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The Green Party's Nominee
December 3, 1999

From: Jed Whittaker (jedidej@yahoo.com)
Sent: November 30, 1999 11:45:16 PM GMT

I tried to read letters to the editor on the subject of who the Green Party might nominate and could not access any letters to the editor: what good are letters when they are not read? I noticed, also, that the click Presidential Hopefuls listed all the usual suspects, and omitted any Green Party candidate(s). It is important for the Green Party to run a candidate for President. This letters forum should be discussing who that candidate should be. Ralph Nader was a good candidate, but his self imposed $5,000 spending limit was not realistic. The Green Party in 2000 should try to get enough votes for its Presidential nominee so that it can qualify for federal matching funds in 2004.

Jed Whittaker, jedidej@yahoo.com, Green Party candidate for the United States Senate (Alaska)1996

The Green Papers Respond:
You ask why you can not read other letters ... well, your letter is the first. Congratulations and thanks! You raise some valid issues regarding our site's not covering the third parties- such as the Green Party- effectively. However, it also seems that you are under the mistaken impression that "The Green Papers" has something to do with the Green Party. We do not have anything to do with any organized political party, Green or otherwise. We are a nonpartisan site attempting to provide basic yet detailed information about the Presidential Nominating Process, as well as the Campaign itself, that is difficult to find elsewhere- whether on "official" sources or anywhere else on the Web- and we do it all without forcing people to click on links to get the information they might want (although we do provide such links on our site): we try to provide "one-stop shopping" for political info.- if we can. As a result of your letter, we have added (to our links page) links to the National and State Green Parties. We will soon add links to the Libertarian and Reform Parties.


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