 January 196622 October 1966HaydenMcCormack
90th1stodd10 January 196715 December 1967HaydenMcCormack
2ndeven15 January 196814 October 1968HaydenMcCormack
91st1stodd3 January 196923 December 1969Russell, Richard B.
(Dem.- Georgia)
2ndeven(ld)19 January 19702 January 1971RussellMcCormack
92nd1stodd21 January 197117 December 1971Ellender, Allen J.
Carl Albert
2ndeven18 January 197218 October 1972Ellender ;
Eastland, James O.
(Dem.- Mississippi)
93rd1stodd3 January 197322 December 1973EastlandAlbert
2ndeven(ld)21 January 197420 December 1974EastlandAlbert
94th1stodd14 January 197519 December 1975EastlandAlbert
2ndeven19 January 19761 October 1976EastlandAlbert
95th1stodd4 January 197715 December 1977EastlandO'Neill, Thomas P. "Tip"
(Dem.- Massachusetts)
2ndeven19 January 197815 October 1978EastlandO'Neill
96th1stodd15 January 19792 January 1980Magnuson, Warren G.
(Dem.- Washington)
2ndeven3 January 198015 October 1980MagnusonO'Neill
97th1stodd5 January 198116 December 1981Thurmond, Strom
(Rep.-South Carolina)
2ndeven(ld)25 January 198223 December 1982ThurmondO'Neill
98th1stodd3 January 198318 November 1983ThurmondO'Neill
2ndeven23 January 198412 October 1984ThurmondO'Neill
99th1stodd3 January 198520 December 1985ThurmondO'Neill
2ndeven21 January 198618 October 1986ThurmondO'Neill
100th1stodd6 January 198722 December 1987Stennis, John C.
(Dem.- Mississippi)
Wright, James C.
(Dem.- Texas)
2ndeven25 January 198822 October 1988StennisWright
101st1stodd3 January 198922 November 1989Byrd, Robert C.
(Dem.- West Virginia)
Wright ;
Foley, Thomas S.
(Dem.- Washington)
2ndeven23 January 199028 October 1990ByrdFoley
102nd1stodd3 January 19912 January 1992ByrdFoley
2ndeven3 January 19929 October 1992ByrdFoley
103rd1stodd5 January 199326 November 1993ByrdFoley
2ndeven(ld)25 January 19941 December 1994ByrdFoley
104th1stodd4 January 19952 January 1996Thurmond
Gingrich, Newt
(Rep.- Georgia)
2ndeven3 January 19964 October 1996ThurmondGingrich
105th1stodd7 January 199713 November 1997ThurmondGingrich
2ndeven(ld)27 January 199819 December 1998ThurmondGingrich
106th1stodd6 January 199922 November 1999ThurmondHastert, Dennis
(Rep.- Illinois)
2ndeven(ld)24 January 200015 December 2000ThurmondHastert
107th1stodd3 January 200120 December 2001Byrd
& Thurmond
2ndeven(ld)23 January 200222 November 2002ByrdHastert
108th1stodd7 January 20038 December 2003Stevens, Ted
2ndeven(ld)20 January 200420 December 2004StevensHastert
109th1stodd4 January 200522 December 2005StevensHastert
2ndeven(ld)3 January 20068 December 2006StevensHastert
110th1stodd4 January 200719 December 2007Byrd
Pelosi, Nancy
2ndeven(ld)15 January 20082 January 2009ByrdPelosi
111th1stodd6 January 200924 December 2009ByrdPelosi
2deven(ld)5 January 201022 December 2010Byrd;
Inouye, Daniel K.
112th1stodd5 January 201130 December 2011InouyeBoehner, John
2ndeven(ld)3 January 20122 January 2013Inouye;
Leahy, Patrick
113th1stodd3 January 201326 December 2013LeahyBoehner
2ndeven (ld)6 January 201416 December 2014LeahyBoehner
114th1stodd6 January 201518 December 2015Hatch, Orrin G.
Ryan, Paul D.
2ndeven (ld)4 January 20162 January 2017HatchRyan
115th1stodd3 January 20173 January 2018HatchRyan
2ndeven (ld)3 January 20183 January 2019HatchRyan
116th1stodd3 January 2019 Grassley, Charles E. "Chuck"
Pelosi, Nancy
2ndeven3 January 2020 GrassleyPelosi
117th1stodd3 January 2021 GrassleyPelosi
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session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives

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