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Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

  1. Libertarian
    1. Party Links
      1. Libertarian Party
    2. Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
      1. 1 Incumbent
      2. 233 Candidates
      3. 54 Links
StatePartyCandidate or Party LinkOffice
AlabamaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Alabama
(Libertarian)Jo JorgensenCandidate for President
AlaskaLibertarianAlaska Libertarian Party
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
American Samoa  
ArizonaLibertarianThe Arizona Libertarian Party
(Libertarian)Brett BrennanCandidate for House CD 4
(Libertarian)Matthew "Doc" DorcesterCandidate for Special Election Senate Class 3
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
(Libertarian)Roxanne R. RodriguezCandidate for House CD 7
ArkansasLibertarianArkansas Libertarian Party
Libertarianformer Tull Mayor Frank GilbertCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianRicky Dale Harrington, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianMichael J. "Mike" KalagiasCandidate for House CD 3
CaliforniaLibertarianLibertarian Party of California
LibertarianLibertarian Party of California
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianEllerton Pratt "Mark" Whitney, IIICandidate for Senate Class 3
LibertarianNickolas WildstarCandidate for Governor
ColoradoLibertarianLibertarian Party of Colorado
LibertarianThom AtkinsonCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianWilliam "Ken" BilesCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianRaymon Anthony DoaneCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianEd DuffettCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianKyle FureyCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianBruce GriffithCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJohn Ryan KeilCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianNorm T. OlsenCandidate for House CD 6
ConnecticutLibertarianLibertarian Party of Connecticut
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianDaniel J. "Dan" RealeCandidate for House CD 2
DelawareLibertarianNadine M. FrostCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJohn J. MachurekCandidate for Governor
LibertarianDavid L. RogersCandidate for House At-Large
Democrats Abroad  
District of ColumbiaLibertarianDistrict of Columbia Libertarian Party
LibertarianPatrick HynesCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
FloridaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Florida
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
GeorgiaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Georgia
(Libertarian)Martin Lindsey Cowen, IIICandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
HawaiiLibertarianThe Libertarian Party of Hawaii
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianMichelle Rose TippensCandidate for House CD 2
IdahoLibertarianJoseph "Joe" EvansCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianIdaho Sierra LawCandidate for House CD 2
(Libertarian)James Orlando "Google Mr." Ogle, IIICandidate for President
IllinoisLibertarianThe Libertarian Party of Illinois
(Libertarian)Jon HarlsonCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianDaniel "Danny" MaloufCandidate for Senate Class 2
(Libertarian)Branden "Brad" McCulloughCandidate for House CD 16
LibertarianPreston Gabriel NelsonCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianBill RedpathCandidate for House CD 6
(Libertarian)David RychCandidate for House CD 10
IndianaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Indiana
LibertarianThomas "Tom" FerkinhoffCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianTonya Lynn MillisCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianDonald G. Rainwater, IICandidate for Governor
LibertarianJames D. RodenbergerCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianMichael StraussCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianKenneth "Ken" TuckerCandidate for House CD 5
IowaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Iowa
LibertarianBryan Jack HolderCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianRick StewartCandidate for Senate Class 2
KansasLibertarianLibertarian Party of Kansas
LibertarianJason BuckleyCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianRobert D. GarrardCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianSteven Adam "Steve" HoheCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
KentuckyLibertarianLibertarian Party of Kentucky
LibertarianStephen Bradley "Brad" BarronCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianFrank HarrisCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianRobert Lee PerryCandidate for House CD 2
LouisianaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Louisiana
LibertarianThe Libertarian Party Of Louisiana
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianHoward KearneyCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianBrandon LeLeuxCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianAaron Charles SiglerCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianShannon SloanCandidate for House CD 6
MaineLibertarianLibertarian Party of Maine
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
MarylandLibertarianLibertarian Party of Maryland
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
MassachusettsLibertarianLibertarian Association of Massachusetts
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
(Libertarian)Vermin SupremeCandidate for Senate Class 2
MichiganLibertarianLibertarian Party of Michigan
LibertarianMember of Congress Justin AmashIncumbent House CD 3
LibertarianBenjamin "Ben" BorenCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianDavid CannyCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianJeff DePoyCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianLisa Lane GioiaCandidate for House CD 14
LibertarianJames HarrisCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianJoe HartmanCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianMax RiekseCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianMike SalibaCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianLeonard SchwartzCandidate for House CD 11
MinnesotaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Minnesota
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
MississippiLibertarianLibertarian Party of Mississippi
LibertarianJimmy L. EdwardsCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
MissouriLibertarianMissouri Libertarian Party
LibertarianKevin C. BabcockCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianRik CombsCandidate for Governor
LibertarianKevin CraigCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianRobin DominickCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianCarl Herman FreeseCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianAlex FurmanCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJames "Jim" HigginsCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianNicholas "Nick" KasoffCandidate for Treasurer
LibertarianSteven K. KoonseCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianTom SchmitzCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianMartin SchulteCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianBill SlantzCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
LibertarianLeonard J. Steinman, IICandidate for House CD 3
MontanaLibertarianMontana Libertarian Party
LibertarianMontana Libertarian Party - Facebook
LibertarianLyman BishopCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianKevin LeatherbarrowCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
LibertarianRoger RootsCandidate for Auditor
NebraskaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Nebraska
LibertarianDennis B. GraceCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianDustin C. HobbsCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianTyler SchaefferCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianEugene "Gene" SiadekCandidate for Senate Class 2
NevadaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Nevada
LibertarianSteven Paul "Steve" BrownCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianJonathan Royce EstebanCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianRobert Van Strawder, Jr.Candidate for House CD 1
New HampshireLibertarianLibertarian Party of New Hampshire
LibertarianNew Hampshire Liberty Party
LibertarianZachary Steven DumontCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJustin F. O'DonnellCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianAndrew J. "AJ" OldingCandidate for House CD 2
(Libertarian)Ronald Ernest "Ron" PaulCandidate for President
LibertarianDarryl W. PerryCandidate for Governor
(Libertarian)Vermin Love SupremeCandidate for President
New JerseyLibertarianNew Jersey Libertarian Party
LibertarianDan DelaneyCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianJesse EhrnstromCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJohn MirrioneCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianMichael J. RufoCandidate for House CD 4
New MexicoLibertarianLibertarian Party of New Mexico 26 August 2022: Libertarian Party of New Mexico disaffiliated with the Libertarian National Committee.
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianBob WalshCandidate for Senate Class 2
New YorkLibertarianLibertarian Party of New York
LibertarianLibertarian Party of New York
LibertarianLibertarian Party of New York
LibertarianVictoria N. AlexanderCandidate for House CD 19
LibertarianAssemblymember Andrew R. GarbarinoCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianSteven KöllnCandidate for House CD 12
LibertarianAndrew Martin KolsteeCandidate for House CD 23
LibertarianMichael MadridCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianGilbert MidonnetCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianGary S. PopkinCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianKeith D. Price, Jr.Candidate for House CD 22
LibertarianHoward RabinCandidate for House CD 3
Libertarianformer Middletown Town Council Member Scott A. SmithCandidate for House CD 18
LibertarianDuane James WhitmerCandidate for House CD 27
LibertarianDuane James WhitmerCandidate for Special Election House CD 27
LibertarianKevin A. WilsonCandidate for House CD 25
LibertarianThomas J. ZmichCandidate for House CD 6
North CarolinaLibertarianLibertarian Party of North Carolina
LibertarianShannon Wilson BrayCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianTracey Nathaniel DeBruhlCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianSteven Joseph DiFiore, IICandidate for Governor
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJapheth Nthautha "Jeff" MatemuCandidate for House CD 2
North DakotaLibertarianLibertarian Party of North Dakota
LibertarianNorth Dakota Libertarian Party
LibertarianDuWayne HendricksonCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianSteven James PetersonCandidate for House At-Large
Northern Marianas  
OhioLibertarianLibertarian Party of Ohio
LibertarianMichael "Mike" FrickeCandidate for House CD 13
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianKevin David KahnCandidate for House CD 1
LibertarianDominic James LaCavera, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 3
LibertarianBrandon Michael LapeCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianSteve PerkinsCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianJohn S. StewartCandidate for House CD 12
OklahomaLibertarianOklahoma Libertarian Party
LibertarianRichie CastaldoCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianTodd HagopianCandidate for Corporation Commissioner 3
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianRobert T. MurphyCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianBob WhiteCandidate for House CD 4
OregonLibertarianLibertarian Party of Oregon
LibertarianLibertarian Party of Oregon
LibertarianGary DyeCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianLars D. H. HedborCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianKyle MarkleyCandidate for Secretary of State
LibertarianMatthew James RixCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianJosh SolomonCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianRobert WerchCandidate for House CD 2
PennsylvaniaLibertarianLibertarian Party of Pennsylvania
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJennifer Lynn MooreCandidate for Auditor General
LibertarianJoe SoloskiCandidate for Treasurer
(Libertarian)Elizabeth "Liz" TerwilligerCandidate for House CD 12
LibertarianDaniel "Dan" WassmerCandidate for Attorney General
Puerto Rico  
Republicans Abroad International  
Rhode IslandLibertarianLibertarian Party of Rhode Island
(Libertarian)former Rhode Island Governor and U.S. Senator Lincoln Davenport ChafeeCandidate for President
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
(Libertarian)Vermin Love SupremeCandidate for President
South CarolinaLibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
South DakotaLibertarianSouth Dakota Libertarian Party
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianRandy "Uriah" LuallinCandidate for House At-Large
TennesseeLibertarianLibertarian Party of Tennessee
(Libertarian)Jo JorgensenCandidate for President
TexasLibertarianLibertarian Party of Texas
LibertarianChad AbbeyCandidate for House CD 36
LibertarianLou AntonelliCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianDan "Taxation is Theft" BehrmanCandidate for Governor
LibertarianMelanie A. BlackCandidate for House CD 6
LibertarianJeffrey C. BluntCandidate for House CD 20
LibertarianMark BolerCandidate for House CD 26
LibertarianTed BrownCandidate for House CD 17
LibertarianJoe BurnesCandidate for House CD 19
LibertarianChristopher J. "Chris" ClaytorCandidate for House CD 3
LibertarianWacey Alpha CodyCandidate for House CD 11
LibertarianBekah CongdonCandidate for House CD 28
LibertarianAnthony CristoCandidate for House CD 34
LibertarianArthur DiBiancaCandidate for House CD 21
LibertarianChris DuncanCandidate for House CD 8
LibertarianRoy EriksenCandidate for House CD 10
LibertarianPhil GrayCandidate for House CD 27
LibertarianKevin A. HaleCandidate for House CD 5
LibertarianDarren J. HamiltonCandidate for House CD 24
LibertarianTrey HolcombCandidate for House CD 12
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianLeonard Shawn KellyCandidate for House CD 7
LibertarianBill KelseyCandidate for House CD 25
LibertarianPhil KurtzCandidate for House CD 29
LibertarianJoseph LeBlanc, Jr.Candidate for House CD 22
LibertarianRoss Lynn LeoneCandidate for House CD 15
LibertarianMark LoeweCandidate for House CD 35
LibertarianKerry Douglas McKennonCandidate for Senate Class 2
LibertarianChristy Mowrey PetersonCandidate for House CD 32
LibertarianClark PattersonCandidate for House CD 31
LibertarianJason ReevesCandidate for House CD 33
LibertarianElliott Robert ScheirmanCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJose R. SosaCandidate for House CD 9
LibertarianLuke SpencerCandidate for House CD 18
LibertarianMatt SterettCandidate for Railroad Commissioner 3
LibertarianBeto VillelaCandidate for House CD 23
LibertarianJack B. WestbrookCandidate for House CD 13
UtahLibertarianRudy J. BautistaCandidate for Attorney General
LibertarianDaniel Rhead CottamCandidate for Governor
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianJ. Robert "Rob" LathamCandidate for House CD 2
LibertarianJohn MolnarCandidate for House CD 4
LibertarianJoe SpecialeCandidate for Treasurer
VermontLibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaLibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
WashingtonLibertarianLibertarian Party of Washington State
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
West VirginiaLibertarianLibertarian Party of West Virginia
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
LibertarianErika Klie KolenichCandidate for Governor
LibertarianDavid Durstan MoranCandidate for Senate Class 2
(Libertarian)Andy Hope Williams, Jr.Candidate for President
WisconsinLibertarianLibertarian Party of Wisconsin
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President
WyomingLibertarianLibertarian Party of Wyoming
LibertarianRichard P. BrubakerCandidate for House At-Large
LibertarianJo JorgensenCandidate for President

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.

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