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Mr. Berg-Andersson's response to
Mr. Dunn from the other side of 'the Pond'

Saturday, November 11, 2006

by Steve Perry

I just wanted to say WELL DONE re: Mr. Berg-Andersson's response to Mr. Dunn from the other side of "the Pond" to his "pithy and succinct" comments about his Commentaries. I have enjoyed Mr. Berg-Andersson's style in his writings for many years, and while I have made many a comment on his roundabout way of stating his point, he does get there and even if I don't agree with him, I have always respected his knowledge and opinions [and, in all of my replies to him, I also will go off on tangents and segues; after all, we are HUMAN and not computers ;-) ]

[Reference: 7 November 2006 Vox Populi "Style -- Why can you not come to the point?" by Anthony Dunn - Ed]

Anyway, since I do not go on for pages and pages, and as there is only ONE Richard Berg-Andersson, I also would like to add that I enjoyed his last Commentary prior to the recent Midterm Elections and what turned out to be a Democratic takeover, and do agree that two years of Ms. Pelosi as Speaker could be dangerous for whoever gets that Party's nomination two years hence; with control of both houses now it is "put up, or shut up" for the elder party.

We shall see...........

[Reference: 5 November 2006 Commentary "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT! Notes on a battle no one will really win but which, nevertheless, well sets up the much bigger Battle two years hence" - Ed]

Best regards,
Steve Perry
on Cape Cod, Mass.
sperry607 at yahoo dot com

Mr. Berg-Andersson responds:

I never ever have felt comfortable responding to praise in much the same (yet, obviously, polar opposite) manner with which I defend myself against those amongst my detractors, so I will simply thank Mr. Perry for his kind comments and here merely note that I most appreciate them.


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