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Immigration and the Presidential Election
Thursday, February 10, 2000

Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 11:04:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Infosurf infosurf@yahoo.com

In this year of Presidential elections I wish to bring up an issue of vital importance to the future of this country, and it is an issue that must be addressed now. The mass legal immigration of the last few years is unsustainable.

My brother and I both married legal immigrants. This is not immigrant-bashing, but an appeal to save the quality of life of everyone in the U.S., including the immigrants who are already here. The U. S. Census Bureau projects that immigration will double the U. S. population this century to 571 million. And this is a conservative estimate. Looking at fertility and immigration conditions of today, the Census Bureau now projects that the U. S. population will be 404 million by 2050! The Bureau states: If Congress continues immigration at the current level, our present number of around 274 million Americans will be joined by nearly 300 million (!) additional inhabitants at the end of the century. Nearly all of those 300 million would be the result of immigration. U.S. population was 203 million in 1970. The majority of the growth since then has been due to immigration. But immigration will cause virtually all the growth in the future.

We are in the middle of massive climate changes. Extensive agricultural areas in California and Texas are turning into deserts. This affects our country's ability to feed ourselves and to provide humanitarian relief to the rest of the world. Drinkable water levels are drastically low in many parts of the U. S. with just our current population. People living in the U. S. use more resources than people living in any other country in the world. The implications of immigration contributing to U.S. population growth have far more impact on global climate change than growth in any other country. How much more can our environment take?

There is a gigantic difference between what Americans want in terms of less sprawl, less congestion, less overcrowding in their schools and what they allow their politicians to get away with doing to perpetually force those conditions through high immigration. Through legal immigration programs such as the H1B High Tech workers visa, Congress has basically locked-out native-born minorities, such as African-Americans, from high tech jobs. This out of control special interest program was used recently to import underage girls from India as sex-slaves. Statistics indicate that high tech companies make offers to only about 5% of applicants, hardly a "worker shortage" scenario. The H1B Visa program has also encouraged massive age discrimination in the high tech industry and an environment of indentured servitude for the immigrants brought in under this program which exists solely for the benefit of the wealthy and politically-connected high tech industry.

On the other hand, Congress could decide right now that such a nightmarish existence is not what it wants to bequeath to our children. It could return immigration to more traditional numbers that would be about the same number as retirement-age immigrants who go back to their home countries where their Social Security checks will stretch farther. Under that scenario, America in 2100 would have not 571 million people but just above the 274 million of today.

An excellent site that covers issues regarding current immigration is: www.NumbersUSA.com. This site contains an excellent grid on where each candidate stands on immigration.

Ask your candidate where he stands on this vital issue. If we do not act now on the important issue of legal immigration in this year of Presidential elections our children and grandchildren will have every right to regard us as short-sighted fools for allowing the politicians and special interests to ruin this beautiful country.

Thank you,

K. Nolan
New Jersey

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