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GOP Convention Day 2 redacted tweets
met in Quicken Loans Arena: Cleveland, Ohio

Wed 20 Jul 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: All Tweets below have been redacted (where necessary) within their original sequence.

While the Roll Call on Presidential Nomination at the GOP Convention takes place today, I'm going to have to "bail"...

getting an accurate count of the Convention Roll Call vote is, after all, the "bread and butter" of

The only tweets from me during Roll Call on Presidential Nomination will be re: any potential anomalies

"anomalies" would be such as the number of votes cast by a delegation not adding up to the total delegation vote

Convention Roll Calls, historically, can be "messy" (final vote announced from the Chair not matching the sum of the columns in the tally)

All that matters, however, at this Convention is that the GOP nominee end up with at least 1237 votes

the Roll Call Session of Tuesday 19 July 2016

The 2nd day of the GOP Convention in Cleveland is called to order at 5:42 PM EDT [2142 GMT] by RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Cleveland Police Dept. presents the Colors at tonight's session of the GOP Convention

The Patriotic Nationality Ambassadors lead the Convention in the Pledge of Allegiance

EDITOR's NOTE: this group made up of children of European immigrants from 'Captive Nations under Communism': the clothing the children wore is authentic and many of the children do speak their native language with their family and community. They represent 'legal immigrants' saying Thank You by pledging allegiance to America. [this information courtesy of Ambassador Renate Jakupca]

Dan Polk sings the National Anthem before the Convention this evening

The Invocation is given by Harmeet Dhillon (a Sikh), Vice Chair of the California Republican Party

The Colors are retired

The Permanent Chair of the GOP Convention, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (of Wisconsin), takes the gavel

US Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama) takes the dais at the Convention to formally nominate Donald Trump for President

Sessions: "The President does not lead; Congress is deadlocked"

Sessions: "One man, Donald Trump, would not be intimidated"

Sessions: [Donald Trump] "received far more Primary votes than any Republican candidate in History"

Sessions: [Donald Trump] "is a warrior and a winner: he loves his country"

Sessions: [Donald Trump] "has the strength, the courage and the will to get it done"

Congressman Chris Collins [New York] comes to the podium to second Donald Trump's nomination

Collins: "Under Barack Obama, we have been losing: the Federal Government tramples on our rights; our allies can no longer depend on us"

Collins: "Enough is enough: it is time to take back our great country, the United States of America"

Collins: "Donald Trump is not just a candidate; Donald Trump is a movement"

Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina comes before the Convention to also second Donald Trump's nomination

McMaster: "The Sleeping Giant of the American spirit has been awakened and is sounding the tocsin to make America great again"

McMaster: [Donald Trump] "loves his country and he wants to go to work for *us*"

As Convention Chair Paul Ryan has said: the *official* vote of each delegation is that *announced from the dais*

Convention Secretary Susie Hudson and assistant secretary Jeff Kent will conduct the Roll Call of the States on Presidential Nomination

Roll Call Vote - 19 July 2016
Alabama503613 1    
American Samoa99       
Colorado237431   2  
District of Columbia31919       
Georgia764218 16    
Hawaii19117 1    
Minnesota38813 17    
New Hampshire2311342  3 
New Jersey5151       
New Mexico2424       
New York95***PASSES***
North Carolina722927961   
North Dakota28216  1   
Mariana Islands99       
Ohio66  66     
Pennsylvania71***YIELDS (the chair of the PA delegation used the term "defers") to New York
New York9589 6     
New York puts Donald Trump "over the top" with 1,267 votes. 1,237 votes are necessary to nominate.
Puerto Rico23   23    
Rhode Island191225     
South Carolina5050       
South Dakota2929       
Tennessee583316 9    
Texas15548104 3    
Virgin Islands598    1  
Vermont1613 1    2
West Virginia3434       
Totals 2,472 1,725484125123 7 3 3 2


1. Alaska anomaly: the delegation itself announced Cruz 12, Trump 11, Rubio 5 but the Chair, instead, announced 28 for Trump (which it had already stated were bound for Trump in AK). After the Roll Call had been completed, Alaska asked to have the already-mentioned anomaly changed to what was announced from the delegation originally but, after the delegation had been polled, the Chair ruled that clauses within GOP Rule 16 required that Alaska's vote be counted as 28 for Trump in any event.

2. Colorado's vote includes 2 abstentions specifically announced from the delegation and acknowledged from the Chair.

3. District of Columbia anomaly: the delegation announced Rubio 10, Kasich 9 but the Chair instead announced 19 for Trump and it was so counted.

4. Nevada anomaly: the delegation announced Trump 16, Rubio 7, Cruz 6, Kasich 1 but the Chair, instead, announced only 14 for Trump, 2 for Carson [the other votes as announced by the Nevada delegation were unaffected] and it was so counted.

5. Virgin Islands: Trump 8 (1 abstention was not announced by the delegation: instead, this 1 abstention was announced as such from the Chair).

6. Utah anomaly: the delegation announced 40 for Cruz but, instead, the Chair announced Utah's vote as 40 for Trump-- it was so counted.

The TOTALS as announced by GOP Convention Permanent Chair Paul Ryan were: Trump 1725, Cruz 475, Kasich 120, Rubio 114, Carson 7, Bush 3, Paul 2. The total is 2,446. The numbers for Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and the total are different from our count.


EDITOR's NOTE: the following were Mr. Berg-Andersson's tweets during and immediately following Roll Call---

Alaska announces its vote as at its caucus (12 Cruz, 11 Trump, 5 Rubio) but the Chair announces all 28 for Trump as being official

Another anomaly at the GOP Convention: DC casts 10 for Rubio & 9 for Kasich but, instead, the chair announced 19 for Trump

The Presidential Poll in IOWA, where it all began back on Feb 1, apparently didn't mean a thing as all its delegate votes all went to Trump

Another anomaly at the GOP Convention: Trump actually *loses* 2 (in Nevada) to Ben Carson (as announced from the Chair)

Donald Trump is officially nominated for President of the United States by the 2016 Republican National Convention

An anomaly: One abstention among the 9 delegate votes from the US Virgin Islands (announced from the Chair, not by the delegation)

Anomaly: Utah itself announces 40 votes for Cruz but, instead, the Chair announces its 40 votes for Trump

After the Roll Call is completed, Convention Chair Paul Ryan returns to the dais

Alaska contests its vote as recorded by the Convention Secretary (I've already noted this anomaly)

Alaska formally asks that its delegation be polled: Chair Ryan announces that the poll will "be supervised"

This apparently means that the polling of Alaska's delegation will be allowed

This does *not* mean, however, that Alaska's vote will actually be changed! (at least for now)

Hey, I *told* you all that Convention Roll Calls tend to historically be "messy"!

A revised vote from Alaska won't change the outcome, of course: Trump has already been nominated for President at this Convention

RNC Chair Reince Priebus explains that 4 States are bound by part of Rule 16 concerning reallocation (per their own Rule 16[f] filings)
EDITOR's NOTE: Evidently (from the Roll Call data itself) these 4 States are Alaska, District of Columbia, Iowa and Utah

No change in Alaska's vote before this Convention will, therefore, take place

Totals announced by Ryan: Trump 1725; Cruz 475; Kasich 120; Rubio 114; Carson 7; Bush 3; Paul 2
Mr. Berg-Andersson adds: These totals as announced by the Chair do not all match up with the same totals as tallied by The Green Papers, but such a thing re: Convention Roll Call is, historically, not all that uncommon; tables within reference books on National Convention voting throughout American History are replete with notations such as "sum of column: proceedings record [different sum]". What is most important, of course, is that the nominee receive at least a majority of the total Convention vote in any event (which was, in fact, the case at this Convention)

Sen Majority Leader and GOP Convention vice-Chair Mitch McConnell now entertains nominations for *Vice*-President

Indiana Lt. Gov Eric Holcomb formally places the name of Indiana Gov Mike Pence in nomination for VP before the Convention

Sen McConnell calls for a motion to nominate Mike Pence for Vice President by acclamation...

Mike Pence's nomination for Vice President of the United States by the GOP Convention by acclamation is approved 'viva voce'

Convention Chair Paul Ryan takes the dais to formally declare Trump and Pence nominated President and Vice-President, respectively

the Evening Session of Tuesday 19 July 2016

Vermont Republican National Committee member Jay Shepard gives an Invocation ahead of the post-nomination Roll Call session of the Convention

Republican National Committee co-Chair Sharon Day speaks before the Convention

Day: "There is no question that Donald J. Trump is better... for this great country than Hillary Clinton could ever be"

Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (mixed martial arts), addresses the Convention

White: [Donald Trump] "is that guy: he shows up... so, tonight, I stand with Donald Trump"

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson addresses the Convention

Hutchinson: "We [in Arkansas] know from experience that we don't need Hillary Clinton in the White House"

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge speaks before the Convention

Rutledge: [in contrast to Hillary Clinton (a former First Lady of Arkansas)] "I am a Christian, pro-life, gun-carrying woman"

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey addresses the Convention

Mukasey: "The United States is the only country founded not by Blood or Land, but by a Law-- the Constitution"

Businessman Andy Wist, owner of Standard Waterproofing in NYC & Treasurer of a Teamsters Local, speaks before the Convention

Wist specifically mentions the theme of this evening's session of the GOP Convention 'Make America Work Again'

US Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin addresses the Convention

Sen Johnson: [of Hillary Clinton] "If we can't trust her to tell the truth, how can we trust her as America's leader?"

Chris Cox, the National Rifle Association's Executive Director of its Institute for Legislative Action, speaks before the GOP Convention

Cox: "Our Government has failed to keep us safe: you have a right to protect your family and that's what the 2nd Amendment is all about"

Natalie Gulbis, professional Ladies' Professional Golf Association golfer, speaks before the Convention

Gulbis quotes Reagan: "Status Quo is Latin for 'the mess we're in' "

2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump now speaks to the GOP Convention via video
Mr. Berg-Andersson adds: Trump was primarily thanking the assembled for having so nominated him for President

GOP Convention vice-Chair, US Senator Mitch McConnell, speaks before the assembled

(...after which) Republicans in the US Senate first elected in 2014 join McConnell on the stage

Sen Dan Sullivan of Alaska: "We must ignite economic opportunity and the American Dream"

US House Speaker, and GOP Convention Permanent Chair, Paul Ryan now takes to the podium

Ryan: [of the Democrats re: their Convention next week] "You can get through it in 4 days with a mute button, but 4 more *years* of it?"

Ryan: "The Obama years are almost over-- the Clinton years are *way* over!"

Ryan: "Progressives deliver *every*thing-- except Progress"

Ryan quoting Reagan: [Government should be] "not the distributor of gifts and privilege, but the protector of our Liberties"

Ryan: "In the plainest terms I know, it is all on the line-- so let's act that way"

Ryan: "What do you say we unify this Party?... let's see this through!"

US House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (California) addresses the Convention

McCarthy: "In a Republican agenda, our enemies will fear us"

McCarthy's mantra: "We [meaning, the Republicans] hear you"

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey addresses the Convention

Christie: "This election is not just about Donald Trump, it is about his Democratic opponent- Hillary Rodham Clinton"

The assembled begins the 'Lock her up!' chant when Christie, a former Federal prosecutor, says he now plans to hold Hillary Clinton 'accountable'

Christie cites each of Hillary Clinton's failures as Secretary of State, asks the assembled to render a verdict-- the audience always shouts back "Guilty!"

Christie: [Hillary Clinton] "fights for the wrong people; she never fights for us"

Christie: "Oh, believe me-- we're not done yet-- the indictment is hardly complete!"

Christie: [Hillary Clinton] "cared more about protecting her own secrets than about protecting America's secrets and she lied about it"

Christie: [of Hillary Clinton] "The facts of her life and career disqualify her [to be President of the United States]"

Christie: [of Hillary Clinton] "Never let her get within ten miles of the White House again"

Tiffany Trump, the Republican presidential nominee's daughter, now addresses the Convention

Tiffany Trump: [on speaking to such a large gathering broadcast on worldwide TV]: "Like my father, I never back down from challenges"

Kerry Woolard, general manager of Trump Winery, now speaks before the Convention

Donald Trump, Jr.- son of the newest Republican presidential nominee- addresses the Convention

Donald Trump, Jr.: "I was trained by my father to make the tough investments *today*"

Donald Trump, Jr. [on his father]: "He hung out with the guys at construction sites: pouring concrete and hanging sheetrock"

Donald Trump, Jr. [on his father]: "He sees the potential that [people] don't see in themselves"

Donald Trump, Jr.: "We didn't learn from MBAs, but from people with Doctorates in Common Sense"

Donald Trump, Jr.: "Our schools used to be elevators to the Middle Class: now they're stuck on the ground floor"

Donald Trump, Jr. [Hillary Clinton] "would be the first President who could not pass a basic background check"

Donald Trump, Jr.: [his father will be a President] "who has actually signed the front of a paycheck"

US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia) speaks before the Convention

Signs held up on the Convention floor as Senator Capito speaks-- "TRUMP digs COAL"

Senator Capito: [of coalminers] "President Obama has harmed the heart of soul of my State"

Sen Capito: [Hillary Clinton] "has thrived in a world where the rules bend for her"

Sen Capito: [HillaryClinton] "has squandered America's trust... she can't be trusted to play by the same rules you and I live by"

Sen Capito's mantra: "Let's turn the tide"

Sen Capito: "Our Party stands up for the Free Market and doesn't try to control it"

Dr. Ben Carson, one-time Republican presidential contender, now addresses the Convention

Carson: "I have to start out by saying one thing: I am not politically correct-- and I hate Political Correctness"

Carson: [the political elite and the media] "don't know what they're talking about, but they have an agenda"

Carson: "It is not about Donald Trump; it is not about me-- it is about 'We, the People' "

Carson: "Now is the time to rise up and take America back!"

Actor and businesswoman Kimberlin Brown now addresses the GOP Convention

Brown: "The Democrats and the media typecast us as single-issue voters"

Brown: "I have been attacked in social media... the Left wants to silence those they disagree with... this must *stop*!"

Sajid Tarar, founder of American Muslims for Trump, comes to the podium and leads the Convention in prayer, a Benediction

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, now at the dais, asks for a motion to adjourn until tomorrow

The Convention adjourns at 10:58 PM EDT [0258 GMT] (until 7:30 PM EDT [2330 GMT] Wed 20 July)

Good night! Tweet you all again [Wed 20 July] re: the GOP Convention

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