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BELIEF or PERCEPTION Ahead of any Logic
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

by David McCreary

Again Mr. Berg-Andersson provides a reasonable and well thought out commentary concerning Iraq [reference: 'REVERSAL OF ROLES... AND FORTUNE-- Still more musings on possible war with Iraq'].

The question of war or no war with any nation or group boils down to BELIEF or PERCEPTION ahead of any logic. If an individual does not perceive a threat to their loved ones or property, then any action is opposed. If an individual perceives a threat to that which they care about, then that person would support action.

The wonderful thing about the USA is that we have allowed people to live out their perceptions as reality often regardless of the consequences. In my foolish youth, I felt indestructible and my parents protected me as best they could thru my time of immaturity. Now, of course, my perceptions lead me to greater caution.

We will continue to keep the foolish, immature people of all ages who do not heed history as members of our society and hope that someday because of our correct call on issues like Iraq, we hope that they too will "get honest" and thank those with more accurate vision.

David McCreary, DMD


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