Footnotes for the Sessions of the
1st Congress, 1789-1791

session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
1stQuorum6 April 178929 September 1789Langdon, John
(Opp.-New Hampshire)
Muhlenberg, Frederick A.C.

The offices of Senate President pro Tempore and House Speaker were both considered non-partisan into the 1st ("long") session of the 4th Congress [1795-1797]; thus, the political affiliations of these officers as noted in this table are not in any way indicative of which faction [Administration or Opposition] held political control of either house of Congress during this early period in the history of the U.S. Congress.

2ndlong4 January 179012 August 1790LangdonMuhlenberg
3rdshort6 December 17903 March 1791LangdonMuhlenberg


"Regular" Sessions of Congress
"Regular" Sessions prior to the adoption of the 20th Amendment (1933)
"Regular" Sessions after the adoption of the 20th Amendment (1933)
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