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Dem Convention Day 2 redacted tweets
met in the Wells Fargo Center: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wed 27 Jul 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: All Tweets below have been redacted (where necessary) within their original sequence.

As re: the GOP last week, while the Roll Call on Presidential Nomination at this Convention takes place, I'm going to have to "bail"...

again: getting an accurate count of the Convention Roll Call vote is the very "bread and butter" of The Green Papers

Thus, the only tweets from me during Roll Call on Presidential Nomination today will be re: anything really worth noting

Session of Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Convention is gaveled in from recess at 4:31 PM EDT [2031 GMT] by Permanent Chair Marcia Fudge

Sherman Jackson, Professor of Islamic Thought & Culture at U Southern Cal, delivers the Invocation

The Presentation of Colors before the Convention by members of American Legion Post 682

Mallory Weggemann, Paralympic swimmer, leads the Convention in the Pledge of Allegiance

Timmy Kelly, a music student at nearby Temple University, sings the National Anthem

The Colors are retired

Former US Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa addresses the Convention

Harkin: [re:the Americans With Disabilities Act] "We're better prepared to help... children get quality education... help our wounded warriors"

Harkin: "As President, Hillary Clinton will bring people with disabilities to the table, for a more inclusive America"

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes next speaks to the Convention

Lundergan Grimes: [of Hillary Clinton] "In six months, I hope we will know her by another name, 'Madam President' "

Lundergan Grimes: [on the Election] "For me, this is personal-- and I know it is for you, too"

Lundergan Grimes: [Hillary Clinton] "will not rest until every woman has Equal Pay... this is not a Woman's issue, it is a Family issue"

Lundergan Grimes: [Hillary Clinton] "fights for everything Donald Trump fights against"

As Lundergan Grimes leaves the dais, many within the assembled chant "Hillary! Hillary!"

Convention Chair Fudge announces there will be *two* formal nominations for President: Clinton *and* Sanders

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii delivers the nominating speech for Senator Sanders before the Convention

Gabbard praises Sanders for "his Aloha: his deep love for others and for Mother Earth"

Gabbard: [Senator Sanders] "speaks to our Nation's conscience and to our hearts"

Gabbard: "It is when we truly care for each other... that this great country is truly at its greatest"

Paul Feeney, Legislative Director of IBEW Local 2222 out of Boston, comes before the Convention to second Sanders' nomination

Feeney: "We have shown this country that People-powered Politics can never be defeated!"

Feeney: "Now is the time to stand up and rise, and send a message to America that our Party is united"

Shyla Nelson, a delegate from Vermont, comes before the #DemConvention to also second Sanders' nomination

Nelson: "We set a course for progress that we will make when we win in November: I am so proud of us"

Nelson: "I am so proud of Bernie-- our movement continues, our revolution continues: we will never stop working for a future we believe in"

Senator Sanders, in the Convention Hall gallery, stands up and acknowledges the cheers of the assembled

Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland comes before the Convention to deliver the nominating speech for Hillary Clinton

Mikulski: "It was the Founding Mothers who said 'Don't forget the ladies'... they started the job, but we're going to keep it going"

Mikulski: "Some people want to rant, Hillary will get results"

Mikulski: "The Hillary I've worked with is duty-driven"

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia comes before the Convention to second Hillary Clinton's nomination

Lewis: "There are forces in America that want to take us backward... we have come too far... we are not going back, we are going forward"

Lewis: "We are the Party of Tomorrow and we will build a true Democracy in America"

Lewis: [of Hillary Clinton's career] "She didn't just want to do well-- she wanted to do good"

Na'ilah Amaru, a delegate from New York, comes before the Convention to also second Hillary Clinton's nomination

Amaru: [on her service in the Military] "I gave the best of myself to a country that had given me so much"

Amaru: "What connects us runs far deeper than what divides us"

Convention Chair Fudge returns to the dais to officially begin the Roll Call of the States on Presidential Nomination

The Convention Secretary, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore, steps forward to conduct the Roll Call

Roll Call Vote - 26 July 2016
American Samoa1183 
Democrats Abroad317710 
District of Columbia44395 
New Hampshire321616 
New Jersey414290457
New Mexico432716 
New York42911811082
North Carolina412070482
North Dakota3237142
Mariana Islands1192 
Puerto Rico674423 
Rhode Island43319131
South Carolina594613 
South Dakota251510 
South Dakota puts Hillary Clinton "over the top" with 2,395 votes. 2,382 votes are necessary to nominate.
Vermont26***Sanders' home State PASSES***
Virgin Islands1212  
West Virginia371918 
Totals 4,762 2,842 1,865 55


1. Alabama: 1 vote announced as an abstention from the Chair (not by the delegation).

2. Various: Abstention(s) announced by the delegation.

3. Democrats Abroad: Larry Sanders, brother of Senator Bernie Sanders, announces his own vote for his brother separate from a 7-9 split earlier announced by the spokesman for the delegation.

4. Various: Total vote was short. No abstentions announced by delegation or Chair.

5. Guam's delegation announced 1 vote as "Absent"; the Chair announced it as an "abstention".

The 1 delegate allocated to Unassigned was never announced..

After the Roll Call was completed (with his own VERMONT voting last), Bernie Sanders moved that Hillary Clinton be nominated by acclamation (actual words: "be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party") which was approved viva voce. The total vote was never announced from the Chair.


Hillary Rodham Clinton has been officially nominated for President of the United States by the Democratic Convention

Senator Sanders speaks from the Convention floor and moves that Hillary Clinton be formally recognized as the Democrats' presidential nominee

Convention Chair Fudge comes to the dais-- declares the 'Aye's have it and that Hillary Clinton is nominated by acclamation

Now the celebration of Mrs. Clinton's nomination on the floor of the Convention gets underway in earnest

Convention Chair Fudge announces (officially) that Hillary Clinton will give an Acceptance Speech on Thu night

EDITOR's NOTE: The theme of this evening: A Lifetime of Fighting For Children and Families

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe now addresses the Convention

McAuliffe: [Hillary Clinton] "will fight ISIS all over the globe... will send Donald Trump back to his bankrupt casinos where he belongs"

McAuliffe: [Hillary Clinton] "loves her country more than anything else"

McAuliffe: [Hillary Clinton] "will build our country up and not tear it down to scare up votes"

A video introduces House Minority Leader, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California (joined by women Dem House members & Congressional candidates) to the Convention

Pelosi: "Aren't you proud to be part of this historic moment in our History?"

Congresswoman Doris Matsui of California comes forward to speak to the Convention

She is followed by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois in addressing the Convention

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez of New York is next to speak before the Convention

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene of Washington now steps forward to speak to the Convention

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey next addresses the Convention

Congresswoman Lois Frankel of Florida now comes to the podium at the Convention

Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts speaks to the Convention

Dem Congressional candidate Stephanie Murphy of Florida now addresses the Convention

Val Demings, also a Dem Congressional candidate in Florida, speaks before the Convention

Demings closes the segment with "When women succeed, America succeeds!"

Another short video of "stuff Donald Trump has said" is shown to the Convention

Former State Senator Jason Carter of Georgia, grandson of the former President, addresses the Convention

Former President Jimmy Carter addresses the Convention

Pres Carter: [Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders] "comported themselves with dignity"

Pres Carter: [on Donald Trump as a presidential candidate] "We can do better"

Pres Carter: "Hillary Clinton has my support: I know she has yours-- a united Democratic Party will win in November"

US Senator Chuck Schumer of New York addresses the Convention

Sen Schumer: "Some are using... unease to pit Americans against each other-- not *us*!"

Schumer: "Now, folks: I'm from Brooklyn-- it's in our blood to sniff out bull"

Schumer: "This election is about two different visions of America: Donald Trump can only see an angry America"

Schumer: [Hillary Clinton will only support] "trade policies that will not represent corporate America, but represent average Americans"

Another short video of "stuff Donald says" is shown to the Convention

Actor/producer/director Elizabeth Banks addresses the Convention

A video about Hillary Clinton's career is now shown to the Convention

Thaddeus Desmond, a Child Advocate Social Worker, speaks to the Convention

Anton Moore, founder of Unity in the Community, speaks before the Convention

Dynah Haubert, Disability Rights Attorney from Philadelphia, addresses the Convention

Others on the stage- a juvenile justice lawyer, a schoolteacher, an advocate for adoption & a child welfare attorney- explain why "I'm with her"

Democratic National Committee Vice-Chair Donna Brazile comes before the Convention

Brazile: [on growing up in the 'Jim Crow' South] "I was told, time after time, that God's potential didn't exist in people like me"

A short video about Eagle Academy in New York City introduces David Banks, its President and CEO, to the Convention

Mr. Banks: [about his school's students on the #DemConvention stage] "Just look at them, America!"

Elizabeth Banks returns to the Convention podium

Ms. Banks: "Hillary Clinton's achievements are so much more than just lines on a resume"

Another video presentation about Hillary Clinton is shown to the Convention

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder addresses the Convention

Holder: "I am profoundly aware that an attack on a police officer anywhere is an attack on our entire society"

Holder: "We need a President who will end this... policy of overincarceration"

Pittsburgh, PA Police Chief Cameron McLay speaks before the Convention

McLay: [on the relationship between the police and (particularly, minority) communities] "There's a crisis of trust"

McLay: "We [human beings] must fight our natural tendencies to hide inside our own narrow worldview"

Tony Goldwyn of the Innocence Project addresses the Convention

Goldwyn introduces a video about the 'Mothers of the Movement' to the Convention

The 'Mothers of the Movement' appear on the Convention stage

Many of the assembled at the Convention give the 'Mothers of the Movement' a standing ovation (many chant "Black Lives Matter!"

Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland (who had hanged herself while in police custody), speaks to the Convention

Reed-Veal: "So many of our children are gone, but they are not forgotten"

Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis (shot and killed over playing loud music), next speaks before Convention

McBath: "The majority of police officers are good people doing a good job"

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, now speaks to the Convention

Andra Day and United Percussion perform before the Convention

Elizabeth Banks returns to the Convention stage to introduce a video on Donald Trump's insensitive comments (primarily about women)

After this video, Cecile Richards- President of Planned Parenthood- addresses the Convention

Richards: "Make no mistake about it: women's lives and health are on the line and on the ballot this November"

Richards: [to Donald Trump] "Women are going to be the reason you're not going to be elected to be our President"

Actresses Lena Dunham and America Ferrera take the Convention stage

Dunham: "What should you care about what some television celebrity says about Politics?"; Ferrera: "And we feel the same way" [about Trump]

Ferrera: [Donald Trump] "is not making America great again-- he's making America hate again"

Another video in the series- 'Hillary's America'- is now shown to the Convention

Columbia, SC Mayor Steve Benjamin speaks before the Convention

Benjamin: " 'All men are created equal' doesn't just mean men anymore"

US Senator Barbara Boxer of California addresses the Convention

Boxer: "the Right-Wing [has] thrown everything at [Hillary Clinton] and she's still standing"

Elizabeth Banks comes to the Convention podium once again to introduce actress Debra Messing

A video about the aftermath of 9/11 (during which Hillary Clinton served as US Senator) is now shown to the Convention

Joe Sweeney, former NYPD Detective, now speaks before the Convention

Sweeney: [re: 9/11 first responders] "Hillary Clinton was there with us all the way... our toughest champion"

Lauren Manning, one of the most badly injured survivor of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, addresses the Convention

Manning: "I fought [to stay alive during her long recovery] so that the terrorists would not get one more"

Manning: [on Hillary Clinton] "In that woman is one hell of a tough person"

Manning: [on Hillary Clinton] "I trusted her when my life was on the line and she came through... she had my back"

Congressman Joseph Crowley of New York addresses the Convention

Crowley: "Both [of his cousins who were first responders re: 9/11] responded-- only one came home"

Crowley: "Where was Donald Trump...? He didn't stand at The Pile... nope, he cashed in... saw [9/11 as] a payday for his empire"

Elizabeth Banks returns to the Convention stage, introduces a video on Hillary Clinton fighting for affordable health care

Actress Erika Alexander addresses the Convention

Alexander: "My family's struggle is familiar to millions of Americans today"

Ryan Moore, someone with a rare form of Dwarfism, speaks before the Convention

Moore: [for him, affordable health care was] "more than a privilege and even more than a right-- it was an absolute necessity"

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean now addresses the Convention

Dean: [all Donald Trump promises is] "something so much better [than Obamacare].. that's it: a six word plan for health care"

Elizabeth Banks introduces a video on Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State that is now shown before the Convention

US Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota next speaks before the Convention

Sen Klobuchar: [those who are told 'You fight like a girl' should say] "Yes, I do and I'm proud to be that girl"

Klobuchar: "When women are held back, democracies falter"

Klobuchar: [on the 'Woman Card'] "There are hundreds of millions of women in this world who are ready to play that card"

Ima Matul, a survivor of Slavery/Human Trafficking, addresses the Convention

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaks before the Convention

Albright: [Hillary Clinton knows] "safeguarding Freedom and Security is not like hosting a reality TV show"

Albright: "A Trump victory would be a gift to Vladimir Putin... and that should worry every American"

A video about the Democratic presidential nominee's husband, former President Bill Clinton, is shown to the Convention

Former President Bill Clinton now takes the Convention stage to cheers from the assembled

Bill Clinton mentions Hillary's Youth Minister, Don Jones (Disclaimer: I knew Don Jones-- a prof at Drew U., he attended my family's church)

Bill Clinton: [Hillary] "never made fun of people with disabilities, she tried to empower them"

Bill Clinton: [on his wife] "My experience is: it's a pretty good idea to follow her advice"

Bill Clinton: [Hillary] "is the best darn changemaker I've ever met in my entire life!"

Bill Clinton: [on Hillary] "This woman has never been satisfied with the status quo in anything: she always wants to move the ball forward"

Bill Clinton: [as Senator from New York, Hillary had been] "elected to a seat once held by another outsider: Robert Kennedy"

Bill Clinton: [the Military is] "a national treasure of all races, all religions, all walks of life"

Bill Clinton: [on fighting Terrorism via cyberspace] "We've got to win this battle in the *mind*-field"

Bill Clinton: [Hillary's career] "is real" [the Republican version of it] "is made up"

Bill Clinton: "Life in the real world is complicated and real change is hard"

Bill Clinton: [his wife] "is uniquely qualified to seize the opportunity"

Bill Clinton: "Hillary will make us stronger together-- you know it because she's spent a lifetime doing it"

Elizabeth Banks comes back to the Convention stage, introduces a music video of various people riffing on Rachel Platten's 'This is my Fight Song'

Actress Meryl Streep comes before the Convention

Streep: "We've got some fight left in us, don't we?"

Streep: "What does it take to be the first female *any*thing? It takes grit and it takes grace"

A video- 'A More Perfect Union'- is shown to the Convention

Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Alicia Keys performs for the Convention

Keys (between songs) "Do not waste your vote-- vote for Hillary Clinton because Love will always win!"

Hillary Clinton herself briefly appears via video to thank the Convention for having nominated her

Hillary Clinton (via video): "We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet"

Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo, President of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, gives the Benediction

Convention Chair Fudge calls for a motion to recess-- it is adopted 'viva voce'

The Democratic Convention recesses at 11:18 PM EDT [0318 GMT] until 4:30 PM [2030 GMT] the next day

Well... gotta "book", then... till [Wed 27 July]... Later!

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