The Green Papers
The Green Papers
69th Session of the Congress, 1925-1927
session type convened adjourned President pro Tempore
of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
Special SENATE 4 March 1925 18 March 1925 Moses, George H.
(Rep.- New Hampshire)
- - - -

This Special Session of the SENATE was called by President Calvin Coolidge via executive Proclamation issued on 14 February 1925.

1st long 7 December 1925 3 July 1926 Moses Longworth, Nicholas
(Rep.- Ohio)
Impeachment SENATE 10 November 1926 same day Moses - - - -

On 1 April 1926, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Judge George W. English of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Illinois. In the resolution under which both houses of Congress agreed to adjourn the 1st "long" session of the 69th Congress on 3 July 1926 was a provision requiring the Senate alone to reconvene 10 November 1926 in order to sit as a Court of Impeachment in the trial of Judge English. Judge English, however, resigned from the bench just before his trial before the Senate was to begin and the so-called "Impeachment" session of the Senate (the only time the Senate has ever held a session apart from the "normal" sessions of Congress in order to sit as a Court of Impeachment) met on 10 November solely to adjourn the Court of Impeachment "sine die". On 13 December 1926, during the 2nd "short" session of the 69th Congress, the Senate- on the advice of the House managers of Judge English's impeachment- formally dismissed all the charges pending against the Judge.

2nd short 6 December 1926 3 March 1927 Moses Longworth

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