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Our War with Al-Qa'eda may last decades
Sunday, March 9, 2003

by Kenneth Scot Stremsky

I liked Mr. Berg-Andersson's March 7 Commentary very much.

Our War with Al-Qa'eda may last decades.

We should demand that all NATO countries participate in the War against Terrorism because NATO is an entangling military alliance and an attack against one country is supposed to be considered as an attack against all of NATO.

People may view the North Atlantic Treaty at http://www.nato.int/docu/basictxt/treaty.htm.

We need to coordinate our intelligence gathering capabilities with other countries a lot better than we do now.

We need to increase the size of our Special Forces and improve their capabilities.

We need to be a lot better prepared for terrorist attacks than we are now.

I recommend people read what the U.S. Commission on National Security says we should do at http://www.nssg.gov.

Retired Army Colonel David Hackworth discusses many of the things we need to do to improve homeland security on his website located at http://www.hackworth.com.


Kenneth Scot Stremsky
Republican Presidential candidate



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