The Green Papers: General Election 2004

Copyright All-up chart Governors' by election 'cycle'

Governors, in all states except New Hampshire and Vermont, serve 4 year terms.
The Governors of New Hampshire and Vermont serve 2 year terms.

Regular Gubernatorial elections are held the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November in all states except Louisiana. Louisiana will hold a non-partisan primary on Saturday 20 October 2007 and, if no candidate receives 50% of the vote, a Saturday 17 November 2007 runoff.

[next regular election:
Tuesday 2 November 2004]
Off-Year Election
[next regular election:
Tuesday 8 November 2005]
[next regular election:
Tuesday 7 November 2006]
Off-Year Election
[next regular election:
Tuesday 6 November 2007]
Delaware: Minner (D)New Jersey: Codey (D)Alabama: Riley (R)Kentucky: Fletcher (R)
Indiana: Kernan (D)Virginia: Warner (D)Alaska: Murkowski (R)Louisiana: Blanco (D) (next election Saturday 20 October 2007)
Missouri: Holden (D) Arizona: Napolitano (D)Mississippi: Barbour (R)
Montana: Martz (R) Arkansas: Huckabee (R) 
New Hampshire: Benson (R) California: Schwarzenegger (R) 
North Carolina: Easley (D) Colorado: Owens (R) 
North Dakota: Hoeven (R) Connecticut: Rell (R) 
Utah: Walker (R) Florida: Bush (R) 
Vermont: Douglas (R) Georgia: Perdue (R) 
Washington: Locke (D) Hawaii: Lingle (R) 
West Virginia: Wise (D) Idaho: Kempthorne (R) 
  Illinois: Blagojevich (D) 
  Iowa: Vilsack (D) 
  Kansas: Sebelius (D) 
  Maine: Baldacci (D) 
  Maryland: Ehrlich (R) 
  Massachusetts: Romney (R) 
  Michigan: Granholm (D) 
  Minnesota: Pawlenty (R) 
  Nebraska: Johanns (R) 
  Nevada: Guinn (R) 
  New Hampshire: 2-year term, previous regular election 2004 
  New Mexico: Richardson (D) 
  New York: Pataki (R) 
  Ohio: Taft (R) 
  Oklahoma: Henry (D) 
  Oregon: Kulongoski (D) 
  Pennsylvania: Rendell (D) 
  Rhode Island: Carcieri (R) 
  South Carolina: Sanford (R) 
  South Dakota: Rounds (R) 
  Tennessee: Bredesen (D) 
  Texas: Perry (R) 
  Vermont: 2-year term, previous regular election 2004 
  Wisconsin: Doyle (D) 
  Wyoming: Freudenthal (D) 
2 Nov 2004
6 Democrats (D)
5 Republicans (R)
8 Nov 2005
2 Democrats (D)
7 Nov 2006
13 Democrats (D)
21 Republicans (R)
6 Nov 2007
1 Democrat (D)
2 Republicans (R)
Grand Total
22 Democrats (D)
28 Republicans (R)

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