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Mr. Berg-Andersson's comments ...
cause me to examine my own opinions

Sunday, March 9, 2003

by Lee Greenawalt

I find Mr. Berg-Andersson's comments as devil's advocate entertaining, enlightening and inspirational. I don't care if he chooses not to express a personal opinion, for he causes me to examine my own opinions. Several times I have experienced that "A- ha!" inspiration; sometimes in agreement, and sometimes in disagreement with his opinion.

It seems to me that we are in a military overkill situation in the Persian Gulf, while we are failing to protect our citizens where they live. My observation is that many people employed in what is termed "Homeland Security" are under-trained and ill-equipped. I agree with the concept that Al-Qaeda and similar groups are not nation-states that can be effectively combatted with carriers and missiles.

I just returned from a trip to Southern Arizona. We need more trained inspectors, both in Iraq and in the U.S.A.

Lee Greenawalt


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