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The Green Papers: 2004 General Election
Copyright Counting and Tabulation of the Electoral Vote by Congress
Thursday 6 January 2005

Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (Democrat Ohio) and Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat California) objected to the counting of Ohio's electoral votes during the Tabulation Joint Session of Congress.

The two houses met separately for of debate after which they voted as to whether or not to count the Ohio electoral vote as cast, which was 20 votes for Bush and Cheney. This is the first time an objection has been raised to a state's electoral vote since January 1969.

The SENATE vote on the objection to the counting of Ohio's Electoral Vote was 1 Yea, 74 Nay (with 25 not voting).

  • Alabama: Sessions (R), Nay; Shelby (R), Not Voting
  • Alaska: Murkowski (R), Not Voting; Stevens (R), Nay
  • Arizona: Kyl (R), Not Voting; McCain (R), Not Voting
  • Arkansas: Lincoln (D), Nay; Pryor (D), Nay
  • California: Boxer (D), Yea; Feinstein (D), Not Voting
  • Colorado: Allard (R), Nay; Salazar (D), Nay
  • Connecticut: Dodd (D), Nay; Lieberman (D), Nay
  • Delaware: Biden (D), Nay; Carper (D), Nay
  • Florida: Martinez (R), Not Voting; Nelson (D), Nay
  • Georgia: Chambliss (R), Nay; Isakson (R), Nay
  • Hawaii: Akaka (D), Not Voting; Inouye (D), Nay
  • Idaho: Craig (R), Not Voting; Crapo (R), Nay
  • Illinois: Durbin (D), Nay; Obama (D), Nay
  • Indiana: Bayh (D), Not Voting; Lugar (R), Not Voting
  • Iowa: Grassley (R), Nay; Harkin (D), Nay
  • Kansas: Brownback (R), Nay; Roberts (R), Nay
  • Kentucky: Bunning (R), Not Voting; McConnell (R), Nay
  • Louisiana: Landrieu (D), Not Voting; Vitter (R), Not Voting
  • Maine: Collins (R), Nay; Snowe (E), Nay
  • Maryland: Mikulski (D), Nay; Sarbanes (D), Nay
  • Massachusetts: Kennedy (D), Nay; Kerry (D), Not Voting
  • Michigan: Levin (D), Nay; Stabenow (D), Nay
  • Minnesota: Coleman (R), Nay; Dayton (D), Nay
  • Mississippi: Cochran (R), Nay; Lott (R), Nay
  • Missouri: Bond (R), Nay; Talent (R), Nay
  • Montana: Baucus (D), Nay; Burns (R), Not Voting
  • Nebraska: Hagel (R), Nay; Nelson (D), Nay
  • Nevada: Ensign (R), Not Voting; Reid (D), Nay
  • New Hampshire: Gregg (R), Nay; Sununu (R), Nay
  • New Jersey: Corzine (J), Not Voting; Lautenberg (D), Nay
  • New Mexico: Bingaman (D), Not Voting; Domenici (R), Nay
  • New York: Clinton (D), Nay; Schumer (D), Nay
  • North Carolina: Burr (R), Nay; Dole (R), Nay
  • North Dakota: Conrad (D), Nay; Dorgan (D), Nay
  • Ohio: DeWine (R), Nay; Voinovich (R), Nay
  • Oklahoma: Coburn (R), Nay; Inhofe (R), Not Voting
  • Oregon: Smith (R), Nay; Wyden (D), Nay
  • Pennsylvania: Santorum (R), Nay; Specter (R), Nay
  • Rhode Island: Chafee (R), Not Voting; Reed (D), Nay
  • South Carolina: DeMint (R), Nay; Graham (R), Nay
  • South Dakota: Johnson (D), Nay; Thune (R), Nay
  • Tennessee: Alexander (N), Nay; Frist (N), Not Voting
  • Texas: Cornyn (R), Nay; Hutchison (R), Not Voting
  • Utah: Bennett (R), Nay; Hatch (R), Nay
  • Vermont: Jeffords (I), Nay; Leahy (D), Nay
  • Virginia: Allen (R), Not Voting; Warner (R), Nay
  • Washington: Cantwell (D), Nay; Murray (D), Not Voting
  • West Virginia: Byrd (D), Nay; Rockefeller (D), Nay
  • Wisconsin: Feingold (D), Nay; Kohl (D), Nay
  • Wyoming: Enzi (R), Nay; Thomas (R), Not Voting

The HOUSE vote on same objection was 31 Yea, 267 Nay (with 132 not voting [the total House vote is 430 because 4 members of the House have not yet shown up to be sworn in (there is also the Matsui vacancy)])... thus, the Ohio Electoral Vote was counted as originally cast (20 for Bush/Cheney).

  • Alaska: Young (R), Nay
  • Alabama: Bonner (R-1), Nay; Everett (R-2), Not Voting; Rogers (R-3), Not Voting; Aderholt (R-4), Nay; Cramer (D-5), Nay; Bachus (R-6), Nay; Davis (D-7), Nay
  • Arkansas: Berry (D-1), Not Voting; Snyder (D-2), Nay; Boozman (R-3), Nay; Ross (D-4), Nay
  • Arizona: Renzi (R-1), Nay; Franks (R-2), Nay; Shadegg (R-3), Nay; Pastor (D-4), Nay; Hayworth (R-5), Nay; Flake (R-6), Not Voting; Grijalva (D-7), Yea; Kolbe (R-8), Not Voting
  • California: Thompson (D-1), Not Voting; Herger (R-2), Nay; Lungren (R-3), Nay; Doolittle (R-4), Not Voting; Matsui (D-5), vacant office; Woolsey (D-6), Yea; Miller (D-7), Nay; Pelosi (D-8), Nay; Lee (D-9), Yea; Tauscher (D-10), Not Voting; Pombo (R-11), Nay; Lantos (D-12), Not Voting; Stark (D-13), Not Voting; Eshoo (D-14), Not Voting; Honda (D-15), Not sworn; Lofgren (D-16), Not Voting; Farr (D-17), Yea; Cardoza (D-18), Not Voting; Radanovich (R-19), Nay; Costa (D-20), Nay; Nunes (R-21), Nay; Thomas (R-22), Nay; Capps (D-23), Not Voting; Gallegly (R-24), Not Voting; McKeon (R-25), Nay; Dreier (R-26), Nay; Sherman (D-27), Nay; Berman (D-28), Not Voting; Schiff (D-29), Not Voting; Waxman (D-30), Nay; Becerra (D-31), Not Voting; Solis (D-32), Nay; Watson (D-33), Yea; Roybal-Allard (D-34), Not Voting; Waters (D-35), Yea; Harman (D-36), Nay; Millender-McDonald (D-37), Not Voting; Napolitano (D-38), Nay; Sanchez, Linda T. (D-39), Nay; Royce (R-40), Nay; Lewis (R-41), Nay; Miller (R-42), Not Voting; Baca (D-43), Not Voting; Calvert (R-44), Nay; Bono (R-45), Not Voting; Rohrabacher (R-46), Not Voting; Sanchez, Loretta (D-47), Not Voting; Cox (R-48), Nay; Issa (R-49), Not Voting; Cunningham (R-50), Not Voting; Filner (D-51), Yea; Hunter (R-52), Nay; Davis (D-53), Nay
  • Colorado: DeGette (D-1), Nay; Udall (D-2), Not Voting; Salazar (D-3), Nay; Musgrave (R-4), Nay; Hefley (R-5), Not Voting; Tancredo (R-6), Not Voting; Beauprez (R-7), Nay
  • Connecticut: Larson (D-1), Nay; Simmons (R-2), Nay; DeLauro (D-3), Nay; Shays (R-4), Not Voting; Johnson (R-5), Not Voting
  • Delaware: Castle (R), Nay
  • Florida: Miller (R-1), Not Voting; Boyd (D-2), Not Voting; Brown (D-3), Yea; Crenshaw (R-4), Nay; Brown-Waite (R-5), Nay; Stearns (R-6), Not Voting; Mica (R-7), Not Voting; Keller (R-8), Nay; Bilirakis (R-9), Not Voting; Young (R-10), Nay; Davis (D-11), Nay; Putnam (R-12), Nay; Harris (R-13), Nay; Mack (R-14), Nay; Weldon (R-15), Not Voting; Foley (R-16), Nay; Meek (D-17), Nay; Ros-Lehtinen (R-18), Nay; Wexler (D-19), Not Voting; Wasserman Schultz (D-20), Nay; Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (R-21), Nay; Shaw (R-22), Nay; Hastings (D-23), Yea; Feeney (R-24), Nay; Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-25), Nay
  • Georgia: Kingston (R-1), Nay; Bishop (D-2), Nay; Marshall (D-3), Nay; McKinney (D-4), Yea; Lewis (D-5), Yea; Price (R-6), Nay; Linder (R-7), Nay; Westmoreland (R-8), Nay; Norwood (R-9), Nay; Deal (R-10), Nay; Gingrey (R-11), Not Voting; Barrow (D-12), Nay; Scott (D-13), Nay
  • Hawaii: Abercrombie (D-1), Not Voting; Case (D-2), Nay
  • Iowa: Nussle (R-1), Nay; Leach (R-2), Not Voting; Boswell (D-3), Not Voting; Latham (R-4), Nay; King (R-5), Nay
  • Idaho: Otter (R-1), Not Voting; Simpson (R-2), Nay
  • Illinois: Rush (D-1), Not Voting; Jackson (D-2), Yea; Lipinski (D-3), Nay; Gutierrez (D-4), Not sworn; Emanuel (D-5), Not Voting; Hyde (R-6), Nay; Davis (D-7), Yea; Bean (D-8), Nay; Schakowsky (D-9), Yea; Kirk (R-10), Nay; Weller (R-11), Nay; Costello (D-12), Not Voting; Biggert (R-13), Not Voting; Hastert (R-14), Nay; Johnson (R-15), Not Voting; Manzullo (R-16), Nay; Evans (D-17), Yea; LaHood (R-18), Not Voting; Shimkus (R-19), Not Voting
  • Indiana: Visclosky (D-1), Nay; Chocola (R-2), Nay; Souder (R-3), Not Voting; Buyer (R-4), Nay; Burton (R-5), Nay; Pence (R-6), Nay; Carson (D-7), Yea; Hostettler (R-8), Nay; Sodrel (R-9), Nay
  • Kansas: Moran (R-1), Not Voting; Ryun (R-2), Nay; Moore (D-3), Nay; Tiahrt (R-4), Nay
  • Kentucky: Whitfield (R-1), Nay; Lewis (R-2), Nay; Northup (R-3), Nay; Davis (R-4), Nay; Rogers (R-5), Nay; Chandler (D-6), Nay
  • Louisiana: Jindal (R-1), Nay; Jefferson (D-2), Not Voting; Melancon (D-3), Nay; McCrery (R-4), Nay; Alexander (R-5), Nay; Baker (R-6), Not Voting; Boustany (R-7), Nay
  • Massachusetts: Olver (D-1), Yea; Neal (D-2), Not Voting; McGovern (D-3), Nay; Frank (D-4), Not Voting; Meehan (D-5), Nay; Tierney (D-6), Nay; Markey (D-7), Yea; Capuano (D-8), Not Voting; Lynch (D-9), Not Voting; Delahunt (D-10), Not Voting
  • Maryland: Gilchrest (R-1), Not Voting; Ruppersberger (D-2), Not Voting; Cardin (D-3), Not Voting; Wynn (D-4), Not Voting; Hoyer (D-5), Not Voting; Bartlett (R-6), Nay; Cummings (D-7), Nay; Van Hollen (D-8), Nay
  • Maine: Allen (D-1), Not Voting; Michaud (D-2), Not Voting
  • Michigan: Stupak (D-1), Not Voting; Hoekstra (R-2), Nay; Ehlers (R-3), Nay; Camp (R-4), Nay; Kildee (D-5), Nay; Upton (R-6), Nay; Schwarz (R-7), Nay; Rogers (R-8), Nay; Knollenberg (R-9), Nay; Miller (R-10), Nay; McCotter (R-11), Nay; Levin (D-12), Nay; Kilpatrick (D-13), Yea; Conyers (D-14), Yea; Dingell (D-15), Nay
  • Minnesota: Gutknecht (R-1), Not Voting; Kline (R-2), Nay; Ramstad (R-3), Nay; McCollum (D-4), Nay; Sabo (D-5), Nay; Kennedy (R-6), Nay; Peterson (D-7), Nay; Oberstar (D-8), Nay
  • Missouri: Clay (D-1), Yea; Akin (R-2), Nay; Carnahan (D-3), Nay; Skelton (D-4), Not Voting; Cleaver (D-5), Nay; Graves (R-6), Not Voting; Blunt (R-7), Nay; Emerson (R-8), Nay; Hulshof (R-9), Nay
  • Mississippi: Wicker (R-1), Nay; Thompson (D-2), Yea; Pickering (R-3), Not Voting; Taylor (D-4), Nay
  • Montana: Rehberg (R), Nay
  • North Carolina: Butterfield (D-1), Nay; Etheridge (D-2), Nay; Jones (R-3), Not Voting; Price (D-4), Nay; Foxx (R-5), Nay; Coble (R-6), Not Voting; McIntyre (D-7), Not Voting; Hayes (R-8), Nay; Myrick (R-9), Nay; McHenry (R-10), Nay; Taylor (R-11), Nay; Watt (D-12), Nay; Miller (D-13), Nay
  • North Dakota: Pomeroy (D), Nay
  • Nebraska: Fortenberry (R-1), Nay; Terry (R-2), Not Voting; Osborne (R-3), Not sworn
  • New Hampshire: Bradley (R-1), Nay; Bass (R-2), Not Voting
  • New Jersey: Andrews (D-1), Nay; LoBiondo (R-2), Nay; Saxton (R-3), Nay; Smith (R-4), Nay; Garrett (R-5), Nay; Pallone (D-6), Yea; Ferguson (R-7), Nay; Pascrell (D-8), Not Voting; Rothman (D-9), Nay; Payne (D-10), Yea; Frelinghuysen (R-11), Nay; Holt (D-12), Nay; Menendez (D-13), Not Voting
  • New Mexico: Wilson (R-1), Nay; Pearce (R-2), Not Voting; Udall (D-3), Nay
  • Nevada: Berkley (D-1), Not Voting; Gibbons (R-2), Nay; Porter (R-3), Nay
  • New York: Bishop (D-1), Not Voting; Israel (D-2), Nay; King (R-3), Nay; McCarthy (D-4), Not Voting; Ackerman (D-5), Not Voting; Meeks (D-6), Not Voting; Crowley (D-7), Not Voting; Nadler (D-8), Nay; Weiner (D-9), Nay; Towns (D-10), Not Voting; Owens (D-11), Yea; Velazquez (D-12), Not Voting; Fossella (R-13), Not Voting; Maloney (D-14), Not Voting; Rangel (D-15), Not Voting; Serrano (D-16), Not Voting; Engel (D-17), Nay; Lowey (D-18), Not Voting; Kelly (R-19), Not Voting; Sweeney (R-20), Not Voting; McNulty (D-21), Nay; Hinchey (D-22), Yea; McHugh (R-23), Nay; Boehlert (R-24), Nay; Walsh (R-25), Not Voting; Reynolds (R-26), Nay; Higgins (D-27), Not Voting; Slaughter (D-28), Not Voting; Kuhl (R-29), Nay
  • Ohio: Chabot (R-1), Nay; Portman (R-2), Nay; Turner (R-3), Nay; Oxley (R-4), Nay; Gillmor (R-5), Not Voting; Strickland (D-6), Nay; Hobson (R-7), Nay; Boehner (R-8), Nay; Kaptur (D-9), Nay; Kucinich (D-10), Yea; Jones (D-11), Yea; Tiberi (R-12), Nay; Brown (D-13), Nay; LaTourette (R-14), Nay; Pryce (R-15), Nay; Regula (R-16), Nay; Ryan (D-17), Nay; Ney (R-18), Nay
  • Oklahoma: Sullivan (R-1), Not Voting; Boren (D-2), Nay; Lucas (R-3), Nay; Cole (R-4), Nay; Istook (R-5), Nay
  • Oregon: Wu (D-1), Nay; Walden (R-2), Not Voting; Blumenauer (D-3), Not Voting; DeFazio (D-4), Not Voting; Hooley (D-5), Nay
  • Pennsylvania: Brady (D-1), Not Voting; Fattah (D-2), Not Voting; English (R-3), Nay; Hart (R-4), Nay; Peterson (R-5), Nay; Gerlach (R-6), Nay; Weldon (R-7), Nay; Fitzpatrick (R-8), Nay; Shuster (R-9), Nay; Sherwood (R-10), Nay; Kanjorski (D-11), Nay; Murtha (D-12), Nay; Schwartz (D-13), Nay; Doyle (D-14), Not Voting; Dent (R-15), Nay; Pitts (R-16), Nay; Holden (D-17), Not Voting; Murphy (R-18), Nay; Platts (R-19), Nay
  • Rhode Island: Kennedy (D-1), Nay; Langevin (D-2), Not Voting
  • South Carolina: Brown (R-1), Nay; Wilson (R-2), Not Voting; Barrett (R-3), Nay; Inglis (R-4), Nay; Spratt (D-5), Nay; Clyburn (D-6), Yea
  • South Dakota: Herseth (D), Nay
  • Tennessee: Jenkins (R-1), Not Voting; Duncan (R-2), Nay; Wamp (R-3), Nay; Davis (D-4), Not Voting; Cooper (D-5), Not Voting; Gordon (D-6), Nay; Blackburn (R-7), Nay; Tanner (D-8), Not Voting; Ford (D-9), Not Voting
  • Texas: Gohmert (R-1), Nay; Poe (R-2), Nay; Johnson (R-3), Nay; Hall (R-4), Nay; Hensarling (R-5), Nay; Barton (R-6), Nay; Culberson (R-7), Nay; Brady (R-8), Nay; Green, Al (D-9), Nay; McCaul (R-10), Nay; Conaway (R-11), Nay; Granger (R-12), Not Voting; Thornberry (R-13), Nay; Paul (R-14), Not Voting; Hinojosa (D-15), Not Voting; Reyes (D-16), Nay; Edwards (D-17), Not Voting; Jackson Lee (D-18), Yea; Neugebauer (R-19), Nay; Gonzalez (D-20), Not Voting; Smith (R-21), Nay; DeLay (R-22), Nay; Bonilla (R-23), Nay; Marchant (R-24), Nay; Doggett (D-25), Not Voting; Burgess (R-26), Nay; Ortiz (D-27), Not Voting; Cuellar (D-28), Nay; Green, Gene (D-29), Nay; Johnson (D-30), Yea; Carter (R-31), Nay; Sessions (R-32), Nay
  • Utah: Bishop (R-1), Nay; Matheson (D-2), Not Voting; Cannon (R-3), Not sworn
  • Virginia: Davis, Jo Ann (R-1), Nay; Drake (R-2), Nay; Scott (D-3), Nay; Forbes (R-4), Not Voting; Goode (R-5), Not Voting; Goodlatte (R-6), Nay; Cantor (R-7), Nay; Moran (D-8), Nay; Boucher (D-9), Not Voting; Wolf (R-10), Nay; Davis, Thomas (R-11), Nay
  • Vermont: Sanders (I), Nay
  • Washington: Inslee (D-1), Not Voting; Larsen (D-2), Not Voting; Baird (D-3), Not Voting; Hastings (R-4), Nay; McMorris (R-5), Nay; Dicks (D-6), Nay; McDermott (D-7), Not Voting; Reichert (R-8), Nay; Smith (D-9), Not Voting
  • Wisconsin: Ryan (R-1), Nay; Baldwin (D-2), Not Voting; Kind (D-3), Not Voting; Moore (D-4), Nay; Sensenbrenner (R-5), Nay; Petri (R-6), Nay; Obey (D-7), Nay; Green (R-8), Nay
  • West Virginia: Mollohan (D-1), Nay; Capito (R-2), Nay; Rahall (D-3), Nay
  • Wyoming: Cubin (R), Nay

There were no further objections to the tabulation of the electoral vote.

FINAL ELECTORAL VOTE (with 270 needed to be elected) - for President: 286 Bush, 251 Kerry, 1 Edwards; for Vice President: 286 Cheney, 252 Edwards.

The joint session of the 109th Congress was declared dissolved at 5:18 PM EST.

Duly Appointed Electors

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