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The Green Papers: 2020 General Election
Copyright Duly Appointed Presidential Electors
Vote: Monday 14 December 2020
During the Year 2020
'Each political Party or Independent presidential candidate nominates Electors in each State or equivalent'
Appointment of Electors: Well before the General Election in Presidential Election years, Elector-candidates are nominated (for these do not become actual "Electors" unless and until the presidential/vice-presidential ticket to whom they are "pledged" actually wins the Popular Vote in their jurisdiction through the results of voting in that General Election) by either Political Parties or by the listing of slates of such potential Electors for an Independent (or "Third Party") candidate on a petition for ballot access in a State (or the District of Columbia). It is commonest practice for such Elector-candidates (who, at least in the case of the Major Parties, almost always are Party insiders for whom being so nominated is an honor bestowed because of their loyal service to the Party) to be nominated for the position of Presidential Elector at the same time as, or at least in coordination with, the State (or D.C.)'s final determination of those who are to be at-large delegates to the Party's National Convention being held in the Summer of the Presidential Election year (though this is not always the case): thus, most such Elector-candidates are actually chosen even before the Parties have formally nominated their presidential/vice-presidential ticket contesting the General Election at said National Convention. Elector-candidates, however, can only be constitutionally "appointed" (that is, actually become) Electors as a result of the voting in that General Election.

Tuesday 3 November 2020
''The voters go to the polls and Electors are "appointed" as a result of the Popular Vote for President in each State or equivalent'
General Election: The voters in each State (& D.C.) "appoint" (based on their respective choices from among the presidential/vice-presidential tickets on the ballot in their State) slates of Electors to serve in the so-called "Electoral College" ('so-called' because the 538 Electors never ever meet all together in one place as the term "Electoral College" might imply) based on the law in each State (& D.C.). 48 States and the District of Columbia "appoint" their Electors on a winner-take-all basis (that is, the presidential/vice-presidential ticket with the plurality of the Statewide vote [= most votes from the State] is intended to get all that jurisdiction's Electors). In each of the two remaining States, Maine and Nebraska, the presidential/vice-presidential ticket that receives the plurality of the vote in each Congressional District is intended to get the vote of the 1 "district" Elector from that CD, while the presidential/vice-presidential ticket receiving the most votes Statewide is intended to get the votes of 2 "at-large" Electors from the State.
(Apparent electoral vote -- 270 needed to be elected.)
Biden (Democratic): 306
Trump (Republican): 232
Other: 0

Monday 14 December 2020
''The Electors meet in each State [and the District of Columbia] and formally cast their Electoral Votes'
Place and Time of Meeting of Electors: The Electors meet within their respective States or D.C. (again, there is no all-up meeting of the entire "Electoral College"-- each such Elector meeting is, in effect, one of 51 separate meetings of 51 different "Electoral College"s [one for each of the 50 States plus D.C.]), with each Elector in attendance casting 1 "Electoral Vote" for, separately, President and Vice President of the United States. No provision of the U.S. Constitution or Federal law requires Electors to vote in accordance with the Popular Vote in their respective jurisdictions from which they have been "appointed" in the General Election; however, State law or State Party rules (where these are authorized by State law to do so) might (or, for that matter, might not!) require that State's Electors to cast their Electoral Votes for the presidential/vice-presidential candidate to which they have been "pledged" via the results of the Popular Vote in that State cast during the General Election. The Electors record their votes on six Certificates of Vote and six Certificates of Ascertainment (three Certificates of each type for each of the two high Offices for whom the Electors are voting) and then sign, seal, and certify each set. One set for each high Office is sent to the President of the Senate (currently Vice President Michael R. Pence), while two sets for each high Office are sent to the Archivist. The Federal Register preserves one archival set for each high Office and holds the other set aside, subject to the possible call of the President of the Senate (again, in the case of the 2020 Election, Vice President Pence) to replace potentially missing or incomplete Electoral Vote certifications among other sets of Certificates.
Tally of electors from Certificates of Ascertainment
Biden (Democratic): 306
Trump (Republican): 232
Other: 0
51 of 51 Jurisdictions reporting
Tally of electors from Certificates of Vote
Biden (Democratic): 306
Trump (Republican): 232
Other: 0
51 of 51 Jurisdictions reporting
THE "FAITHLESS ELECTORS" - Presidential Electors who have defected in the past

Wednesday 6 to Thursday 7 January 2021
'The Electoral Votes are counted and tabulated before a Joint Session of Congress, after which it is officially declared who has been elected President and Vice President'
The so-called "Tabulation Joint Session of Congress": Congress meets in Joint Session (that is, Senate and House meeting together as a single body in the House of Representatives chamber in the U.S. Capitol) to formally count and tabulate the Electoral Votes with the President of the Senate (once more, re: the 2020 Election, Vice President Michael R. Pence) as the presiding officer of this so-called "Tabulation Joint Session". If at least one Senator and at least one House member jointly submit an objection to the counting of the Electoral Vote of any State (or D.C.), each House is required to immediately retire to its respective chamber to consider such an objection separately. If a State submits conflicting sets of Electoral Votes to Congress, the same procedure is utilized (the two houses immediately adjourn to their respective chambers to deal with the issue). If both houses, considering such an issue separately, happen to concur in the result (that is, they both agree as to whether or not a State's Electoral Vote should be counted and tabulated or they agree as to which set of conflicting Electoral Votes to count and tabulate), they return to Joint Session, count and tabulate the Electoral Votes they have thereby accepted and then continue with and complete the counting and tabulation of any remaining Electoral Votes (unless, of course, there should be another such objection raised re: another State); if, on the other hand, the two houses do not concur in the result, the votes of those Electors certified by the Governor of the State (or Mayor of Washington, D.C.) in question must be counted and tabulated as the Electoral Vote from that State (or D.C.), without exception, once the Joint Session is resumed. A candidate for President or Vice President must achieve a majority of the Electoral Vote (270 out of the total 538) in order to be declared elected by the President of the Senate (Vice-President Michael R. Pence in this case) at the conclusion of the Tabulation Joint Session. In the absence of such a majority, the House (voting by State and not as individuals [a majority of States (26 of 51) being required]) selects the President, while the Senate (voting as individuals and not by State [a majority of Senators (51 of 100) being required]) selects the Vice President.
Final Electoral Vote for President (270 needed to be elected)
Biden (Democratic): 306
Trump (Republican): 232
Other: 0
Final Electoral Vote for Vice President (270 needed to be elected)
Biden (Democratic): 306
Trump (Republican): 232
Other: 0

Tabulation Joint Session of Congress
Reference: NARA | Federal Register | U.S. Electoral College

  Alabama    Alaska    Arizona    Arkansas    California    Colorado    Connecticut    Delaware    District of Columbia    Florida    Georgia    Hawaii    Idaho    Illinois    Indiana    Iowa    Kansas    Kentucky    Louisiana    Maine    Maryland    Massachusetts    Michigan    Minnesota    Mississippi    Missouri    Montana    Nebraska    Nevada    New Hampshire    New Jersey    New Mexico    New York    North Carolina    North Dakota    Ohio    Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania    Rhode Island    South Carolina    South Dakota    Tennessee    Texas    Utah    Vermont    Virginia    Washington    West Virginia    Wisconsin    Wyoming 


Electoral College Certificates and Votes by State from The Office of the Federal Register.


Alabama   9 Electors.
1TrumpDennis H. Beavers
2TrumpJeana S. Boggs
3TrumpJoseph R. Fuller
4TrumpJacquelyn Gay
5TrumpJohn H. Killian
6TrumpRick Pate
7TrumpJ. Elbert Peters
8TrumpJoan Reynolds
9TrumpJohn Wahl

Alaska   3 Electors.
1TrumpJohn Binkley
2TrumpJudy Eledge
3TrumpRandy Ruedrich

Arizona   11 Electors.
1BidenSteve Gallardo
2BidenLuis Alberto Heredia
3BidenConstance Jackson
4BidenSandra D. Kennedy
5BidenStephen Roe Lewis
6BidenJames McLaughlin
7BidenJonathan Nez
8BidenNed Norris
9BidenRegina Romero
10BidenFelecia Rotellini
11BidenFred Yamashita

Arkansas   6 Electors.
1TrumpSharon Brooks
2TrumpIverson Jackson
3TrumpGeorge Ritter
4TrumpRod Soubers
5TrumpDoyle Webb
6TrumpJoseph Wood

California   55 Electors.
1BidenAgustin Arreola
2BidenJoy Atkinson
3BidenKatherine Bancroft
4BidenKara Bechtle
5BidenBrandon Benjamin
6BidenJanine Bera
7BidenPeter Bolland
8BidenMary Bowker
9BidenJanice Brown
10BidenPatty Cappelluti
11BidenJohn Casey
12BidenJacki Cisneros
13BidenMarsha Conant
14BidenJoseph Patrick Cox
15BidenFreddye Davis
16BidenEmily Dredd
17BidenLee Fink
18BidenBryan Fletcher
19BidenMark Gonzalez
20BidenMadeline Handy
21BidenRonald Herrera
22BidenRusty Hicks
23BidenJihee Huh
24BidenLaNiece Jones
25BidenElizabeth Kann
26BidenDavid M. Kennedy
27BidenDona Kerkvliet-Varin
28BidenVinzenz Koller
29BidenFranklin Lima
30BidenChristina Marquez
31BidenYvette Martinez
32BidenPaul "Pete" McCloskey
33BidenThomas McInerney
34BidenJillian McNerney
35BidenNelida Mendoza
36BidenBettey Monroy
37BidenBrock Neeley
38BidenJane Pandell
39BidenWilliam "Bill" Prady
40BidenAndre Quintero
41BidenAmy Rao
42BidenKevin Sabellico
43BidenAnne Sanger
44BidenMattie Scott
45BidenSuzanne Singer
46BidenBrian Solecki
47BidenDarrell Steinberg
48BidenErin Sturdivant
49BidenNaomi Tomita
50BidenRobert Torres
51BidenKaren Waters
52BidenShirley Weber
53BidenKatherine Wilkinson
54BidenTayte Williams
55BidenBrandon Zavala

Colorado   9 Electors.
1BidenPolly B. Baca
2BidenRoger Fang
3BidenBryan Hartmann
4BidenJudith (Karabinos) Ingelido
5BidenAlan Hamilton Kennedy
6BidenAnita Lynch
7BidenVictoria E. Marquesen
8BidenSusan McFaddin
9BidenJerad V. Sutton

Connecticut   7 Electors.
1BidenAnthony Attanasio
2BidenDana Barcellos-Allen
3BidenSusan Barrett
4BidenDominic F. Balletto, Jr.
5BidenJohn Kalamarides
6BidenWilliam Smith
7BidenMyrna Watanabe

Delaware   3 Electors.
1BidenMarla Blunt-Carter
2BidenJohn Daniello
3BidenMarie Mayor

District of Columbia   3 Electors.
1BidenMeedie L. Bardonille
2BidenBarbara A. Helmick
3BidenJacqueline Thomas-Echavarria

Florida   29 Electors.
1TrumpMaximo Alvarez
2TrumpJeff Brandes
3TrumpJohn Browning
4TrumpMarili Cancio
5TrumpNelson Diaz
6TrumpPeter Feaman
7TrumpRandy Fine
8TrumpJason Fischer
9TrumpCharlotte Flynt
10TrumpJoe Gruters
11TrumpRoy Hinman
12TrumpJames Holton
13TrumpMarva Johnson
14TrumpBelinda Keiser
15TrumpKathleen King
16TrumpJ.C. Martin
17TrumpPatrick Neal
18TrumpJeanette Nuñez
19TrumpKathleen Passidomo
20TrumpDaniel Perez
21TrumpKeith Perry
22TrumpMoshe Popack
23TrumpRay Wesley Rodrigues
24TrumpDiane Scherff
25TrumpFrank Schwerin
26TrumpChris Sprowls
27TrumpLinda Stoch
28TrumpTim Weisheyer
29TrumpChristian Ziegler

Georgia   16 Electors.
1BidenStacey Yvonne Abrams
2BidenGloria S. Butler
3BidenWendy Davis
4BidenBobby L. Fuse, Jr.
5BidenDeborah Gonzalez
6BidenSteve Henson
7BidenVan R. Johnson
8BidenPedro "Pete" Marin
9BidenFenika Thomas Miller
10BidenBen E. Myers, Jr.
11BidenRachel Paule
12BidenCalvin Smyre
13BidenBob Trammell, Jr.
14BidenSachin Varghese
15BidenNikema Williams
16BidenCathy Woolard

Hawaii   4 Electors.
1BidenJohn William Bickel
2BidenMichael Golojuch, Sr.
3BidenKainoa Kaumeheiwa-Rego
4BidenHermina "Mina" Morita

Idaho   4 Electors.
1TrumpRod Beck
2TrumpRaul Labrador
3TrumpJanice McGeachin
4TrumpMelinda Smyser

Illinois   20 Electors.
1BidenOmar Aquino
2BidenJulia Kennedy Beckman
3BidenChristine Benson
4BidenMichael Cabonargi
5BidenMichael Cudzik
6BidenVera Davis
7BidenLauren Beth Gash
8BidenDon Harmon
9BidenMichelle A. Harris
10BidenDon Johnston
11BidenLori Lightfoot
12BidenJayne Mazzotti
13BidenBrandon Phelps
14BidenAl Riley
15BidenCynthia Santos
16BidenNancy Shepardson
17BidenSheila Stocks-Smith
18BidenSilvana Tabares
19BidenEmanuel Welch
20BidenKristina Zahorik

Indiana   11 Electors.
1TrumpBeth Boyce
2TrumpGeorge E. Brown
3TrumpJames R. Buck
4TrumpDana Dumezich
5TrumpJeffery M. Heinzmann
6TrumpKyle Hupfer
7TrumpDebra K. Johnson
8TrumpBrian L. Mowery
9TrumpDouglas B. Oler
10TrumpWilliam Springer
11TrumpMatthew D. Whetstone

Iowa   6 Electors.
1TrumpKurt Brown
2TrumpDavid Chung
3TrumpRonald Forsell
4TrumpPolly Granzow
5TrumpCharlie Johnson
6TrumpThad Nearmyer

Kansas   6 Electors.
1TrumpTreatha Brown-Foster
2TrumpShannon Golden
3TrumpMark Kahrs
4TrumpMike Kuckelman
5TrumpHelen Van Etten
6TrumpEmily Wellman

Kentucky   8 Electors.
1TrumpEarl Bush
2TrumpRichard J. Grana
3TrumpBob M. Hutchison
4TrumpJack L. Richardson IV
5TrumpKen Kearns, II
6TrumpLaura LaRue
7TrumpCarol Rogers
8TrumpEllen C. Williams

Louisiana   8 Electors.
1TrumpBeth A. Billings
2TrumpRodney Michael Collier
3TrumpLouis "Woody" Jenkins
4TrumpKay Kellogg Katz
5TrumpRoss Little, Jr.
6TrumpRobert C. Monti
7TrumpVinson J. Serio
8TrumpEric F. Skrmetta

Maine   4 Electors.
1BidenShenna Bellows
2BidenDavid Bright
3TrumpPeter LaVerdiere
4BidenJay Philbrick

Maryland   10 Electors.
1BidenCorynne B. Courpas
2BidenThelma T. Daley
3BidenSachidanand Hebbar
4BidenPatrick J. Hunt
5BidenGloria Lawlah
6BidenKathleen Matthews
7BidenPeter E. Perini
8BidenKent Robertson
9BidenCatalina Rodriguez-Lima
10BidenSheree Sample-Hughes

Massachusetts   11 Electors.
1BidenKate Donaghue
2BidenJoseph F. Kelly
3BidenNicolle M. LaChapelle
4BidenThomas J. "Tom" Larkin
5BidenRobert T. Markell
6BidenLinda Monteiro
7BidenLesley Phillips
8BidenJay Manuel Rivera
9BidenNorma Shulman
10BidenTeresa Walsh
11BidenWayne D. Yeh

Michigan   16 Electors.
1BidenMarseille Allen
2BidenSharon Baseman
3BidenChuck Browning
4BidenChris Cracchiolo
5BidenCarolyn Holley
6BidenMichael Kerwin
7BidenBonnie J. Lauria
8BidenBlake Mazurek
9BidenMark Edward Miller
10BidenHelen Moore
11BidenSusan Nichols
12BidenSteven Rzeppa
13BidenRobin Smith
14BidenTimothy E. Smith
15BidenBobbie Walton
16BidenConnor Wood

Minnesota   10 Electors.
1BidenMelvin Aanerud
2BidenMuhammad Abdurrahman
3BidenJoel Heller
4BidenNausheena Hussain
5BidenNancy Larson
6BidenMark Liebow
7BidenRoxanne Mindeman
8BidenCheryl Poling
9BidenDiana Tastad-Damer
10BidenTravis Thompson

Mississippi   6 Electors.
1TrumpFrank W. Bordeaux
2TrumpJohn Dane, III
3TrumpFrancis C. "Franc" Lee
4TrumpE. Bruce Martin
5TrumpJohnny McRight
6TrumpTerry Reeves

Missouri   10 Electors.
1TrumpSusan E. "Susie" Eckelkamp
2TrumpDaniel Wesley "Dan" Hall
3TrumpDaniel Jay "Dan" Hegeman
4TrumpPenny L. Henke
5TrumpMichael W. "Mike" Homeyer
6TrumpWilliam G. "Bill" Kartsonis
7TrumpGlen Robert Kolkmeyer
8TrumpSherry Kuttenkuler
9TrumpMaureen O'Gorman
10TrumpRonald F. "Ron" Richard

Montana   3 Electors.
1TrumpThelma Baker
2TrumpBecky Stockton
3TrumpBrad Tschida

Nebraska   5 Electors.
1TrumpTeresa Ibach
2BidenPrecious McKesson
3TrumpSteve Nelson
4TrumpGeorge Olmer
5TrumpDarlene Starman

Nevada   6 Electors.
1BidenArtemesia Blanco
2BidenYvanna Cancela
3BidenGabrielle D'Ayr
4BidenSarah Mahler
5BidenJoseph Throneberry
6BidenJudith Whitmer

New Hampshire   4 Electors.
1BidenMary Carey Foley
2BidenDana S. Hilliard
3BidenSteve Shurtleff
4BidenDonna M. Soucy

New Jersey   14 Electors.
1BidenSaily Avelenda
2BidenRichard Berdnik
3BidenMike Beson
4BidenMichele DiIorgi
5BidenKelvin Ganges
6BidenFrancesca Giarratana
7BidenBrendan Gill
8BidenLeRoy Jones
9BidenRoberta Karpinecz
10BidenEdward Kologi
11BidenJill Kotner
12BidenTammy S. Murphy
13BidenMatthew "Matt" Platkin
14BidenDerya Taskin

New Mexico   5 Electors.
1BidenVince Alvarado
2BidenBrianna Gallegos
3BidenBen Salazar
4BidenAleta Suazo
5BidenStephanie Thomas

New York   29 Electors.
1BidenStuart H. Applebaum
2BidenGale Brewer
3BidenByron W. Brown
4BidenMario F. Cilento
5BidenHillary Rodham Clinton
6BidenWilliam J. "Bill" Clinton
7BidenAndrew M. Cuomo
8BidenAlphonso David
9BidenRubén Díaz, Jr.
10BidenThomas F. DiNapoli
11BidenHazel Dukes
12BidenThomas J. Garry
13BidenGeorge K. Gresham
14BidenCarl Heastie
15BidenKathy C. Hochul
16BidenJudith Hunter
17BidenJay S. Jacobs
18BidenLetitia A. James
19BidenCorey Johnson
20BidenGary S. LaBarbera
21BidenJune O'Neill
22BidenCrystal Peoples-Stokes
23BidenKatherine M. Sheehan
24BidenAnastasia M. Somoza
25BidenAndrea Stewart-Cousins
26BidenScott Stringer
27BidenMary Sullivan
28BidenXiao Wang
29BidenRhonda "Randi" Weingarten

North Carolina   15 Electors.
1TrumpDaniel Bradford Barry
2TrumpAngie Cutlip
3TrumpMark Delk
4TrumpJonathan L. Fletcher
5TrumpTina Forsberg
6TrumpEdwin L. Gavin, II
7TrumpThomas William Hill
8TrumpChauncey Lambeth
9TrumpSusan Mills
10TrumpMichelle A. Nix
11TrumpDanny W. Overcash
12TrumpMelissa Bell Taylor
13TrumpMichael D. Whatley
14TrumpDavid "Dave" Wickersham
15TrumpBlake E. Williams

North Dakota   3 Electors.
1TrumpSandy J. Boehler
2TrumpJohn Trandem
3TrumpRobert Wefald

Ohio   18 Electors.
1TrumpPatti Alderson
2TrumpKaren Arshinkoff
3TrumpKen Blackwell
4TrumpJim Canepa
5TrumpKeith Cheney
6TrumpBarbara Clark
7TrumpMadison Gesiotto
8TrumpDave Johnson
9TrumpLeeAnn Johnson
10TrumpSteve Loomis
11TrumpJoy Padgett
12TrumpBob Paduchik
13TrumpDarrell Scott
14TrumpRob Scott
15TrumpJane Timken
16TrumpMark Wagoner
17TrumpBonnie Ward
18TrumpJames "Jim" Wert

Oklahoma   7 Electors.
1TrumpLonnie Lu Anderson
2TrumpSteve Fair
3TrumpA.J. Ferate
4TrumpLinda Huggard
5TrumpChris Martin
6TrumpCarolyn McLarty
7TrumpRonda Vuillemont-Smith

Oregon   7 Electors.
1BidenLaura Gillpatrick
2BidenCarla Lynn Hanson
3BidenLeigha LaFleur
4BidenPete Lee
5BidenSean Nikas
6BidenNathan Joseph Soltz
7BidenLawrence D. Tayor

Pennsylvania   20 Electors.
1BidenNina Ahmad
2BidenVal Arkoosh
3BidenCindy Bass
4BidenRichard "Rick" Bloomingdale
5BidenRyan Boyer
6BidenPaige Gebhardt Cognetti
7BidenDaisy Cruz
8BidenKathy Dahlkemper
9BidenJanet Diaz
10BidenCharles Hadley
11BidenJordan A. Harris
12BidenMalcolm Kenyatta
13BidenGerald Lawrence
14BidenClifford Levine
15BidenVirginia McGregor
16BidenNancy Mills
17BidenMarian Moskowitz
18BidenJosh Shapiro
19BidenSharif Street
20BidenConstance H. "Connie" Williams

Rhode Island   4 Electors.
1BidenElizabeth Jane Beretta-Perik
2BidenJames A. Diossa
3BidenSabina Matos
4BidenJoseph Robert Paolino, Jr.

South Carolina   9 Electors.
1TrumpTeresa Altman
2TrumpSandra H. Bryan
3TrumpCindy Costa
4TrumpCheryl Cuthrell
5TrumpTerry Hardesty
6TrumpSuzette Jordan
7TrumpGerri McDaniel
8TrumpDrew McKissick
9TrumpJames S. "Jim" Ulmer, Jr.

South Dakota   3 Electors.
1TrumpDan Lederman
2TrumpJason Ravnsborg
3TrumpLarry Rhoden

Tennessee   11 Electors.
1TrumpJulia Atchley-Pace
2TrumpTina Benkiser
3TrumpKathy Bryson
4TrumpPaul Chapman
5TrumpCindy Hatcher
6TrumpBeverly Knight-Hurley
7TrumpJim Looney
8TrumpMary Ann Parks
9TrumpTerry Roland
10TrumpScott Smith
11TrumpJohn Stanbery

Texas   38 Electors.
1TrumpMary Jane Avery
2TrumpDavid Bruegel
3TrumpBriscoe Cain
4TrumpCarol Daley
5TrumpMarcia Daughtrey
6TrumpDawn Elliott
7TrumpJames Gaines
8TrumpDave Gebhart
9TrumpMike Gibson
10TrumpRichard "Tex" Hall
11TrumpTamon Hamlett
12TrumpCharles Hasse
13TrumpSteven Howell
14TrumpPeyton Inge
15TrumpRuby Manen
16TrumpPaul Matthews
17TrumpKen Mercer
18TrumpNaomi Narvaiz
19TrumpKathleen Nenninger
20TrumpKaren Newton
21TrumpSean O'Brien
22TrumpBill O'Sullivan
23TrumpRandy Orr
24TrumpMatt Patrick
25TrumpRena Peden
26TrumpJim Pikl
27TrumpMark Ramsey
28TrumpThomas Edward Reynolds
29TrumpDebra Risinger
30TrumpMaj. Marco A. Rodriguez
31TrumpTom Roller
32TrumpMichael Sabat
33TrumpNancy Scott
34TrumpGene Seaman
35TrumpMatthew Stringer
36TrumpJimmy Weaver
37TrumpDonnie Wisenbaker
38TrumpHarry Zenner

Utah   6 Electors.
1TrumpTrent Christensen
2TrumpChris Herrod
3TrumpGreg Hughes
4TrumpJimi Kestin
5TrumpMia B. Love
6TrumpKris Udy

Vermont   3 Electors.
1BidenTerje Anderson
2BidenLinda V. Gravell
3BidenRam Kesha

Virginia   13 Electors.
1BidenKaren B. Combs
2BidenKimberly M. Dieber
3BidenCharles C. Hines
4BidenMargo E. Horner
5BidenClinton L. Jenkins
6BidenBarbara H. Klear
7BidenSuchada V. Langley
8BidenRobert A. Martin
9BidenCyliene R. Montgomery
10BidenLeah V. Pence
11BidenMatthew D. Rowe
12BidenEllen Scott
13BidenSusan R. Swecker

Washington   12 Electors.
1BidenJack Arends
2BidenJen Carter
3BidenMartin Chaney
4BidenSophia Danenberg
5BidenJulie Johnson
6BidenBryan Kesterson
7BidenJackie Lane
8BidenNancy Monacelli
9BidenSantiago Ramos
10BidenPayton Swinford
11BidenJulian Wheeler
12BidenPatsy Whitefoot

West Virginia   5 Electors.
1TrumpElizabeth "Beth" Bloch
2TrumpGary Duncan
3TrumpPaul Hartling
4TrumpJames C. "Jim" Justice
5TrumpLewis Rexroad

Wisconsin   10 Electors.
1BidenMag Andrietsch
2BidenMary Arnold
3BidenMandela Barnes
4BidenTony Evers
5BidenShannon Holsey
6BidenRon Martin
7BidenKhary Penebaker
8BidenPatty Schachtner
9BidenShelia Stubbs
10BidenBenjamin "Ben" Wikler

Wyoming   3 Electors.
1TrumpKarl T. Allred
2TrumpDouglas W. "Doug" Chamberlain

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  Dates of DIRECT PRIMARY Elections re: Major Party Nominations for Statewide and/or Federal Office  
  Length of Terms of Office of STATE Governors throughout American History  
  Dates of U.S. Presidential Election "Events": 1789 to present  
  Complete Constitutional provisions for the election of the President and Vice-President  
  Complete Federal Law governing the election of a President and Vice-President and filling of vacancies of the same