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"Missing the Twin Towers"
Thursday, September 20, 2001

I have never lived in New York City, yet my first response was to 'create' something that recalled the buildings that were lost (I made a poster, but there was no place where it could be placed in DC on Wednesday evening).

For what it is worth, my first thought upon seeing the plume of smoke from the Pentagon (I worked down river from it) was to wonder how the biological/chemical attack would manifest itself. I am profoundly grateful that there appears to have been no such attack.

While I was drawing up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, my daughter (13) wrote a poem. As a bit of Americana, I will share it with you:

God gave us heart
God gave us freedom
When it is threatened
Is it not our right
to fight back
But do we have the strength
to defend as well.

We are now threatened
with our own tools
Hundreds are dead
Thousands in grief
Millions in shock
All in madness seek the cause
reality is harsh.

President Bush
assure us
Comfort and secure our hope
that you can lead us
to fight against this threat.

Republicans please drop prejudices
and fight along with Democrats.

please do the same.

For however long this
war may last
Let the people join together
And count on a strong government
And a strong president.

May God grant mercy on us
and on the dead.

God Bless America.

Tara Keller, age 13
September 12, 2001
Annandale, VA

Margaret C. Stout, CRBE


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