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Party Qualified Candidates
Thursday, February 10, 2000

Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 20:23:30 -0500
From: CHRISTOPHER G MOHEN chris_mohen@email.msn.com

Thank you for the information. Your work has taught me a great deal. It has also improved my outlook on my country.

I wonder why we still limit ourselves by having party-"qualified" candidates. This seemingly naive notion presupposes that all people see largely eye to eye with either (or any one) party. I find myself generally a moderate who supports half of one major party's agenda and half of the other's. It seems that a mix of ideas and beliefs would be found in all but the most extreme people. It also seems that we either need more parties that can de facto share power (e.g., social liberals with economic conservatives, or social conservatives with economic liberals, etc.) or that we need no parties limiting candidates' qualifications so that leaders can address the issues that present themselves to their constituents at a specific time.

Thank you again.


Chris Mohen
New Jersey

The Green Papers Respond:

Mr. Mohen raises some very good points about our political process which dovetail quite nicely with former Congressman and 1980 Independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson's comments in his "A Time for Principle" piece as sent to us and posted as part of the 8 February "Vox Populi" DRAFT JOHN B. ANDERSON.

The Green Papers stands by its response to that earlier "Vox Populi" in which we have outlined the many problems which any effort to have more than two major parties in the United States will almost certainly encounter- at least in the foreseeable future.

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