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A Letter to the Editor

I hope many more Teens will get Active in Politics
Wednesday, February 26, 2003

by Kenneth Scot Stremsky

I liked Mr. Berg-Andersson's defense of Ms. Stormont very much.

I hope many more people in their teens will get active in politics and vote. Citizens who are able to vote have the ultimate responsibility. You said this very well when you wrote "In the end, Democracy is only as good as the People who live under it: thus, it is often not the leaders who are the principal threat to the democratic process so much as it is the attitude of the led." [Reference Vox Populi 25 February 2003 -Ed]

I think our country would have fewer problems if more people voted and wrote letters to members of Congress.

Our country would probably not have millions of citizens without affordable health insurance if many millions more people voted and wrote to members of Congress. Citizens only have power if they exercise the power that they have.

Sincerely, Kenneth Scot Stremsky

Republican Presidential candidate in 2004


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