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Parties Grouped by Classification

Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

  1. Constitution
    1. Affiliates: American Constitution; Concerned Citizens; Independent American; Nebraska; U.S. Taxpayers
    2. Party Links
      1. Constitution Party
    3. Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
      1. 36 Candidates
      2. 28 Links
StatePartyCandidate or Party LinkOffice
AlabamaConstitutionConstitution Party of Alabama
AlaskaConstitutionAlaska Constitution Party
ConstitutionAlaska Constitution Party
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
American Samoa  
ArizonaConstitutionConstitution Party of Arizona
(Constitution)Daniel Clyde "Dan" CummingsCandidate for President
ArkansasConstitutionConstitution Party of Arkansas
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
ColoradoConstitutionColorado Affiliate Of The Constitution Party
Democrats Abroad  
District of Columbia  
FloridaConstitutionConstitution Party of Florida
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
GeorgiaConstitutionThe Constitution Party of Georgia
(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
HawaiiConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
IdahoConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
ConstitutionMarvin "Pro-Life" RichardsonCandidate for House CD 2
ConstitutionRay J. WritzCandidate for Senate Class 2
IllinoisConstitutionConstitution Party of Illinois
(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
IndianaConstitutionConstitution Party of Indiana
IowaConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
LouisianaConstitutionConstitution Party of Louisiana
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
MarylandConstitutionConstitution Party of Maryland Effective 27 June 2006 the Maryland affiliate of the Constitution Party voted to disaffiliate from the national Constitution Party.
MassachusettsConstitutionConstitution Party of Massachusetts
Minnesota(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
MississippiConstitutionThe Constitution Party of Mississippi
MissouriConstitutionConstitution Party of Missouri
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
ConstitutionPaul VenableCandidate for Secretary of State
New Hampshire  
New JerseyConstitutionThe Constitution Party of New Jersey
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
New MexicoConstitutionSheila "Samm" TittleCandidate for President
New YorkConstitutionConstitution Party of New York
(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
North CarolinaConstitutionConstitution Party of North Carolina
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
ConstitutionJeffrey Dale "Jeff" GregoryCandidate for House CD 5
ConstitutionKevin Eugene HayesCandidate for Senate Class 2
ConstitutionAlbert Lawrence "Al" PisanoCandidate for Governor
North Dakota  
Northern Marianas  
OregonConstitutionThe Constitution Party of Oregon Effective 2006 the Oregon affiliate of the Constitution Party voted to disaffiliate from the national Constitution Party. September 2013: Voted to join the National Alliance of Independent American Parties.
ConstitutionMichael P. MarshCandidate for Treasurer
PennsylvaniaConstitutionThe Constitution Party of Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico  
Republicans Abroad International  
Rhode IslandConstitutionConstitution Party of Rhode Island
South CarolinaConstitutionThe Constitution Party of South Carolina
ConstitutionWilliam David "Bill" BledsoeCandidate for Senate Class 2
ConstitutionMichael G. ChandlerCandidate for House CD 4
ConstitutionMark HackettCandidate for House CD 6
ConstitutionKathleen K. WrightCandidate for House CD 2
South Dakota  
TennesseeConstitutionConstitution Party of Tennessee
(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
UtahConstitutionConstitution Party of Utah
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
ConstitutionDaniel Clyde "Dan" CummingsCandidate for House CD 3
ConstitutionJeffrey L. "Jeff" OstlerCandidate for Auditor
ConstitutionRichard ProctorCandidate for Treasurer
VermontConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaConstitutionThe Constitution Party of Virginia
West Virginia(Constitution)Don BlankenshipCandidate for President
WisconsinConstitutionConstitution Party of Wisconsin
ConstitutionConstitution Party of Wisconsin
ConstitutionDon BlankenshipCandidate for President
WyomingConstitutionJeffrey Allen "Jeff" HaggitCandidate for House At-Large

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.

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