Democratic Timing Penalties and Bonuses

The Democratic National Committee has approved the Call for Convention for the 2020 Democratic National Convention (9 September 2018) and Delegate Selection Rules for the 2020 Democratic National Convention (7 September 2018) for the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

The party set dates for the pre-window states [Delegate Selection Rules 12.A.]: Iowa-- may begin no earlier than 3 February 2020, New Hampshire-- 11 February 2020, Nevada-- 22 February 2020, and South Carolina-- 29 February 2020. The pre-windows states are designated with a ‡ in the table below. All other states may begin on 3 March 2020 (Stage I).

Delegate selection primaries, caucuses, and conventions will begin on the first Tuesday in March (Stage I - 3 March 2020). The Democrats will award states who begin their process in April (Stage II) with a 10% bonus. For those beginning in May or June (Stage III), a 20% bonus. Starting on the Tuesday 24 March 2020 (Stage I cluster), a 15% bonus is awarded when clusters of 3 or more neighboring states begin on the same date [Call to Convention I.C.].

The Democratic jurisdictions are listed below in chronological order according to their "First Determining Step". Many of these events are primaries whose dates are established by state law.

Alphabetically by State
(sorted by)
Start Date
Start Date
Stage Date
AlabamaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
AlaskaSaturday 11 April 2020 Stage II cluster10% 
American SamoaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
ArizonaTuesday 17 March 2020 Stage I  
ArkansasTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
CaliforniaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
ColoradoTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
ConnecticutTuesday 11 August 2020   15%
DelawareTuesday 7 July 2020   15%
Democrats AbroadTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
District of ColumbiaTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
FloridaTuesday 17 March 2020 Stage I  
GeorgiaTuesday 9 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
GuamSaturday 6 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
HawaiiSaturday 23 May 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
IdahoTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
IllinoisTuesday 17 March 2020 Stage I  
IndianaTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
IowaMonday 3 February 2020    
KansasSaturday 2 May 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
KentuckyTuesday 23 June 2020    
LouisianaSaturday 11 July 2020    
MaineTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
MarylandTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20%15%
MassachusettsTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
MichiganTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
MinnesotaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
MississippiTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
MissouriTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
MontanaTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
NebraskaTuesday 12 May 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
NevadaSaturday 22 February 2020    
New HampshireTuesday 11 February 2020    
New JerseyTuesday 7 July 2020    
New MexicoTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
New YorkTuesday 23 June 2020   15%
North CarolinaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
North DakotaTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
Northern MarianasSaturday 14 March 2020 Stage I  
OhioTuesday 28 April 2020 Stage II cluster10% 
OklahomaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
OregonTuesday 19 May 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
PennsylvaniaTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20%15%
Puerto RicoSunday 12 July 2020    
Rhode IslandTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20%15%
South CarolinaSaturday 29 February 2020    
South DakotaTuesday 2 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
TennesseeTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
TexasTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
UnassignedJuly 2020    
UtahTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
VermontTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
Virgin IslandsSaturday 6 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
VirginiaTuesday 3 March 2020 Stage I  
WashingtonTuesday 10 March 2020 Stage I  
West VirginiaTuesday 9 June 2020 Stage III cluster20% 
WisconsinTuesday 7 April 2020 Stage II cluster10% 
WyomingSaturday 4 April 2020 Stage II cluster10% 

Circa or presumably-- an unofficial date. An unconfirmed Presidential Primary established by currently-effective State statute or introduced bill; or- where the foregoing information could not be obtained- the state's prior delegate selection process and associated dates adjusted to the corresponding dates in the current year.

‡ Pre-window state.


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