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Mega-merger fever hits Presidential Campaign (a satire)
Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Today the Democrat and Republican parties decided to follow the lead of their corporate masters by merging. Leaders of both parties feel that what's good for AOL/Time-Warner is good for the country as well. George W. Bush and Al Gore will flip a coin to decide who runs for president. The one who looses the coin-toss will run as vice-president on the ticket. In deference to each other the candidates will legally merge their names to: Gush and Bore. The Gush and Bore ticket will then run under the new party banner whose name is still under negotiation. The name of the new corporation (oops, I mean, political party) will be the "Democans" or the "Republicats".

Information on corporate sponsorship may follow later.

K. Nolan
New Jersey

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