Footnotes for the Sessions of the
42nd Congress, 1871-1873

session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
1stExtra4 March 187120 April 1871AnthonyBlaine

This "extra" Session of the 42nd Congress was mandated by the act of 22 January 1867 which required that a given Congress convene on the 4 March next following its election as well as on the constitutionally mandated date of the first Monday in December in each calendar year.

SpecialSENATE10 May 187127 May 1871Anthony- - - -

This Special Session of the SENATE was called by President Ulysses S. Grant via executive Proclamation issued on 20 April 1871.

2ndlong4 December 187110 June 1872AnthonyBlaine
3rdshort2 December 18723 March 1873AnthonyBlaine


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