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2004 Gubernatorial Primaries at a Glance


This "at a glance" look at the Gubernatorial Primary in each State simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order.

boldface followed by (inc) indicates the incumbent

2004 Gubernatorial Primaries at a Glance
Date State Democrat
     Winner % Second %      Winner % Second %
2 March California                    
9 March Mississippi                    
16 March Illinois                    
30 March Mississippi R         R        
13 April Texas R         R        
27 April Pennsylvania                    
4 May Indiana   Kernan (inc) U       Daniels L Miller  
11 May Nebraska                    
West Virginia   Manchin N Jackson     Warner 22 Moore 20
18 May Arkansas                    
25 May Idaho                    
1 June Alabama                    
New Mexico                    
South Dakota                    
8 June Iowa                    
Montana   Schweitzer L Vincent     Brown 36 Davison 25
New Jersey                    
North Dakota   Satrom U       Hoeven (inc) U    
South Carolina                    
22 June South Carolina R         R        
Utah   Matheson C       Huntsman L Karras  
29 June Alabama R         R        
20 July Georgia                    
North Carolina   Easley (inc)         Advance to runoff: Ballantine (30.04%) vs Vinroot (29.95%)
27 July Oklahoma                    
3 August Kansas                    
Missouri   McCaskill N Holden     Blunt      
5 August Tennessee                    
10 August Colorado                    
Georgia R         R        
17 August North Carolina R         R Cancelled. Vinroot withdrew 22 July giving Ballatine the nomination.
24 August Alaska                    
Oklahoma R         R        
31 August Florida                    
7 September Arizona                    
11 September Delaware   Minner P       Lee L Protack  
14 September Massachusetts                    
New Hampshire   Lynch L McEachern     Benson (inc) L Tarbell  
New York                    
Rhode Island                    
Vermont   Clavelle         Douglas (inc)      
Washington   Gregoire L Sims     Rossi      
18 September Hawaii                    


  • If a gubernatorial candidate wins 75.5% or more of the primary vote, the second place finisher is not listed.
  • U means that this gubernatorial candidate ran in the primary unopposed (that is, with no other candidates appearing on the ballot but him/her). Please note that write-ins do NOT count as such "other candidates on the ballot" but the appearance of "Uncommitted" (or equivalent, such as "None of the Above") on a ballot DOES.
  • L indicates a landslide majority [60.5 to 75.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • D indicates a decisive majority [52.5 to 60.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • N indicates a narrow majority [50.0(+1 vote) to 52.4% of the primary vote] for the winner.
  • Where a winning (or, in a runoff State, leading) gubernatorial candidate has failed to gain at least a majority of the primary vote, the winner(leader) of the primary and the candidate who came in second are both listed with their respective percentages of the primary vote rounded up or down to the nearest whole integer.
  • R indicates any Runoff which has been scheduled for this date.
  • C indicates the Party's nominee was chosen by a Party-run process other than the Primary (State Convention, Party Central Committee or equivalent).
  • P indicates Primary cancelled / nomination by default because nominee was the only candidate to have filed for this Party's Primary for this office.

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