The Green Papers
Governor's Chairs, Senate, and House Seats
up for Election on 3 November 2020
with no incumbent running for them

This table is updated after each state completes its nominating process. Currently, 56 jurisdictions have completed their nominating processes: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Marianas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Governor's Chairs, Senate and House Seats...
Open (incumbent not running for re-election)
No incumbent running
Uncontested (one candidate running)
Multiple incumbents running
Only One Major Party Candidate

House CD 1
Democratic - James Averhart
Republican - Mobile County Commissioner  Jerry Lee Carl, Jr.
House CD 2
Democratic - Phyllis Harvey-Hall
Republican - former state Representative Felix Barry "Barry" Moore
House CD 8
Democratic - Christine "Chris" Bubser
Republican - state Assemblyman  Jay Obernolte
House CD 50
Democratic - Ammar Campa-Najjar
Republican - former Member of Congress  Darrell Edward Issa
House CD 53
Democratic - San Diego City Council Member  Georgette Gómez
Democratic - Sara Jacobs
House CD 3
Democratic - Diane E. Mitsch Bush
Republican - Lauren Boebert
Libertarian - John Ryan Keil
Unity - Christopher Hawkins "Critter" Milton
House CD 3
Democratic - Adam J. Christensen
Republican - Kat Cammack
House CD 15
Democratic - Alan Michael Cohn
Republican - Lakeland City Commissioner  Scott Franklin
House CD 19
Democratic - Cindy Lyn Banyai
Republican - state Representative  Byron Donalds
House CD 5
Democratic - state Senator  Nikema Natassha Williams
Republican - Angela Stanton-King
House CD 7
Democratic - Carolyn Bourdeaux
Republican - Richard Dean "Rich" McCormick
House CD 9
Democratic - Devin D. Pandy, Sr.
Republican - Andrew Clyde
House CD 14
Democratic - Kevin Van Ausdal
Republican - Marjorie Taylor Greene
House CD 2
Democratic - state Senator  Kaiali'i "Kai" Kahele
Republican - Joseph S. "Joe" Akana
Libertarian - Michelle Rose Tippens
Aloha 'Āina - Jonathan Ho'omanawanui
American Shopping - John "Raghu" Giuffre
Nonpartisan - Ron Burrus
House CD 3
Democratic - Marie Newman
Republican - Will County Board Member  Mike Fricilone
House CD 15
Democratic - Erika C. Weaver
Republican - Mary Miller
House CD 1
Democratic - North Township Trustee  Frank J. Mrvan
Republican - Mark J. Leyva
Libertarian - Michael Strauss
House CD 5
Democratic - former state Representative Christina Hale
Republican - state Senator  Victoria Spartz
Libertarian - Kenneth "Ken" Tucker
House CD 2
Democratic - former state Senator Rita R. Hart
Republican - state Senator  Mariannette Jane Miller-Meeks
House CD 4
Democratic - James D. "JD" Scholten
Republican - state Senator  Randall "Randy" Feenstra
Senate Class 2
Democratic - state Senator  Barbara Bollier
Republican - Member of Congress  Roger W. "Doc" Marshall
Libertarian - Jason Buckley
House CD 1
Democratic - Kali Barnett
Republican - former Liuetenant Governor  Tracey Robert Mann
House CD 2
Democratic - Topeka Mayor  Michelle De La Isla
Republican - Treasurer  Jacob "Jake" LaTurner
Libertarian - Robert D. Garrard
House CD 5
Democratic - Sandra "Candy" Christophe
Republican - Allen Guillory, Sr.
Republican - state Representative  John Lance "Lance" Harris
Republican - Matthew "Matt" Hasty
Democratic - Jesse P. Lagarde
Democratic - Martin Lemelle, Jr.
Republican - Luke Joshua Letlow
Republican - Ouachita Parish Police Juror  Randall Scott "Scotty" Robinson
Democratic - Phillip Snowden
House CD 4
Democratic - Newton City Councilor  Jacob D. "Jake" Auchincloss
Republican - Julie A. Hall
House CD 3
Democratic - Hillary Scholten
Republican - Peter Meijer
House CD 10
Democratic - Kimberly Ann Bizon
Republican - Lisa McClain
House CD 1
Democratic - Cori Bush
Republican - Anthony Rogers
Libertarian - Alex Furman
Democratic - Lieutenant Governor  Mike Cooney
Republican - Member of Congress  Greg Gianforte
Libertarian - Lyman Bishop
House At-Large
Democratic - former state Representative Kathleen Williams
Republican - Auditor  Matt Rosendale
New Mexico
Senate Class 2
Democratic - Member of Congress  Ben Ray Luján
Republican - Mark V. Ronchetti
Libertarian - Bob Walsh
House CD 3
Democratic - Teresa Leger Fernandez
Republican - Alexis M. Johnson
Write-in; (Republican) - Angela Gale Morales
New York
House CD 2
Working Families; Democratic; Independence - Babylon Town Councilmember  Jacqueline A. "Jackie" Gordon
Republican; Serve America Movement; Conservative; Libertarian - Assemblymember  Andrew R. Garbarino
Green - Harry R. Burger
House CD 15
Democratic - New York City Councilman  Ritchie John Torres
Conservative; Republican - Patrick Delices
House CD 16
Democratic - Jamaal A. Bowman
Conservative - Patrick McManus
Working Families - Kenneth Schaeffer
House CD 17
Democratic; Working Families - Mondaire Jones
Republican - Maureen B. McArdle Schulman
Conservative - Yehudis Gottesfeld
Education, Community, Law - Joshua "Josh" Eisen
Serve America Movement - Michael I. "Mike" Parietti
House CD 27
Democratic; Working Families - former Grand Island Town Supervisor Nathan "Nate" McMurray
Republican; Independence; Conservative - Member of Congress  Christopher L. "Chris" Jacobs
Libertarian - Duane James Whitmer
North Carolina
House CD 2
Democratic - former state Assembly Memeber Deborah Koff Ross
Republican - Alan David Swain
Libertarian - Japheth Nthautha "Jeff" Matemu
House CD 6
Democratic - Kathy Ellen Manning
Republican - Joseph Lee "Lee" Haywood
House CD 11
Democratic - Morris Durham "Moe" Davis
Republican - David Madison "Madison" Cawthorn
Green - Tamara Lynn Zwinak
Libertarian - Tracey Nathaniel DeBruhl
House CD 16
Democratic - Aaron Paul Godfrey
Republican - Member of Congress  Anthony E. Gonzalez
House CD 2
Democratic - Alex Spenser
Republican - former state Senator  Cliff Bentz
Libertarian - Robert Werch
Senate Class 2
Democratic - Marquita Bradshaw
Republican - former Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty
Independent - Yomi "Fapas" Faparusi, Sr.
(Your Voice Hard); Independent - Jeffrey Alan Grünau
Independent - Ronnie Henley
Independent - Garland Dean "Dean" Hill, II
Independent - Steven J. Hooper
Independent - Aaron James
Independent - Elizabeth D. McLeod
Independent - Kacey Morgan
Independent - Eric William Stansberry
House CD 1
Democratic - Blair Nicole Walsingham
Republican - Diana Harshbarger
Independent - Steve Holder
(Green); Write-in - Josh Berger
House CD 4
Democratic - Russell Foster
Republican - state Senator  Patrick "Pat" Fallon
Libertarian - Lou Antonelli
House CD 11
Democratic - former San Angelo City Councilmember Jon Mark Hogg
Republican - August Lee Pfluger, II
Libertarian - Wacey Alpha Cody
House CD 13
Democratic - Gus Luis Trujillo
Republican - Ronny Lynn Jackson
Libertarian - Jack B. Westbrook
House CD 17
Democratic - Richard "Rick" Kennedy
Republican - former Member of Congress  Peter Andrew "Pete" Sessions
Libertarian - Ted Brown
House CD 22
Democratic - Sri Preston Kulkarni
Republican - Fort Bend County Sheriff  Troy E. Nehls
Libertarian - Joseph LeBlanc
House CD 23
Democratic - Gina Ortiz Jones
Republican - Ernest Anthony "Tony" Gonzales, II
Libertarian - Beto Villela
House CD 24
Democratic - Carrollton-Farmers Branch School Board Trustee  Candace Valenzuela
Republican - former Irving Mayor Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Van Duyne
Libertarian - Darren J. Hamilton
Independent - Mark Andrew Bauer
Independent - Stephen "Steve" Kuzmich
Democratic - Chris Peterson
Republican - Lieutenant Governor  Spencer J. Cox
Libertarian - Daniel Rhead Cottam
Independent American - Greg Duerden
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Madeline Kazantzis
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Richard T. Whitney
House CD 1
Democratic - Darren Bruce Parry
Republican - Blake David Moore
Write-in; (Unaffiliated) - Taylor Lee
House CD 5
Democratic - Bryant Cameron "Cameron" Webb
Republican - Campbell County Supervisor  Robert G. "Bob" Good
House CD 10
Democratic - state Representative  Beth Doglio
(Republican); Write-in - Martin V. "Marty" McClendon
Democratic - former Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland
House CD 5
Democratic - Tom Palzewicz
Republican - state Senator  Scott L. Fitzgerald
Senate Class 2
Democratic - Merav Ben-David
Republican - former Member of Congress  Cynthia Marie Lummis
Congressman 51
Senator 4
Governor 2

Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.


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