The Green Papers
The Green Papers
13th Session of the Congress, 1813-1815
session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
1st Extra 24 May 1813 2 August 1813 none Clay

No Senate President pro Tempore was elected during this "extra" session, as Vice President Elbridge Gerry presided over the Senate during the entire session.

2nd long 6 December 1813 18 April 1814 Varnum, Joseph B.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
Cheves, Langdon
(Rep.- South Carolina)

Speaker Henry Clay resigned from the House of Representatives on 19 January 1814; Congressman Cheves was elected Speaker by the House that same day.

3rd short 19 September 1814 3 March 1815 Gaillard, J.

Senate President pro Tempore John Gaillard served as acting President of the Senate during the "short" session of the 13th Congress due to a vacancy in the Vice Presidency of the United States from 23 November 1814 (Vice President Elbridge Gerry having died in office).

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