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Al Gore Should Avail Himself of All Legal Remedies
Tuesday, December 5, 2000

I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. However, I heartily disagree with your recommendation that Gore step aside. He should, instead, avail himself of all legal remedies available. That he is doing.

This election is complicated by a perception of irregularities that SMELL of partisan vote tampering by Republicans, although masterfully executed. Florida's legislature has provided an example of ineffective government, bordering on Constitutional violations. It wouldn't bother me if Florida's electors were disqualified.

I have voted for Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton in prior elections. I am not so interested in the person that ultimately WINS the election as I am in the integrity of our democratic process; the right of the individual voter to vote and have that vote count is paramount.

I have enjoyed perusing TheGreenPapers.com. Keep up the good work.

Tom Taylor
Wednesday, 29 November 2000

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