Vox Populi
A Letter to the Editor

Ten Noticeable Differences
between the two presidential candidates
[in the 30 September Presidential Debate]

Monday, October 4, 2004

by M.Sadegh Tavakolie

Editor's NOTE: The writer of this 'vox Populi' evidently was watching the "Podium Watch" television coverage on C-SPAN in which both candidates were shown constantly throughout the Debate (the "star" in # 7. below refers to a portion of C-SPAN's "2004 Vote" logo)--

Senator Kerry was the speaker on the Left;
President Bush was the speaker on the Right.

1. Different widths of Picture In Picture.
2. Lighting Quality is different: Right is lit much better than Left. A shadow can be seen on the face of the speaker on the Left.
3. Selection of Right in comparison to Left is called "gold" position in composition.
4. Right backlight is much better than Left.
5. Headroom of Right is larger than Left.
6. Speaker on the Left is not directing his remarks to the camera.
7. Star in the subtitle is in the right-hand position and pointing directly to speaker on Right.
8. Color of tie and clothes of speaker on the Left does not match the background.
9. Podium panel of the speaker on the Right is better shown in the frame of the picture.
10. Microphone types and the height of each podium are different.

M.Sadegh Tavakolie

Mr. Berg-Andersson responds:

Interesting perspective!

The vast majority of the lighting and stage placement issues, from what I understand, was thoroughly negotiated between the two Major Party presidential campaigns prior to the Debate.


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