Footnotes for the Sessions of the
13th Congress, 1813-1815

session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
1stExtra24 May 18132 August 1813noneClay

No Senate President pro Tempore was elected during this "extra" session, as Vice President Elbridge Gerry presided over the Senate during the entire session.

2ndlong6 December 181318 April 1814Varnum, Joseph B.
(Rep.- Massachusetts)
Cheves, Langdon
(Rep.- South Carolina)

Speaker Henry Clay resigned from the House of Representatives on 19 January 1814; Congressman Cheves was elected Speaker by the House that same day.

3rdshort19 September 18143 March 1815Gaillard, J.

Senate President pro Tempore John Gaillard served as acting President of the Senate during the "short" session of the 13th Congress due to a vacancy in the Vice Presidency of the United States from 23 November 1814 (Vice President Elbridge Gerry having died in office).



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