The Green Papers 2020 General Election
117th U.S. House
Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts
by Party

President Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Close Contests Summary - Decision by 2% or less
Contests Where No Candidate Received a Majority


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts". The grand total includes candidates participating in the general election -- the total EXCLUDES funds collected by candidates eliminated during the primary/caucus nomination process.
This tally may exclude results for uncontested contests.

Nationwide Overview

The overview is grouped by Major Party (Democratic and affiliates, Republican), Major Third Party (Libertarian, Green), Other Third Party, Independent, and Others (write-in, scattering, none of the above, etc.). Votes cast for fusion candidates (candidates appearing under the banner of multiple parties) are tallied under the Major Party.

Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Democratic441    $822,863,977
Green19    $26,015
Independent59    $370,705
Libertarian118    $308,714
Other Third Party42    $5,211,992
Others79    $521,528
Republican422    $696,044,784
8 listings1,187    $1,525,347,715

Nationwide Party Details

Candidate's Balloted Party(ies)Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Aloha 'ĀinaOther Third Party1   $1,883
American ShoppingOther Third Party1    
American ValuesIndependent1   $5,056
Approval VotingOther Third Party1    
Building Your LegacyIndependent1    
Coach Team AmericaOther Third Party1    
Common SenseOther Third Party1    
CommunistOther Third Party1    
ConservativeOther Third Party3   $36,928
DemocraticDemocratic405   $730,043,526
Democratic-Farmer LaborDemocratic8   $21,987,624
Democratic-Nonpartisan LeagueDemocratic1   $24,936
Democratic; IndependenceDemocratic1   $8,373,990
Democratic; Independence; Working FamiliesDemocratic6   $17,229,851
Democratic; Independent Party of Oregon; Working FamiliesDemocratic1   $3,815,706
Democratic; Serve America Movement; Working FamiliesDemocratic2   $6,804,941
Democratic; Working FamiliesDemocratic17   $34,583,403
Education, Community, LawOther Third Party1   $1,614,836
For The PeopleOther Third Party1    
Grassroots - Legalize CannabisOther Third Party4    
GreenGreen17   $26,015
Healthcare Environment StabilityOther Third Party1    
IndependentIndependent36   $301,874
Independent AmericanOther Third Party4    
Independent Constitutional CandidateIndependent1    
Independent Party of ConnecticutOther Third Party2    
Justice Mercy HumilityIndependent1    
Legal Marijuana NowOther Third Party2    
Legalize Marijuana PartyOther Third Party1    
LibertarianLibertarian117   $301,201
Libertarian; Serve America MovementLibertarian1   $7,513
Make Change HappenIndependent1    
No PartyIndependent1    
No Party AffiliationIndependent6   $57,334
No Political PartyIndependent1    
Pacific GreenGreen2    
PopulistOther Third Party1    
RepublicanRepublican400   $648,299,849
Republican; ConservativeRepublican13   $16,767,407
Republican; Conservative; IndependenceRepublican5   $27,678,503
Republican; Conservative; Serve America MovementRepublican1   $351,053
Republican; Independent Party of ConnecticutRepublican1   $1,388,000
Republican; Libertarian; Conservative; Save Our CityRepublican1   $129,919
Republican; Libertarian; Conservative; Serve America MovementRepublican1   $1,430,053
Serve America MovementOther Third Party3   $3,444,579
Truth Vision HopeIndependent1    
U.S. TaxpayersOther Third Party2    
UnaffiliatedIndependent1   $6,441
United UtahOther Third Party2   $26,944
UnityOther Third Party7   $86,822
Veteran For ChangeIndependent1    
Working ClassIndependent5    
Working FamiliesOther Third Party2    
Write-inOthers79   $521,528
57 listings 1,187   $1,525,347,715

State Party Details

COApproval Voting1 
CTDemocratic; Working Families4 
CTIndependent Party of Connecticut2 
CTRepublican; Independent Party of Connecticut1 
FLNo Party Affiliation6 
HIAloha 'Āina1 
HIAmerican Shopping1 
LANo Party1 
MACoach Team America1 
MAHealthcare Environment Stability1 
MIU.S. Taxpayers2 
MIWorking Class5 
MNDemocratic-Farmer Labor8 
MNGrassroots - Legalize Cannabis4 
MNLegal Marijuana Now2 
MNLegalize Marijuana Party1 
NDDemocratic-Nonpartisan League1 
NJAmerican Values1 
NJBuilding Your Legacy1 
NJCommon Sense1 
NJFor The People1 
NJIndependent Constitutional Candidate1 
NJJustice Mercy Humility1 
NJMake Change Happen1 
NJTruth Vision Hope1 
NJVeteran For Change1 
NVIndependent American4 
NVNo Political Party1 
NYDemocratic; Independence1 
NYDemocratic; Independence; Working Families6 
NYDemocratic; Serve America Movement; Working Families2 
NYDemocratic; Working Families11 
NYEducation, Community, Law1 
NYLibertarian; Serve America Movement1 
NYRepublican; Conservative13 
NYRepublican; Conservative; Independence5 
NYRepublican; Conservative; Serve America Movement1 
NYRepublican; Libertarian; Conservative; Save Our City1 
NYRepublican; Libertarian; Conservative; Serve America Movement1 
NYServe America Movement3 
NYWorking Families2 
ORDemocratic; Independent Party of Oregon; Working Families1 
ORDemocratic; Working Families2 
ORPacific Green2 
UTUnited Utah2 

Candidate Details

(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
AKAt-LargeAlyse S. GalvinDemocratic  $4,450,799
AKAt-LargeDonald E. "Don" Young (I)Republican  $1,799,863
AKAt-LargeGerald L. "Jer" HeikesWrite-in   
ALCD 01James AverhartDemocratic  $69,348
ALCD 01Jerry Lee Carl, Jr.Republican  $2,179,119
ALCD 02Phyllis Harvey-HallDemocratic  $50,167
ALCD 02Felix Barry "Barry" MooreRepublican  $711,172
ALCD 03Adia McClellan "Dr. Dia" WinfreyDemocratic  $47,545
ALCD 03Michael Dennis "Mike" Rogers (I)Republican  $1,105,982
ALCD 04Ricky "Rick" NeighborsDemocratic  $43,731
ALCD 04Robert Brown Aderholt (I)Republican  $1,102,465
ALCD 05Morris J. "Mo" Brooks, Jr. (I)Republican  $511,267
ALCD 06Gary Palmer (I)Republican  $815,543
ALCD 07Terrycina Andrea "Terri" Sewell (I)Democratic  $1,992,611
ARCD 01Eric Alan "Rick" Crawford (I)Republican  $915,031
ARCD 02Joyce Ann ElliottDemocratic  $2,948,818
ARCD 02James French "French" Hill (I)Republican  $3,104,550
ARCD 03Celeste Sarene WilliamsDemocratic  $335,893
ARCD 03Stephen A. "Steve" Womack (I)Republican  $976,155
ARCD 03Michael J. "Mike" KalagiasLibertarian   
ARCD 04William H. "Bobby" HansonDemocratic  $107,813
ARCD 04Bruce Westerman (I)Republican  $1,301,916
ARCD 04Frank GilbertLibertarian   
AZCD 01Tom O'Halleran (I)Democratic  $3,079,107
AZCD 01Tiffany SheddRepublican  $1,391,794
AZCD 02Ann Kirkpatrick (I)Democratic  $1,775,725
AZCD 02Brandon Ray MartinRepublican  $336,506
AZCD 02Iman-Utopia Layjou BahWrite-in   
AZCD 02Brandon SchlassWrite-in   
AZCD 03Raúl M. Grijalva (I)Democratic  $774,957
AZCD 03Daniel WoodRepublican  $35,004
AZCD 04Delina DisantoDemocratic  $58,826
AZCD 04Paul Anthony Gosar (I)Republican  $585,692
AZCD 04Brett BrennanWrite-in   
AZCD 04Miko JonesWrite-in   
AZCD 04Don OverholserWrite-in   
AZCD 04Ana Perez GissyWrite-in   
AZCD 04Emily RobinsonWrite-in  $240,267
AZCD 05Joan GreeneDemocratic  $197,798
AZCD 05Andy Biggs (I)Republican  $1,543,774
AZCD 05Karen StephensWrite-in   
AZCD 06Hiral Vyas TipirneniDemocratic  $5,392,781
AZCD 06David S. Schweikert (I)Republican  $2,060,353
AZCD 07Ruben Gallego (I)Democratic  $1,670,562
AZCD 07Joshua "Josh" BarnettRepublican  $28,093
AZCD 07J. Travis KirkhamWrite-in   
AZCD 07Roxanne R. RodriguezWrite-in   
AZCD 08Michael Archangel MuscatoDemocratic  $381,202
AZCD 08Debbie Lesko (I)Republican  $1,492,767
AZCD 08Taliban HendrixWrite-in   
AZCD 09Greg Stanton (I)Democratic  $1,883,133
AZCD 09David Victor "Dave" GilesRepublican  $131,706
CACD 01Audrey L. DenneyDemocratic  $2,140,469
CACD 01Doug LaMalfa (I)Republican  $1,112,067
CACD 02Jared W. Huffman (I)Democratic  $883,544
CACD 02Dale Kenneth MensingRepublican  $921
CACD 03John Raymond Garamendi (I)Democratic  $1,031,383
CACD 03Tamika HamiltonRepublican  $332,114
CACD 04Brynne S. KennedyDemocratic  $2,495,491
CACD 04Thomas "Tom" McClintock (I)Republican  $1,953,280
CACD 05Scott GiblinRepublican   
CACD 05C. Michael "Mike" Thompson (I)Democratic  $2,061,013
CACD 06Christine "Chris" BishRepublican  $15,676
CACD 06Doris K. Matsui (I)Democratic  $946,763
CACD 07Amerish "Ami" Bera (I)Democratic  $1,734,831
CACD 07Robert "Buzz" PattersonRepublican  $43,926
CACD 08Christine "Chris" BubserDemocratic  $1,581,449
CACD 08Jay ObernolteRepublican  $2,296,985
CACD 09Antonio C. "Tony" AmadorRepublican  $36,880
CACD 09Gerald Mark "Jerry" McNerney (I)Democratic  $1,115,250
CACD 10Josh Harder (I)Democratic  $7,095,082
CACD 10Ted D. Howze, IIRepublican  $1,471,654
CACD 11Mark DeSaulnier (I)Democratic  $547,161
CACD 11Nisha SharmaRepublican  $173,390
CACD 12Shahid ButtarDemocratic  $1,604,673
CACD 12Nancy Pelosi (I)Democratic  $21,678,756
CACD 13Barbara Lee (I)Democratic  $1,702,886
CACD 13Konstantine Nikka-Sher "Nikka" PitermanRepublican  $9,864
CACD 14Ran S. PetelRepublican   
CACD 14Jackie Speier (I)Democratic  $885,540
CACD 15Alison HaydenRepublican   
CACD 15Eric Michael Swalwell (I)Democratic  $2,678,048
CACD 16Kevin CookinghamRepublican  $245,357
CACD 16Jim Costa (I)Democratic  $1,979,613
CACD 17Rohit "Ro" Khanna (I)Democratic  $3,749,409
CACD 17Ritesh TandonRepublican  $161,440
CACD 18Anna G. Eshoo (I)Democratic  $2,037,091
CACD 18Rishi KumarDemocratic  $592,450
CACD 19Justin James AguileraRepublican  $3,915
CACD 19Zoe Lofgren (I)Democratic  $1,718,247
CACD 20Jeff GormanRepublican  $62,730
CACD 20James Varni "Jimmy" Panetta (I)Democratic  $1,764,908
CACD 21Terrance John "TJ" Cox (I)Democratic  $5,165,339
CACD 21David G. ValadaoRepublican  $3,747,906
CACD 22Phil ArballoDemocratic  $4,454,625
CACD 22Devin Gerald Nunes (I)Republican  $23,662,336
CACD 23Kim MangoneDemocratic  $1,240,563
CACD 23Kevin McCarthy (I)Republican  $24,848,014
CACD 24James Andrew "Andy" CaldwellRepublican  $1,253,936
CACD 24Salud O. Carbajal (I)Democratic  $2,065,277
CACD 25Michael "Mike" Garcia (I)Republican  $8,424,925
CACD 25Christy SmithDemocratic  $5,239,936
CACD 26Ronda Baldwin-KennedyRepublican  $251,909
CACD 26Julia Brownley (I)Democratic  $1,832,316
CACD 27Judy Chu (I)Democratic  $1,148,627
CACD 27Johnny J. NalbandianRepublican  $29,413
CACD 28Eric EarlyRepublican  $3,665,280
CACD 28Adam B. Schiff (I)Democratic  $17,611,731
CACD 29Tony Cárdenas (I)Democratic  $1,275,691
CACD 29Angélica Maria DueñasDemocratic  $64,615
CACD 30Mark S. ReedRepublican   
CACD 30Brad Sherman (I)Democratic  $1,138,505
CACD 31Pete Aguilar (I)Democratic  $2,308,886
CACD 31Agnes GibboneyRepublican  $125,273
CACD 32Grace Flores Napolitano (I)Democratic  $454,548
CACD 32Joshua M. ScottRepublican  $17,605
CACD 33James P. BradleyRepublican  $90,638
CACD 33Ted W. Lieu (I)Democratic  $1,560,880
CACD 34Jimmy Gomez (I)Democratic  $1,255,504
CACD 34David Yung Ho KimDemocratic  $178,512
CACD 35Michael K. "Mike" CargileRepublican  $27,443
CACD 35Norma J. Torres (I)Democratic  $626,279
CACD 36Erin CruzRepublican  $33,039
CACD 36Raul Ruiz (I)Democratic  $2,217,113
CACD 37Karen R. Bass (I)Democratic  $2,062,178
CACD 37Errol WebberRepublican  $118,408
CACD 38Linda T. Sánchez (I)Democratic  $1,149,618
CACD 38Michael TolarDemocratic   
CACD 39Gilbert "Gil" Cisneros (I)Democratic  $3,891,686
CACD 39Young KimRepublican  $5,363,643
CACD 40C. Antonio DelgadoRepublican  $61,978
CACD 40Lucille Roybal-Allard (I)Democratic  $690,482
CACD 41Aja SmithRepublican  $571,669
CACD 41Mark A. Takano (I)Democratic  $940,180
CACD 42Kenneth S. "Ken" Calvert (I)Republican  $1,367,592
CACD 42William Edward "Liam" O'Mara, IVDemocratic  $110,130
CACD 43Joe Edward Collins, IIIRepublican  $8,643,752
CACD 43Maxine Waters (I)Democratic  $1,667,723
CACD 44Nanette Diaz Barragán (I)Democratic  $1,091,545
CACD 44Analilia JoyaDemocratic   
CACD 45Katherine "Katie" Porter (I)Democratic  $15,014,997
CACD 45Gregory Gerard "Greg" RathsRepublican  $1,282,563
CACD 46Jose Luis "Lou" Correa (I)Democratic  $1,111,521
CACD 46James Stevens WatersRepublican  $7,792
CACD 47John BriscoeRepublican  $58,754
CACD 47Alan S. Lowenthal (I)Democratic  $623,177
CACD 48Harley E. Rouda, Jr. (I)Democratic  $5,706,184
CACD 48Michelle Park SteelRepublican  $5,644,872
CACD 49Mike Levin (I)Democratic  $3,654,289
CACD 49Brian L. MaryottRepublican  $2,586,564
CACD 50Ammar Campa-NajjarDemocratic  $5,335,839
CACD 50Darrell Edward IssaRepublican  $12,355,200
CACD 51Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr.Republican  $52,086
CACD 51Juan Carlos Vargas (I)Democratic  $712,005
CACD 52James "Jim" DeBelloRepublican  $405,486
CACD 52Scott Peters (I)Democratic  $1,831,883
CACD 53Georgette GómezDemocratic  $1,615,595
CACD 53Sara JacobsDemocratic  $6,147,805
COCD 01Diana L. DeGette (I)Democratic  $1,125,780
COCD 01Shane BollingRepublican   
COCD 01Kyle FureyLibertarian   
COCD 01Jan KokApproval Voting   
COCD 01Paul Noel FiorinoUnity   
COCD 02Joseph "Joe" Neguse (I)Democratic  $1,281,901
COCD 02Charles E. "Charlie" WinnRepublican  $68,351
COCD 02Thom AtkinsonLibertarian   
COCD 02Gary Warren SwingUnity   
COCD 03Diane E. Mitsch BushDemocratic  $4,214,480
COCD 03Lauren BoebertRepublican  $2,352,039
COCD 03John Ryan KeilLibertarian   
COCD 03Christopher Hawkins "Critter" MiltonUnity  $11,977
COCD 04Isaac Ian "Ike" McCorkleDemocratic  $329,522
COCD 04Kenneth R. "Ken" Buck (I)Republican  $404,401
COCD 04Bruce GriffithLibertarian   
COCD 04Laura IrelandUnity   
COCD 05Jillian FreelandDemocratic  $166,527
COCD 05Douglas L. "Doug" Lamborn (I)Republican  $565,932
COCD 05Ed DuffettLibertarian   
COCD 05Rebecca KeltieUnity  $2,552
COCD 05Marcus Allen MurphyUnaffiliated  $6,441
COCD 06Jason Crow (I)Democratic  $3,880,448
COCD 06Steven "Steve" HouseRepublican  $1,194,712
COCD 06Norm T. OlsenLibertarian   
COCD 06Jaimie Lynn KulikowskiUnity  $72,293
COCD 07Edwin G. "Ed" Perlmutter (I)Democratic  $1,510,210
COCD 07Charles Wesley "Casper" StockhamRepublican  $107,707
COCD 07William "Ken" BilesLibertarian   
COCD 07David "Dave" OlsztaUnity   
COCD 07Steve ZornWrite-in   
CTCD 01John B. Larson (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,254,275
CTCD 01Mary FayRepublican  $25,481
CTCD 01Tom McCormickGreen   
CTCD 02Joseph D. "Joe" Courtney (I)Democratic; Working Families  $920,127
CTCD 02Justin AndersonRepublican  $68,502
CTCD 02Cassandra MartineauGreen   
CTCD 02Daniel J. "Dan" RealeLibertarian   
CTCD 02John M. TraceskiWrite-in   
CTCD 03Rosa L. DeLauro (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,671,042
CTCD 03Margaret StreickerRepublican; Independent Party of Connecticut  $1,388,000
CTCD 03Justin Cobb PaglinoGreen  $23,886
CTCD 04Jim Himes (I)Democratic  $1,434,207
CTCD 04Jonathan RiddleRepublican  $28,491
CTCD 04Brian MerlenIndependent Party of Connecticut   
CTCD 04Yusheng PengWrite-in   
CTCD 05Jahana Hayes (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,928,820
CTCD 05David Xavier SullivanRepublican  $369,263
CTCD 05Bruce W. WalczakIndependent Party of Connecticut   
DEAt-LargeLisa Blunt Rochester (I)Democratic  $1,867,948
DEAt-LargeLee MurphyRepublican  $102,019
DEAt-LargeDavid L. RogersLibertarian   
DEAt-LargeCatherine Stonestreet PurcellIndependent  $4,794
FLCD 01Phillip Charles "Phil" EhrDemocratic  $1,672,230
FLCD 01Matthew Louis "Matt" Gaetz, II (I)Republican  $4,536,812
FLCD 01Albert "Bert" OramNo Party Affiliation  $8,108
FLCD 02Neal Patrick Dunn (I)Republican  $603,155
FLCD 02Kim O'ConnorWrite-in   
FLCD 03Adam J. ChristensenDemocratic  $186,624
FLCD 03Kat CammackRepublican  $938,362
FLCD 04Donna DeeganDemocratic  $980,642
FLCD 04John H. Rutherford (I)Republican  $960,337
FLCD 04Gary L. KonizWrite-in   
FLCD 05Alfred "Al" Lawson, Jr. (I)Democratic  $816,966
FLCD 05Gary AdlerRepublican  $114,574
FLCD 06Clint CurtisDemocratic  $25,554
FLCD 06Michael "Mike" Waltz (I)Republican  $2,426,166
FLCD 06Alan Mark GraysonWrite-in  $93,090
FLCD 06John Gerard "Gerry" NolanWrite-in  $4,908
FLCD 07Stephanie Murphy (I)Democratic  $2,872,649
FLCD 07Leonardo "Leo" ValentinRepublican  $910,841
FLCD 07William R. "Bill" GarlingtonNo Party Affiliation  $11,000
FLCD 08James D. "Jim" KennedyDemocratic  $134,020
FLCD 08William "Bill" Posey (I)Republican  $965,698
FLCD 09Darren Soto (I)Democratic  $1,011,358
FLCD 09William Patrick "Bill" OlsonRepublican  $355,427
FLCD 09Clay Oliver HillWrite-in   
FLCD 10Valdez "Val" Demings (I)Democratic  $1,756,879
FLCD 10Vennia V. FrancoisRepublican  $312,866
FLCD 10Sufiyah YasmineWrite-in   
FLCD 11Dana Maria CottrellDemocratic  $55,228
FLCD 11Daniel "Dan" Webster (I)Republican  $645,104
FLCD 12Kimberly H. "Kim" WalkerDemocratic  $35,624
FLCD 12Gus Michael Bilirakis (I)Republican  $1,476,788
FLCD 13Charlie Joseph Crist (I)Democratic  $2,674,578
FLCD 13Anna Paulina LunaRepublican  $2,923,522
FLCD 13Jacob CurnowWrite-in   
FLCD 14Katherine Anne "Kathy" Castor (I)Democratic  $836,414
FLCD 14Christine Yvonne QuinnRepublican  $147,970
FLCD 15Alan Michael CohnDemocratic  $1,881,901
FLCD 15Scott FranklinRepublican  $1,236,508
FLCD 16Margaret Elizabeth Rowell GoodDemocratic  $3,110,476
FLCD 16Vernon "Vern" Buchanan (I)Republican  $3,320,069
FLCD 17Allen EllisonDemocratic  $70,405
FLCD 17Greg W. Steube (I)Republican  $712,328
FLCD 17Theodore Andrew "Pink Tie" MurrayNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 18Pamela M. "Pam" KeithDemocratic  $1,315,166
FLCD 18Brian Mast (I)Republican  $5,391,487
FLCD 18Karl W. "KW" MillerNo Party Affiliation   
FLCD 19Cindy Lyn BanyaiDemocratic  $181,531
FLCD 19Byron DonaldsRepublican  $2,493,826
FLCD 19Patrick PostWrite-in   
FLCD 20Alcee L. Hastings (I)Democratic  $577,886
FLCD 20Gregory Wayne "Greg" Musselwhite, Sr.Republican  $27,578
FLCD 21Lois J. Frankel (I)Democratic  $1,451,157
FLCD 21Laura LoomerRepublican  $2,048,751
FLCD 21Charleston MalkemusNo Party Affiliation  $15,102
FLCD 21Piotr BlassWrite-in   
FLCD 21Sylvia CaravettaWrite-in   
FLCD 22Theodore Eliot "Ted" Deutch (I)Democratic  $1,272,782
FLCD 22James L. "Jim" PrudenRepublican  $270,747
FLCD 23Debbie Wasserman Schultz (I)Democratic  $1,992,676
FLCD 23Carla A. SpaldingRepublican  $841,787
FLCD 23Demetrius "D.B." FugateWrite-in   
FLCD 23Jeffrey E. "Jeff" OlsonWrite-in   
FLCD 24Frederica S. Wilson (I)Democratic  $367,826
FLCD 24Lavern SpicerRepublican  $35,983
FLCD 24Christine Alexandria OlivoNo Party Affiliation  $23,124
FLCD 24Howard W. KnepperWrite-in   
FLCD 24Hector RiveraWrite-in   
FLCD 25Mario Diaz-Balart (I)Republican  $1,471,800
FLCD 26Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (I)Democratic  $6,250,142
FLCD 26Carlos A. GiménezRepublican  $1,962,153
FLCD 27Donna Elvira Shalala (I)Democratic  $3,476,009
FLCD 27Maria Elvira SalazarRepublican  $3,144,208
FLCD 27Frank E. Polo, Sr.Write-in  $2,474
GACD 01Joyce Marie GriggsDemocratic  $113,569
GACD 01Earl Leroy "Buddy" Carter (I)Republican  $2,133,395
GACD 02Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr. (I)Democratic  $1,243,839
GACD 02Donald Eugene "Don" ColeRepublican  $139,184
GACD 02JaMelle HillWrite-in   
GACD 03Valbrun "Val" AlmonordDemocratic  $39,326
GACD 03Anderson Drew "Drew" Ferguson, IV (I)Republican  $2,226,967
GACD 04Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr. (I)Democratic  $560,115
GACD 04Johsira Cruz "Johsie" EzammudeenRepublican  $13,454
GACD 05Nikema Natassha WilliamsDemocratic  $377,538
GACD 05Angela Stanton-KingRepublican  $221,177
GACD 06Lucia Kay "Lucy" McBath (I)Democratic  $7,856,152
GACD 06Karen Christine HandelRepublican  $2,918,972
GACD 07Carolyn BourdeauxDemocratic  $4,666,443
GACD 07Richard Dean "Rich" McCormickRepublican  $2,367,935
GACD 08Lindsay Dozier "Doc" HollidayDemocratic  $7,270
GACD 08James Austin "Austin" Scott (I)Republican  $752,246
GACD 08James L. "Jimmy" Cooper, IIIWrite-in  $8,144
GACD 09Devin D. Pandy, Sr.Democratic  $73,241
GACD 09Andrew ClydeRepublican  $1,778,486
GACD 10Tabitha Johnson-GreenDemocratic  $11,767
GACD 10Jody B. Hice (I)Republican  $540,637
GACD 11Dana BarrettDemocratic  $376,580
GACD 11Barry D. Loudermilk (I)Republican  $809,041
GACD 12Elizabeth "Liz" JohnsonDemocratic  $67,663
GACD 12Richard Wallen "Rick" Allen (I)Republican  $1,115,891
GACD 12Donald KellerWrite-in   
GACD 13David Albert Scott (I)Democratic  $1,141,907
GACD 13Becky E. HitesRepublican  $53,885
GACD 13Martin Lindsey Cowen, IIIWrite-in  $17,993
GACD 14Kevin Van AusdalDemocratic  $150,458
GACD 14Marjorie Taylor GreeneRepublican  $2,368,066
HICD 01Edward E. "Ed" Case (I)Democratic  $572,946
HICD 01Ron CurtisRepublican  $10,853
HICD 02Kaiali'i "Kai" KaheleDemocratic  $1,117,021
HICD 02Joseph S. "Joe" AkanaRepublican  $48,966
HICD 02Michelle Rose TippensLibertarian   
HICD 02Jonathan Ho'omanawanuiAloha 'Āina  $1,883
HICD 02John "Raghu" GiuffreAmerican Shopping   
HICD 02Ron BurrusNonpartisan   
IACD 01Abby Finkenauer (I)Democratic  $5,335,568
IACD 01Ashley Hinson ArenholzRepublican  $4,604,323
IACD 02Rita R. HartDemocratic  $3,649,891
IACD 02Mariannette Jane Miller-MeeksRepublican   
IACD 03Cindy Axne (I)Democratic  $5,749,407
IACD 03David YoungRepublican  $3,014,907
IACD 03Bryan Jack HolderLibertarian   
IACD 04James D. "JD" ScholtenDemocratic  $2,650,648
IACD 04Randall "Randy" FeenstraRepublican  $1,737,664
IDCD 01Rudy SotoDemocratic  $258,634
IDCD 01Russell "Russ" Fulcher (I)Republican  $505,702
IDCD 01Joseph "Joe" EvansLibertarian   
IDCD 01Marvin "Pro-Life" RichardsonWrite-in   
IDCD 02Carlton Aaron SwisherDemocratic  $67,174
IDCD 02Michael Keith "Mike" Simpson (I)Republican  $950,352
IDCD 02Marvin "Pro-Life" RichardsonConstitution   
IDCD 02Idaho Sierra LawLibertarian   
ILCD 01Bobby Lee Rush (I)Democratic  $489,629
ILCD 01Philanise WhiteRepublican   
ILCD 01Ruth PellegriniWrite-in   
ILCD 02Robin L. Kelly (I)Democratic  $1,461,076
ILCD 02Theresa J. RabornRepublican   
ILCD 03Marie NewmanDemocratic  $2,706,973
ILCD 03Mike FriciloneRepublican  $98,971
ILCD 04Jesus G. "Chuy" Garcia (I)Democratic  $792,407
ILCD 04Jesus Eduardo Solorio, Jr.Republican  $2,065
ILCD 04Ruben SosaWrite-in   
ILCD 05Mike Quigley (I)Democratic  $1,101,195
ILCD 05Tom "Tommy" HansonRepublican   
ILCD 05Thomas J. "Tom" WildaGreen   
ILCD 05Frank RowderWrite-in   
ILCD 06Sean Casten (I)Democratic  $5,301,718
ILCD 06Jeanne IvesRepublican  $2,987,259
ILCD 06Bill RedpathLibertarian  $9,405
ILCD 07Danny K. Davis (I)Democratic  $497,763
ILCD 07Craig CameronRepublican   
ILCD 07Tracy JenningsIndependent  $50,924
ILCD 07Richard MayersWrite-in   
ILCD 07Deirdre N. McCloskeyWrite-in   
ILCD 08S. Raja Krishnamoorthi (I)Democratic  $6,087,211
ILCD 08Preston Gabriel NelsonLibertarian   
ILCD 08Joseph J. HantschWrite-in   
ILCD 09Janice D. "Jan" Schakowsky (I)Democratic  $1,800,702
ILCD 09Sargis SangariRepublican  $27,099
ILCD 10Bradley Scott "Brad" Schneider (I)Democratic  $3,317,723
ILCD 10Valerie Ramirez "Val" MukherjeeRepublican  $1,139,747
ILCD 10Joseph William "Joe" KopsickWrite-in   
ILCD 10David RychWrite-in   
ILCD 11G. William "Bill" Foster (I)Democratic  $2,229,371
ILCD 11Rick LaibRepublican  $19,523
ILCD 11Jon HarlsonWrite-in   
ILCD 12Raymond Carl "Ray" LenziDemocratic  $159,621
ILCD 12Michael J. "Mike" Bost (I)Republican  $1,848,715
ILCD 13Betsy Dirksen LondriganDemocratic  $4,657,203
ILCD 13Rodney L. Davis (I)Republican  $4,473,747
ILCD 14Lauren A. Underwood (I)Democratic  $7,147,078
ILCD 14James D. "Jim" OberweisRepublican  $3,015,192
ILCD 14Joseph MonackWrite-in   
ILCD 15Erika C. WeaverDemocratic  $58,739
ILCD 15Mary MillerRepublican  $652,877
ILCD 16Dani BrzozowskiDemocratic  $412,209
ILCD 16Adam Kinzinger (I)Republican  $1,966,574
ILCD 16Roy JonesWrite-in   
ILCD 16Branden "Brad" McCulloughWrite-in   
ILCD 17Cheri Bustos (I)Democratic  $3,968,993
ILCD 17Esther Joy KingRepublican  $1,696,657
ILCD 18George R. PetrilliDemocratic   
ILCD 18Darin McKay LaHood (I)Republican  $3,017,590
INCD 01Frank J. MrvanDemocratic  $479,355
INCD 01Mark J. LeyvaRepublican  $15,589
INCD 01Michael StraussLibertarian   
INCD 02Mary Patricia "Pat" HackettDemocratic  $770,586
INCD 02Jackie Swihart Walorski (I)Republican  $2,220,906
INCD 03Chip Winter ColdironDemocratic  $78,110
INCD 03James E. "Jim" Banks (I)Republican  $1,081,397
INCD 04Joseph William "Joe" MackeyDemocratic  $40,538
INCD 04James R. "Jim" Baird (I)Republican  $349,212
INCD 05Christina HaleDemocratic  $3,488,657
INCD 05Victoria SpartzRepublican  $2,695,862
INCD 05Kenneth "Ken" TuckerLibertarian   
INCD 06Jeannine Lee LakeDemocratic  $116,879
INCD 06Gregory J. "Greg" Pence (I)Republican  $2,857,030
INCD 06Thomas "Tom" FerkinhoffLibertarian   
INCD 07André D. Carson (I)Democratic  $927,863
INCD 07Susan Marie SmithRepublican  $59,009
INCD 08E. Thomasina MarsiliDemocratic  $65,793
INCD 08Larry D. Bucshon (I)Republican  $982,955
INCD 08James D. RodenbergerLibertarian   
INCD 09Andy RuffDemocratic  $122,843
INCD 09Joseph A. "Trey" Hollingsworth, III (I)Republican  $1,090,218
INCD 09Tonya Lynn MillisLibertarian  $9,739
KSCD 01Kali BarnettDemocratic  $538,802
KSCD 01Tracey Robert MannRepublican  $1,382,317
KSCD 02Michelle De La IslaDemocratic  $1,622,485
KSCD 02Jacob "Jake" LaTurnerRepublican  $1,431,506
KSCD 02Robert D. GarrardLibertarian   
KSCD 03Sharice L. Davids (I)Democratic  $5,334,876
KSCD 03Amanda L. AdkinsRepublican  $2,062,759
KSCD 03Steven Adam "Steve" HoheLibertarian   
KSCD 04Laura LombardDemocratic  $238,500
KSCD 04Ron Estes (I)Republican  $1,869,911
KYCD 01James RhodesDemocratic   
KYCD 01James R. Comer (I)Republican  $685,409
KYCD 02Hank LindermanDemocratic  $84,812
KYCD 02Steven Brett "Brett" Guthrie (I)Republican  $1,294,644
KYCD 02Robert Lee PerryLibertarian  $10,328
KYCD 02Lewis CarterPopulist   
KYCD 02Poet J. TribbleWrite-in   
KYCD 03John A. Yarmuth (I)Democratic  $548,299
KYCD 03Rhonda Raye PalazzoRepublican  $36,383
KYCD 04Alexandra OwensbyDemocratic  $156,234
KYCD 04Thomas H. Massie (I)Republican  $1,373,823
KYCD 05Matthew Ryan BestDemocratic   
KYCD 05Harold Dallas "Hal" Rogers (I)Republican  $637,469
KYCD 06Josh HicksDemocratic  $2,618,441
KYCD 06Garland "Andy" Barr (I)Republican  $4,219,893
KYCD 06Frank HarrisLibertarian   
LACD 01Lee Ann DugasDemocratic   
LACD 01Howard KearneyLibertarian   
LACD 01Stephen J. "Steve" Scalise (I)Republican  $34,773,334
LACD 02Belden "Noonie Man" BatisteIndependent   
LACD 02Glenn Adrian HarrisDemocratic   
LACD 02Colby C. JamesIndependent   
LACD 02Cedric L. Richmond (I)Democratic  $1,391,170
LACD 02David M. SchillingRepublican   
LACD 02Sheldon C. Vincent, Sr.Republican   
LACD 03Robert Jon "Rob" AndersonDemocratic  $63,617
LACD 03Braylon HarrisDemocratic  $19,261
LACD 03Clay Higgins (I)Republican  $732,223
LACD 03Brandon LeLeuxLibertarian   
LACD 04Ben GibsonRepublican   
LACD 04Kenny HoustonDemocratic  $26,668
LACD 04James Michael "Mike" Johnson (I)Republican  $1,206,639
LACD 04Ryan TrundleDemocratic  $14,154
LACD 05Sandra "Candy" ChristopheDemocratic  $68,391
LACD 05Allen Guillory, Sr.Republican   
LACD 05John Lance "Lance" HarrisRepublican  $295,645
LACD 05Matthew "Matt" HastyRepublican   
LACD 05Jesse P. LagardeDemocratic   
LACD 05Martin Lemelle, Jr.Democratic  $150,847
LACD 05Luke Joshua LetlowRepublican  $858,009
LACD 05Randall Scott "Scotty" RobinsonRepublican  $168,394
LACD 05Phillip SnowdenDemocratic  $17,981
LACD 06Garret Graves (I)Republican  $1,536,396
LACD 06Shannon SloanLibertarian   
LACD 06Richard "RPT" TorreganoNo Party   
LACD 06Dartanyon A. "DAW" WilliamsDemocratic  $102,510
MACD 01Richard E. Neal (I)Democratic  $4,682,515
MACD 02James P. "Jim" McGovern (I)Democratic  $950,940
MACD 02Tracy Lyn LovvornRepublican  $24,057
MACD 03Lori Loureiro Trahan (I)Democratic  $1,651,324
MACD 04Jacob D. "Jake" AuchinclossDemocratic  $2,524,366
MACD 04Julie A. HallRepublican  $120,239
MACD 05Katherine M. Clark (I)Democratic  $1,653,380
MACD 05Caroline ColarussoRepublican  $122,486
MACD 06Seth W. Moulton (I)Democratic  $1,243,012
MACD 06John Paul MoranRepublican  $262,528
MACD 07Ayanna S. Pressley (I)Democratic  $1,964,156
MACD 07Roy A. Owens, Sr.Independent   
MACD 07Rayla CampbellWrite-in  $59,182
MACD 08Stephen F. Lynch (I)Democratic  $793,654
MACD 08Jonathan D. "Jon" LottHealthcare Environment Stability   
MACD 09William Richard "Bill" Keating (I)Democratic  $642,685
MACD 09Helen BradyRepublican  $18,003
MACD 09Michael "Mike" ManleyCoach Team America   
MDCD 01Mia MasonDemocratic  $2,524
MDCD 01Andrew P. "Andy" Harris (I)Republican  $1,377,347
MDCD 02Charles Albert Dutch "C.A. Dutch" Ruppersberger, III (I)Democratic  $905,676
MDCD 02Johnny Ray SallingRepublican  $63,886
MDCD 03John Peter Spyros Sarbanes (I)Democratic  $564,643
MDCD 03Charles AnthonyRepublican  $7,430
MDCD 04Anthony Gregory Brown (I)Democratic  $1,384,952
MDCD 04George E. McDermottRepublican   
MDCD 05Steny Hamilton Hoyer (I)Democratic  $4,352,929
MDCD 05Christopher "Chris" PalombiRepublican  $42,170
MDCD 06David J. Trone (I)Democratic  $2,957,884
MDCD 06Neil Conrad ParrottRepublican  $277,833
MDCD 06George GluckGreen   
MDCD 07Kweisi Mfume (I)Democratic  $861,369
MDCD 07Kimberly "Kim" KlacikRepublican  $7,383,410
MDCD 07Ray BlyWrite-in   
MDCD 07Charles U. SmithWrite-in   
MDCD 08Jamin B. "Jamie" Raskin (I)Democratic  $1,950,712
MDCD 08Gregory Thomas CollRepublican  $22,716
MECD 01Chellie M. Pingree (I)Democratic  $430,615
MECD 01Jay Thomas AllenRepublican  $78,415
MECD 01Nancy C. FarrandWrite-in   
MECD 01Ian Arthur LeavittWrite-in   
MECD 02Jared F. Golden (I)Democratic  $4,999,842
MECD 02Dale John CraftsRepublican  $1,140,063
MECD 02Daniel J. FowlerWrite-in   
MECD 02Timothy Adam HernandezWrite-in   
MICD 01Dana FergusonDemocratic  $322,931
MICD 01John W. "Jack" Bergman (I)Republican  $1,852,858
MICD 01Benjamin "Ben" BorenLibertarian   
MICD 02Bryan BerghoefDemocratic  $710,944
MICD 02William P. "Bill" Huizenga (I)Republican  $2,076,296
MICD 02Jean-Michel CreviereGreen  $281
MICD 02Max RiekseLibertarian   
MICD 02Gerald T. Van SickleU.S. Taxpayers   
MICD 03Hillary ScholtenDemocratic  $3,067,521
MICD 03Peter MeijerRepublican  $3,173,544
MICD 03Richard David FuentesWrite-in   
MICD 03Shannon Ruth HoganWrite-in   
MICD 04Jerome C. "Jerry" HilliardDemocratic  $35,250
MICD 04John Moolenaar (I)Republican  $1,464,579
MICD 04Amanda "Amy" SleprGreen   
MICD 04David CannyLibertarian   
MICD 05Daniel T. "Dan" Kildee (I)Democratic  $1,561,394
MICD 05Timothy P. "Tim" KellyRepublican  $66,203
MICD 05James HarrisLibertarian   
MICD 05Kathy GoodwinWorking Class   
MICD 06Jon HoadleyDemocratic  $2,711,273
MICD 06Frederick Stephen "Fred" Upton (I)Republican  $3,286,593
MICD 06John M. LawrenceGreen   
MICD 06Jeff DePoyLibertarian   
MICD 07Gretchen D. DriskellDemocratic  $1,549,112
MICD 07Timothy L. "Tim" Walberg (I)Republican  $2,098,914
MICD 08Elissa Slotkin (I)Democratic  $8,481,543
MICD 08Paul JungeRepublican  $1,955,232
MICD 08Joe HartmanLibertarian   
MICD 09Andy Levin (I)Democratic  $1,226,178
MICD 09Charles John LangworthyRepublican   
MICD 09Mike SalibaLibertarian   
MICD 09Andrea L. KirbyWorking Class   
MICD 10Kimberly Ann BizonDemocratic  $38,613
MICD 10Lisa McClainRepublican  $2,337,985
MICD 11Haley Stevens (I)Democratic  $5,264,640
MICD 11Eric S. EsshakiRepublican  $1,161,542
MICD 11Leonard SchwartzLibertarian   
MICD 12Debbie Dingell (I)Democratic  $1,468,692
MICD 12Jeff JonesRepublican  $9,566
MICD 12Gary WalkowiczWorking Class   
MICD 13Rashida Tlaib (I)Democratic  $3,847,692
MICD 13David Anthony "Dude" DudenhoeferRepublican  $906,560
MICD 13D. Etta WilcoxonGreen   
MICD 13Articia BomerU.S. Taxpayers   
MICD 13Sam JohnsonWorking Class   
MICD 14Brenda Lulenar Lawrence (I)Democratic  $971,572
MICD 14Robert Vance PatrickRepublican  $39,256
MICD 14Clyde K. ShabazzGreen   
MICD 14Lisa Lane GioiaLibertarian   
MICD 14Philip KolodyWorking Class   
MNCD 01Daniel "Dan" FeehanDemocratic-Farmer Labor  $4,320,490
MNCD 01James "Jim" Hagedorn (I)Republican  $2,231,724
MNCD 01Bill RoodGrassroots - Legalize Cannabis   
MNCD 02Angela Dawn "Angie" Craig (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $5,282,998
MNCD 02Tyler KistnerRepublican  $2,649,438
MNCD 02Adam Charles WeeksLegal Marijuana Now   
MNCD 03Dean Phillips (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $2,258,830
MNCD 03Kendall QuallsRepublican  $1,756,938
MNCD 04Betty McCollum (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $966,136
MNCD 04Gene RechtzigelRepublican  $20,075
MNCD 04Susan Pendergast SindtGrassroots - Legalize Cannabis   
MNCD 05Ilhan Omar (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $5,529,213
MNCD 05Lacy JohnsonRepublican  $10,186,514
MNCD 05Michael MooreLegal Marijuana Now   
MNCD 06Tawnja R. ZahradkaDemocratic-Farmer Labor  $52,563
MNCD 06Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer, Jr. (I)Republican  $2,660,488
MNCD 07Collin Clark Peterson (I)Democratic-Farmer Labor  $2,296,120
MNCD 07Michelle FischbachRepublican  $2,209,132
MNCD 07Rae Hart AndersonGrassroots - Legalize Cannabis   
MNCD 07Slater JohnsonLegalize Marijuana Party   
MNCD 08Quinn Reabe NystromDemocratic-Farmer Labor  $1,281,274
MNCD 08Peter Allen "Pete" Stauber (I)Republican  $2,480,833
MNCD 08Judith SchwartzbackerGrassroots - Legalize Cannabis   
MOCD 01Cori BushDemocratic  $1,165,085
MOCD 01Anthony RogersRepublican   
MOCD 01Alex FurmanLibertarian   
MOCD 02Jill Darlyne SchuppDemocratic  $4,156,159
MOCD 02Ann L. Wagner (I)Republican  $4,922,497
MOCD 02Martin SchulteLibertarian   
MOCD 02Gina BufeWrite-in   
MOCD 03Megan RezabekDemocratic   
MOCD 03W. Blaine Luetkemeyer (I)Republican  $1,851,231
MOCD 03Leonard J. Steinman, IILibertarian   
MOCD 04Lindsey Nicole SimmonsDemocratic  $351,710
MOCD 04Vicky Jo Hartzler (I)Republican  $1,627,749
MOCD 04Steven K. KoonseLibertarian   
MOCD 05Emanuel Cleaver, II (I)Democratic  $1,236,809
MOCD 05Ryan DerksRepublican  $66,272
MOCD 05Robin DominickLibertarian   
MOCD 05Antwain D. WintersWrite-in   
MOCD 06Gena L. RossDemocratic  $9,195
MOCD 06Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr. (I)Republican  $1,810,956
MOCD 06James "Jim" HigginsLibertarian   
MOCD 07Teresa MontsenyDemocratic   
MOCD 07Billy Long (I)Republican  $1,294,127
MOCD 07Kevin CraigLibertarian   
MOCD 07Audrey RichardsWrite-in  $7,985
MOCD 08Kathryn Gail "Kathy" EllisDemocratic  $289,424
MOCD 08Jason T. Smith (I)Republican  $1,710,203
MOCD 08Tom SchmitzLibertarian   
MSCD 01Antonia EliasonDemocratic  $18,725
MSCD 01John Trent "Trent" Kelly (I)Republican  $765,791
MSCD 02Bennie G. Thompson (I)Democratic  $1,238,220
MSCD 02Brian Wesley FlowersRepublican   
MSCD 03Dorothy "Dot" BenfordDemocratic   
MSCD 03Michael Patrick Guest (I)Republican  $710,209
MSCD 04Steven McCarty Palazzo (I)Republican  $739,786
MTAt-LargeKathleen WilliamsDemocratic  $5,439,892
MTAt-LargeMatt RosendaleRepublican  $3,351,099
NCCD 01George Kenneth "G. K." Butterfield, Jr. (I)Democratic  $898,215
NCCD 01Sandy Lee SmithRepublican  $1,571,634
NCCD 02Deborah Koff RossDemocratic  $2,090,358
NCCD 02Alan David SwainRepublican  $98,869
NCCD 02Japheth Nthautha "Jeff" MatemuLibertarian  $625
NCCD 03Daryl Trent FarrowDemocratic   
NCCD 03Gregory Francis "Greg" Murphy (I)Republican  $1,715,893
NCCD 04David Eugene Price (I)Democratic  $1,056,295
NCCD 04Robert James ThomasRepublican   
NCCD 05David Wilson BrownDemocratic  $55,901
NCCD 05Virginia Ann Foxx (I)Republican  $1,754,808
NCCD 05Jeffrey Dale "Jeff" GregoryConstitution   
NCCD 06Kathy Ellen ManningDemocratic  $1,920,849
NCCD 06Joseph Lee "Lee" HaywoodRepublican  $61,051
NCCD 07Christopher Mitchell "Chris" WardDemocratic  $16,260
NCCD 07David Cheston Rouzer (I)Republican  $1,505,952
NCCD 08Patricia "Pat" Timmons-GoodsonDemocratic  $3,313,984
NCCD 08Richard Lane Hudson, Jr. (I)Republican  $3,730,742
NCCD 09Cynthia Lee WallaceDemocratic  $655,109
NCCD 09James Daniel "Dan" Bishop (I)Republican  $4,276,218
NCCD 10David Payne ParkerDemocratic  $25,889
NCCD 10Patrick Timothy McHenry (I)Republican  $2,640,226
NCCD 11Morris Durham "Moe" DavisDemocratic  $1,768,494
NCCD 11David Madison "Madison" CawthornRepublican  $3,610,552
NCCD 11Tamara Lynn ZwinakGreen   
NCCD 11Tracey Nathaniel DeBruhlLibertarian   
NCCD 12Alma Shealey Adams (I)Democratic  $770,828
NCCD 13Jeffrey Scott "Scott" HuffmanDemocratic  $169,458
NCCD 13Theodore Paul "Ted" Budd (I)Republican  $2,176,735
NDAt-LargeZachary "Zach" RaknerudDemocratic-Nonpartisan League  $24,936
NDAt-LargeKelly M. Armstrong (I)Republican  $1,178,090
NDAt-LargeSteven James PetersonLibertarian   
NECD 01Kate BolzDemocratic  $1,019,809
NECD 01Jeffrey Lane "Jeff" Fortenberry (I)Republican  $1,353,753
NECD 01Dennis B. GraceLibertarian   
NECD 02Kara EastmanDemocratic  $3,679,215
NECD 02Donald John "Don" Bacon (I)Republican  $3,436,522
NECD 02Tyler SchaefferLibertarian   
NECD 03Mark Elworth, Jr.Democratic  $109
NECD 03Adrian M. Smith (I)Republican  $1,383,624
NECD 03Dustin C. HobbsLibertarian   
NHCD 01Christopher C. "Chris" Pappas (I)Democratic  $2,862,085
NHCD 01Matt MowersRepublican  $1,438,407
NHCD 01Zachary Steven DumontLibertarian   
NHCD 02Ann McLane "Annie" Kuster (I)Democratic  $2,845,574
NHCD 02Steven "Steve" NegronRepublican  $411,756
NHCD 02Andrew J. "AJ" OldingLibertarian   
NJCD 01Donald W. Norcross (I)Democratic  $2,084,579
NJCD 01Claire H. GustafsonRepublican  $64,790
NJCD 02Amy KennedyDemocratic  $4,246,027
NJCD 02Jeff Van Drew (I)Republican  $3,882,038
NJCD 02Jesse EhrnstromLibertarian   
NJCD 02Jenna HarveyJustice Mercy Humility   
NJCD 03Andrew "Andy" Kim (I)Democratic  $6,784,683
NJCD 03David L. RichterRepublican  $1,458,084
NJCD 03Martin WeberFor The People   
NJCD 03Robert ShapiroIndependent Constitutional Candidate   
NJCD 04Stephanie SchmidDemocratic  $751,378
NJCD 04Christopher Henry "Chris" Smith (I)Republican  $1,253,965
NJCD 04Michael J. RufoLibertarian   
NJCD 04Andrew PachutaCommon Sense   
NJCD 04Hank SchroederMake Change Happen   
NJCD 05Joshua S. "Josh" Gottheimer (I)Democratic  $7,060,970
NJCD 05Frank T. PallottaRepublican  $1,975,154
NJCD 05Louis A. "Lou" VellucciAmerican Values  $5,056
NJCD 05Anthony ContiOther   
NJCD 06Frank Pallone, Jr. (I)Democratic  $2,992,037
NJCD 06Christian OnuohaRepublican   
NJCD 07Tom Malinowski (I)Democratic  $6,400,253
NJCD 07Thomas H. "Tom" Kean, Jr.Republican  $3,537,094
NJCD 08Albio Sires (I)Democratic  $532,081
NJCD 08Jason Todd MushnickRepublican   
NJCD 08Dan DelaneyLibertarian   
NJCD 09William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr. (I)Democratic  $1,415,468
NJCD 09William Sreboe "Billy" PrempehRepublican  $32,753
NJCD 09Chris AuriemmaVeteran For Change   
NJCD 10Donald M. Payne, Jr. (I)Democratic  $492,093
NJCD 10Jennifer "Jen" ZinoneRepublican   
NJCD 10John MirrioneLibertarian   
NJCD 10Khaliah "Liah" FitchetteBuilding Your Legacy   
NJCD 10Akil KhalfaniIndependent   
NJCD 11Rebecca Michelle "Mikie" Sherrill (I)Democratic  $6,070,754
NJCD 11Rosemary BecchiRepublican  $1,349,387
NJCD 12Bonnie Watson Coleman (I)Democratic  $743,651
NJCD 12Mark RazzoliRepublican  $3,065
NJCD 12Robert Edward "Ed" "NJ Weedman" ForchionIndependent   
NJCD 12Kenneth J. "Ken" CodyTruth Vision Hope   
NMCD 01Debra A. "Deb" Haaland (I)Democratic  $2,058,799
NMCD 01Michelle Garcia HolmesRepublican  $383,809
NMCD 02Xochitl Torres Small (I)Democratic  $7,581,516
NMCD 02Stella Yvette "Yvette" HerrellRepublican  $2,556,145
NMCD 02Steve JonesWrite-in  $9,405
NMCD 03Teresa Leger FernandezDemocratic  $2,176,459
NMCD 03Alexis M. JohnsonRepublican  $139,065
NMCD 03Angela Gale MoralesWrite-in   
NVCD 01Alice Costandina "Dina" Titus (I)Democratic  $675,610
NVCD 01Joyce BentleyRepublican   
NVCD 01Robert Van Strawder, Jr.Libertarian   
NVCD 01Kamau Akil BakariIndependent American   
NVCD 01Joseph Maridon, Jr.No Political Party   
NVCD 02Patricia Geraldene AckermanDemocratic  $391,453
NVCD 02Mark Eugene Amodei (I)Republican  $963,854
NVCD 02Janine HansenIndependent American   
NVCD 03Susan Kelley "Susie" Lee (I)Democratic  $4,383,560
NVCD 03Daniel Stephen "Dan" "Big Dan" RodimerRepublican  $2,705,985
NVCD 03Steven Paul "Steve" BrownLibertarian   
NVCD 03Edward Stafford "Ed" Bridges, IIIndependent American   
NVCD 04Steven Alexzander Horsford (I)Democratic  $3,224,324
NVCD 04James Carl "Jim" Marchant, Jr.Republican  $1,384,344
NVCD 04Jonathan Royce EstebanLibertarian  $2,788
NVCD 04Barry Lewis RubinsonIndependent American   
NYCD 01Nancy S. GoroffDemocratic; Working Families  $5,916,989
NYCD 01Lee Michael Zeldin (I)Republican; Conservative; Independence  $7,522,856
NYCD 02Jacqueline A. "Jackie" GordonDemocratic; Independence; Working Families  $3,788,417
NYCD 02Andrew R. GarbarinoRepublican; Libertarian; Conservative; Serve America Movement  $1,430,053
NYCD 02Harry R. BurgerGreen  $1,848
NYCD 03Thomas R. "Tom" Suozzi (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families  $2,758,938
NYCD 03George Anthony Devolder-SantosRepublican; Conservative  $369,984
NYCD 03Howard RabinLibertarian   
NYCD 04Kathleen M. Rice (I)Democratic  $962,742
NYCD 04Douglas TumanRepublican; Conservative  $88,269
NYCD 04Joseph NahamGreen   
NYCD 05Gregory Weldon Meeks (I)Democratic  $1,779,610
NYCD 06Grace Meng (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,224,672
NYCD 06Thomas J. ZmichRepublican; Libertarian; Conservative; Save Our City  $129,919
NYCD 07Nydia Margarita Velázquez (I)Democratic; Working Families  $737,057
NYCD 07Brian W. KellyRepublican; Conservative   
NYCD 07Gilbert MidonnetLibertarian   
NYCD 08Hakeem S. Jeffries (I)Democratic; Working Families  $3,937,739
NYCD 08Garfield H. WallaceRepublican; Conservative   
NYCD 09Yvette D. Clarke (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,138,487
NYCD 09Constantine Jean-PierreRepublican; Conservative   
NYCD 09Gary S. PopkinLibertarian   
NYCD 09Joel Anabilah-AzumahServe America Movement   
NYCD 10Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" Nadler (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,746,485
NYCD 10Cathy BernsteinRepublican; Conservative  $49,975
NYCD 10Michael MadridLibertarian  $13,795
NYCD 11Max N. Rose (I)Democratic; Independence  $8,373,990
NYCD 11Nicole MalliotakisRepublican; Conservative  $3,087,345
NYCD 12Carolyn Bosher Maloney (I)Democratic  $2,804,657
NYCD 12Carlos Santiago-CanoRepublican; Conservative   
NYCD 12Steven KöllnLibertarian   
NYCD 13Adriano Espaillat (I)Democratic; Working Families  $977,329
NYCD 13Lovelynn GwinnRepublican  $37,063
NYCD 13Christopher Morris-PerryConservative   
NYCD 14Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I)Democratic  $17,778,072
NYCD 14John C. CummingsRepublican; Conservative  $9,614,161
NYCD 14Michelle Caruso-CabreraServe America Movement  $3,399,792
NYCD 15Ritchie John TorresDemocratic  $1,982,748
NYCD 15Patrick DelicesRepublican; Conservative   
NYCD 16Jamaal A. BowmanDemocratic  $2,745,373
NYCD 16Patrick McManusConservative   
NYCD 16Kenneth SchaefferWorking Families   
NYCD 17Mondaire JonesDemocratic; Working Families  $2,777,733
NYCD 17Maureen B. McArdle SchulmanRepublican  $46,555
NYCD 17Yehudis GottesfeldConservative  $36,928
NYCD 17Joshua "Josh" EisenEducation, Community, Law  $1,614,836
NYCD 17Michael I. "Mike" PariettiServe America Movement  $44,787
NYCD 18Sean Patrick Maloney (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families  $2,460,116
NYCD 18Chele Chiavacci FarleyRepublican; Conservative  $1,138,413
NYCD 18Scott A. SmithLibertarian; Serve America Movement  $7,513
NYCD 19Antonio Delgado (I)Democratic; Serve America Movement; Working Families  $5,758,760
NYCD 19Kyle Van De WaterRepublican  $130,476
NYCD 19Steven "Steve" GreenfieldGreen   
NYCD 19Victoria N. AlexanderLibertarian   
NYCD 20Paul David Tonko (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families  $1,435,356
NYCD 20Elizabeth L. "Liz" JoyRepublican; Conservative; Serve America Movement  $351,053
NYCD 21Tedra L. CobbDemocratic; Working Families  $5,327,900
NYCD 21Elise M. Stefanik (I)Republican; Conservative; Independence  $11,463,045
NYCD 22Anthony J. Brindisi (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families  $5,482,309
NYCD 22Claudia TenneyRepublican; Conservative  $2,117,884
NYCD 22Keith D. Price, Jr.Libertarian   
NYCD 23Tracy MitranoDemocratic; Working Families  $1,388,976
NYCD 23Thomas W. "Tom" Reed, II (I)Republican; Conservative; Independence  $3,170,540
NYCD 23Andrew Martin KolsteeLibertarian   
NYCD 24Dana BalterDemocratic  $2,760,982
NYCD 24John M. Katko (I)Republican; Conservative; Independence  $3,547,568
NYCD 24Steven "Steve" WilliamsWorking Families   
NYCD 25Joseph D. "Joe" Morelle (I)Democratic; Independence; Working Families  $1,304,715
NYCD 25George MitrisRepublican; Conservative  $301,376
NYCD 25Kevin A. WilsonLibertarian  $5,128
NYCD 26Brian M. Higgins (I)Democratic; Serve America Movement; Working Families  $1,046,181
NYCD 26Ricky Thomas Donovan, Sr.Republican   
NYCD 26Michael P. "Mike" RaleighGreen   
NYCD 27Nathan "Nate" McMurrayDemocratic; Working Families  $1,075,495
NYCD 27Christopher L. "Chris" JacobsRepublican; Conservative; Independence  $1,974,494
NYCD 27Duane James WhitmerLibertarian  $35,470
OHCD 01Kate SchroderDemocratic  $3,510,045
OHCD 01Steven J. "Steve" Chabot (I)Republican  $2,878,279
OHCD 01Kevin David KahnLibertarian  $11,658
OHCD 01Kiumars G. KianiWrite-in   
OHCD 02Jaime M. CastleDemocratic  $264,913
OHCD 02Brad R. Wenstrup (I)Republican  $1,640,400
OHCD 02James Joseph "Jim" Condit, Jr.Write-in   
OHCD 03Joyce B. Beatty (I)Democratic  $2,137,892
OHCD 03Mark Francis RichardsonRepublican   
OHCD 03Nicholas D. MossWrite-in  $1,258
OHCD 04Shannon M. FreshourDemocratic  $1,353,908
OHCD 04James D. "Jim" Jordan (I)Republican  $16,171,913
OHCD 04Steve PerkinsLibertarian   
OHCD 05Nick RubandoDemocratic  $246,523
OHCD 05Robert Edward "Bob" Latta (I)Republican  $1,508,533
OHCD 06Shawna A. RobertsDemocratic  $262
OHCD 06Bill Johnson (I)Republican  $1,765,335
OHCD 07Quentin PotterDemocratic  $13,006
OHCD 07Robert Brian "Bob" Gibbs (I)Republican  $764,602
OHCD 07Brandon Michael LapeLibertarian  $3,228
OHCD 08Vanessa L. EnochDemocratic  $40,403
OHCD 08Warren Davidson (I)Republican  $969,809
OHCD 09Marcia Carolyn "Marcy" Kaptur (I)Democratic  $1,003,970
OHCD 09Robert Marion "Rob" WeberRepublican  $125,072
OHCD 10Desiree TimsDemocratic  $1,718,819
OHCD 10Michael R. "Mike" Turner (I)Republican  $1,607,652
OHCD 11Marcia L. Fudge (I)Democratic  $713,889
OHCD 11Laverne GoreRepublican  $148,085
OHCD 12Alaina ShearerDemocratic  $920,796
OHCD 12William Troy "Troy" Balderson (I)Republican  $1,941,666
OHCD 12John S. StewartLibertarian  $160,045
OHCD 13Timothy J. "Tim" Ryan (I)Democratic  $1,621,860
OHCD 13Christina M. HaganRepublican  $792,590
OHCD 13Michael "Mike" FrickeLibertarian   
OHCD 14Hillary O'Connor "Toro" MueriDemocratic  $540,165
OHCD 14David P. "Dave" Joyce (I)Republican  $2,816,027
OHCD 15Joel Newby, IIIDemocratic  $50,939
OHCD 15Steve E. Stivers (I)Republican  $2,887,253
OHCD 15Shane HoffmanWrite-in   
OHCD 16Aaron Paul GodfreyDemocratic  $55,605
OHCD 16Anthony E. GonzalezRepublican  $2,300,156
OKCD 01Kojo Asamoa-CaesarDemocratic  $162,138
OKCD 01Kevin R. Hern (I)Republican  $1,322,380
OKCD 01Evelyn L. RogersIndependent   
OKCD 02Danyell LanierDemocratic  $30,860
OKCD 02Markwayne Mullin (I)Republican  $1,502,956
OKCD 02Richie CastaldoLibertarian   
OKCD 03Zoe Ann MidyettDemocratic   
OKCD 03Frank D. Lucas (I)Republican  $821,925
OKCD 04Mary BrannonDemocratic  $2,543
OKCD 04Thomas Jeffery "Tom" Cole (I)Republican  $1,617,632
OKCD 04Bob WhiteLibertarian   
OKCD 05Kendra S. Horn (I)Democratic  $5,489,827
OKCD 05Stephanie BiceRepublican  $3,125,174
ORCD 01Suzanne M. Bonamici (I)Democratic; Working Families  $874,626
ORCD 01Christopher C. "Chris" ChristensenRepublican   
ORCD 02Alex SpenserDemocratic  $19,280
ORCD 02Cliff BentzRepublican  $1,304,898
ORCD 02Robert WerchLibertarian   
ORCD 03Earl Blumenauer (I)Democratic; Working Families  $1,685,651
ORCD 03Joanna M. HarbourRepublican  $11,159
ORCD 03Josh SolomonLibertarian   
ORCD 03Alex C. DiBlasiPacific Green   
ORCD 04Peter Anthony "Pete" DeFazio (I)Democratic; Independent Party of Oregon; Working Families  $3,815,706
ORCD 04Alek SkarlatosRepublican  $4,487,255
ORCD 04Daniel HoffayPacific Green   
ORCD 05Walter Kurt "Kurt" Schrader (I)Democratic  $1,882,100
ORCD 05Amy Ryan CourserRepublican  $186,913
ORCD 05Matthew James RixLibertarian   
PACD 01Christina M. "Chris" FinelloDemocratic  $1,837,899
PACD 01Brian K. Fitzpatrick (I)Republican  $3,892,962
PACD 02Brendan F. Boyle (I)Democratic  $1,354,928
PACD 02David TorresRepublican   
PACD 03Dwight Evans (I)Democratic  $893,748
PACD 03Michael HarveyRepublican   
PACD 04Madeleine Dean Cunnane (I)Democratic  $1,382,298
PACD 04Kathy BarnetteRepublican  $837,660
PACD 05Mary Gay Scanlon (I)Democratic  $1,339,466
PACD 05Dasha Yermakova PruettRepublican  $86,488
PACD 06Christina Jampoler "Chrissy" Houlahan (I)Democratic  $3,380,533
PACD 06John Williams EmmonsRepublican  $722,592
PACD 07Susan Ellis Wild (I)Democratic  $4,275,144
PACD 07Lisa SchellerRepublican  $3,630,938
PACD 08Matthew Alton "Matt" Cartwright (I)Democratic  $3,591,280
PACD 08James Rocco "Jim" BognetRepublican  $1,242,252
PACD 09Gary Steven WegmanDemocratic  $186,679
PACD 09Daniel Philip "Dan" Meuser (I)Republican  $942,880
PACD 10Eugene A. DePasqualeDemocratic  $3,776,993
PACD 10Scott G. Perry (I)Republican  $3,544,526
PACD 11Sarah E. HammondDemocratic  $23,899
PACD 11Lloyd K. Smucker (I)Republican  $1,205,378
PACD 12Lee GriffinDemocratic  $39,322
PACD 12Frederick B. "Fred" Keller (I)Republican  $1,478,472
PACD 12Elizabeth "Liz" TerwilligerWrite-in  $6,171
PACD 13Raymond Todd "Todd" RowleyDemocratic  $57,585
PACD 13John Joyce (I)Republican  $1,041,099
PACD 14William A. "Bill" Marx, IIIDemocratic  $49,860
PACD 14Guy L. Reschenthaler (I)Republican  $2,011,580
PACD 15Robert M. WilliamsDemocratic   
PACD 15Glenn William "G.T." Thompson, Jr. (I)Republican  $1,602,027
PACD 16Kristy Marie GnibusDemocratic  $526,585
PACD 16George J. "Mike" Kelly, Jr. (I)Republican  $2,156,901
PACD 17Conor James Lamb (I)Democratic  $3,611,392
PACD 17Richard Sean "Sean" ParnellRepublican  $3,121,859
PACD 18Michael F. "Mike" Doyle (I)Democratic  $943,974
PACD 18Luke Edison NegronRepublican  $51,614
RICD 01David N. Cicilline (I)Democratic  $1,527,298
RICD 01Jeffrey Edward LemireIndependent   
RICD 01Frederick J. Joseph "Fred" WysockiIndependent  $12,759
RICD 02James R. "Jim" Langevin (I)Democratic  $1,037,904
RICD 02Robbert B. "Bob" LanciaRepublican  $47,737
SCCD 01Joseph Kendrick "Joe" Cunningham (I)Democratic  $6,395,890
SCCD 01Nancy R. MaceRepublican  $4,990,129
SCCD 02Adair Ford BoroughsDemocratic  $2,358,918
SCCD 02Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson, Sr. (I)Republican  $1,531,734
SCCD 02Kathleen K. WrightConstitution   
SCCD 03Hosea N. ClevelandDemocratic  $23,524
SCCD 03Jeffrey D. "Jeff" Duncan (I)Republican  $1,381,384
SCCD 04Kimberly "Kim" NelsonDemocratic  $159,797
SCCD 04William Richardson Timmons, IV (I)Republican  $1,287,568
SCCD 04Michael G. ChandlerConstitution   
SCCD 05Mauricus "Moe" BrownDemocratic  $444,380
SCCD 05Ralph W. Norman, Jr. (I)Republican  $957,252
SCCD 06James Enos "Jim" Clyburn (I)Democratic  $3,210,044
SCCD 06John David McCollumRepublican   
SCCD 06Mark HackettConstitution   
SCCD 07Melissa Ward WatsonDemocratic  $127,058
SCCD 07Hugh Thompson "Tom" Rice, Jr. (I)Republican  $1,350,189
SDAt-LargeDustin "Dusty" Johnson (I)Republican  $1,595,085
SDAt-LargeRandy "Uriah" LuallinLibertarian   
TNCD 01Blair Nicole WalsinghamDemocratic  $140,209
TNCD 01Diana HarshbargerRepublican  $1,906,910
TNCD 01Steve HolderIndependent   
TNCD 01Josh BergerWrite-in   
TNCD 02Renee HoyosDemocratic  $760,587
TNCD 02Tim Burchett (I)Republican  $1,247,662
TNCD 02Matthew L. CampbellIndependent   
TNCD 03Meg GormanDemocratic  $79,990
TNCD 03Charles J. "Chuck" Fleischmann (I)Republican  $972,733
TNCD 03Amber L. HysellIndependent   
TNCD 03Keith Douglas SweitzerIndependent   
TNCD 04Christopher Jolly HaleDemocratic  $239,160
TNCD 04Scott Eugene DesJarlais (I)Republican  $312,579
TNCD 05James H. S. "Jim" Cooper (I)Democratic  $884,492
TNCD 06Christopher Martin "Chris" FinleyDemocratic   
TNCD 06John W. Rose (I)Republican  $1,300,511
TNCD 06Christopher Brian MondayIndependent   
TNCD 07Kiran SreepadaDemocratic  $180,776
TNCD 07Mark E. Green (I)Republican  $1,213,027
TNCD 07Ronald BrownIndependent   
TNCD 07Scott Anthony Vieira, Jr.Independent  $655
TNCD 08Erika Stotts-PearsonDemocratic  $18,910
TNCD 08David Kustoff (I)Republican  $1,645,400
TNCD 08Jon DillardIndependent   
TNCD 08James L. HartIndependent  $243
TNCD 09Stephen Ira "Steve" Cohen (I)Democratic  $572,207
TNCD 09Charlotte BergmannRepublican  $100,815
TNCD 09Dennis Jeffrey ClarkIndependent  $2,589
TNCD 09Bobby LyonsIndependent   
TXCD 01Hank GilbertDemocratic  $690,269
TXCD 01Louis B. "Louie" Gohmert, Jr. (I)Republican  $507,444
TXCD 02Sima Jandaghi LadjevardianDemocratic  $3,371,749
TXCD 02Daniel "Dan" Crenshaw (I)Republican  $16,281,036
TXCD 02Elliott Robert ScheirmanLibertarian  $15,219
TXCD 03Helane Sawsan "Lulu" SeikalyDemocratic  $1,293,708
TXCD 03Nicholas V. "Van" Taylor (I)Republican  $2,610,344
TXCD 03Christopher J. "Chris" ClaytorLibertarian   
TXCD 04Russell FosterDemocratic   
TXCD 04Patrick "Pat" FallonRepublican  $164,396
TXCD 04Lou AntonelliLibertarian   
TXCD 04Tracy Shawn JonesWrite-in  $12,702
TXCD 05Carolyn SalterDemocratic  $314,660
TXCD 05Lance Gooden (I)Republican  $1,518,273
TXCD 05Kevin A. HaleLibertarian  $18,405
TXCD 06Stephen DanielDemocratic  $600,470
TXCD 06Ron Wright (I)Republican  $842,815
TXCD 06Melanie A. BlackLibertarian   
TXCD 07Elizabeth Pannill "Lizzie" Fletcher (I)Democratic  $5,925,143
TXCD 07Wesley HuntRepublican  $6,554,639
TXCD 07Leonard Shawn KellyLibertarian   
TXCD 08Elizabeth "Liz" HernandezDemocratic  $16,724
TXCD 08Kevin Patrick Brady (I)Republican  $3,349,724
TXCD 08Chris DuncanLibertarian   
TXCD 09Alexander "Al" Green (I)Democratic  $431,842
TXCD 09Johnny Mark TeagueRepublican  $79,739
TXCD 09Jose R. SosaLibertarian   
TXCD 10Michael "Mike" SiegelDemocratic  $2,374,916
TXCD 10Michael T. McCaul (I)Republican  $3,519,733
TXCD 10Roy EriksenLibertarian   
TXCD 11Jon Mark HoggDemocratic  $125,357
TXCD 11August Lee Pfluger, IIRepublican  $2,363,245
TXCD 11Wacey Alpha CodyLibertarian   
TXCD 12Lisa Renea WelchDemocratic  $114,893
TXCD 12Kay N. Granger (I)Republican  $3,142,002
TXCD 12Trey HolcombLibertarian  $967
TXCD 13Gus Luis TrujilloDemocratic  $20,020
TXCD 13Ronny Lynn JacksonRepublican  $1,768,670
TXCD 13Jack B. WestbrookLibertarian   
TXCD 14Adrienne BellDemocratic  $234,868
TXCD 14Randy Weber (I)Republican  $839,636
TXCD 15Vicente Gonzalez (I)Democratic  $1,160,948
TXCD 15Monica De La Cruz-HernandezRepublican  $392,563
TXCD 15Ross Lynn LeoneLibertarian   
TXCD 16Veronica Escobar (I)Democratic  $1,021,114
TXCD 16Irene Armendariz-JacksonRepublican  $108,645
TXCD 17Richard "Rick" KennedyDemocratic  $202,935
TXCD 17Peter Andrew "Pete" SessionsRepublican  $1,267,387
TXCD 17Ted BrownLibertarian  $2,841
TXCD 18Sheila Jackson Lee (I)Democratic  $5,808,413
TXCD 18Wendell ChampionRepublican  $278,997
TXCD 18Luke SpencerLibertarian  $990
TXCD 18Vince DuncanIndependent   
TXCD 19Thomas W. "Tom" WatsonDemocratic  $47,242
TXCD 19Jodey Cook Arrington (I)Republican  $2,296,921
TXCD 19Joe BurnesLibertarian   
TXCD 20Joaquin Castro (I)Democratic  $643,809
TXCD 20Mauro Everett GarzaRepublican  $158,248
TXCD 20Jeffrey C. BluntLibertarian   
TXCD 21Wendy R. DavisDemocratic  $8,830,617
TXCD 21Chip Roy (I)Republican  $4,572,715
TXCD 21Tommy WakelyGreen   
TXCD 21Arthur DiBiancaLibertarian   
TXCD 22Sri Preston KulkarniDemocratic  $4,990,272
TXCD 22Troy E. NehlsRepublican  $1,542,282
TXCD 22Joseph LeBlanc, Jr.Libertarian   
TXCD 23Gina Ortiz JonesDemocratic  $6,238,147
TXCD 23Ernest Anthony "Tony" Gonzales, IIRepublican  $2,385,427
TXCD 23Beto VillelaLibertarian   
TXCD 24Candace ValenzuelaDemocratic  $4,070,283
TXCD 24Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Van DuyneRepublican  $2,853,070
TXCD 24Darren J. HamiltonLibertarian  $570
TXCD 24Mark Andrew BauerIndependent  $22,651
TXCD 24Stephen "Steve" KuzmichIndependent  $175,004
TXCD 25Julie Lynn OliverDemocratic  $1,833,298
TXCD 25Roger Williams (I)Republican  $2,171,438
TXCD 25Bill KelseyLibertarian   
TXCD 26Carol Higbee IannuzziDemocratic  $138,597
TXCD 26Michael C. Burgess (I)Republican  $1,584,625
TXCD 26Mark BolerLibertarian   
TXCD 27Ricardo "Rick" "Ricky" De La FuenteDemocratic  $1,156,280
TXCD 27Michael J. Cloud (I)Republican  $968,196
TXCD 27Phil GrayLibertarian   
TXCD 28Henry R. Cuellar (I)Democratic  $2,599,127
TXCD 28Sandra Linn WhittenRepublican  $21,644
TXCD 28Bekah CongdonLibertarian   
TXCD 29Sylvia R. Garcia (I)Democratic  $806,036
TXCD 29Jaimy Annette Zouboulikos-BlancoRepublican  $4,378
TXCD 29Phil KurtzLibertarian   
TXCD 30Eddie Bernice Johnson (I)Democratic  $520,774
TXCD 30Demetrick "Tre" PennieRepublican  $252,935
TXCD 30Eric Lemonte WilliamsIndependent   
TXCD 31Donna ImamDemocratic  $1,102,185
TXCD 31John Rice Carter (I)Republican  $1,994,973
TXCD 31Clark PattersonLibertarian   
TXCD 31Jonathan ScottWrite-in   
TXCD 32Colin Allred (I)Democratic  $5,306,741
TXCD 32Genevieve D. CollinsRepublican  $5,169,478
TXCD 32Christy Mowrey PetersonLibertarian   
TXCD 32Jason SigmonIndependent  $11,791
TXCD 33Marc Allison Veasey (I)Democratic  $1,509,225
TXCD 33Fabian Cordova VasquezRepublican  $35,277
TXCD 33Jason ReevesLibertarian   
TXCD 33Carlos QuintanillaIndependent  $20,464
TXCD 33Renedria Ann "Rene" WeltonIndependent   
TXCD 34Filemon B. Vela (I)Democratic  $892,315
TXCD 34Reynaldo "Rey" Gonzalez, Jr.Republican  $25,042
TXCD 34Anthony CristoLibertarian   
TXCD 34Chris B. RoyalIndependent   
TXCD 35Lloyd Alton Doggett, II (I)Democratic  $1,168,672
TXCD 35Jennifer Garcia "Jenny" SharonRepublican  $18,341
TXCD 35Mark LoeweLibertarian   
TXCD 35Jason Mata, Sr.Independent   
TXCD 36Brandon Rashad "Rashad" LewisDemocratic  $13,683
TXCD 36Brian Babin (I)Republican  $1,245,806
TXCD 36Hal J. "H.J." Ridley, Jr.Green   
TXCD 36Chad AbbeyLibertarian   
UTCD 01Darren Bruce ParryDemocratic  $37,386
UTCD 01Blake David MooreRepublican  $741,656
UTCD 01Taylor LeeWrite-in   
UTCD 01Mikal SmithWrite-in   
UTCD 02John Kael "J. Kael" WestonDemocratic  $303,933
UTCD 02Chris Stewart (I)Republican  $879,487
UTCD 02J. Robert "Rob" LathamLibertarian   
UTCD 03Devin D. ThorpeDemocratic  $179,221
UTCD 03John Curtis (I)Republican  $825,243
UTCD 03Daniel Clyde "Dan" CummingsConstitution   
UTCD 03Thomas G. McNeillUnited Utah  $5,550
UTCD 03J L FWrite-in   
UTCD 03Trey RobinsonWrite-in   
UTCD 04Ben McAdams (I)Democratic  $5,161,740
UTCD 04Burgess OwensRepublican  $4,027,098
UTCD 04John MolnarLibertarian   
UTCD 04Jonia Marie BroderickUnited Utah  $21,394
UTCD 04Jonathan L. PetersonWrite-in   
VACD 01Qasim RashidDemocratic  $1,305,715
VACD 01Robert J. "Rob" Wittman (I)Republican  $1,789,993
VACD 02Elaine G. Luria (I)Democratic  $6,095,493
VACD 02Scott William TaylorRepublican  $2,303,632
VACD 02David Bruce FosterIndependent   
VACD 03Robert Cortez "Bobby" Scott (I)Democratic  $749,187
VACD 03John William Collick, Jr.Republican  $147,503
VACD 04Aston Donald "Donald" McEachin (I)Democratic  $890,472
VACD 04Leon Benjamin, Sr.Republican  $444,996
VACD 05Bryant Cameron "Cameron" WebbDemocratic  $4,661,021
VACD 05Robert G. "Bob" GoodRepublican  $1,175,468
VACD 06Nicholas A. BettsDemocratic  $52,792
VACD 06Benjamin Lee "Ben" Cline (I)Republican  $833,089
VACD 07Abigail A. Spanberger (I)Democratic  $7,912,413
VACD 07Nicholas J. "Nick" FreitasRepublican  $3,219,526
VACD 08Donald Sternoff "Don" Beyer, Jr. (I)Democratic  $1,629,392
VACD 08Jeff A. JordanRepublican  $87,112
VACD 09H. Morgan "Morgan" Griffith (I)Republican  $823,370
VACD 10Jennifer T. Wexton (I)Democratic  $3,800,394
VACD 10Aliscia N. AndrewsRepublican  $1,361,199
VACD 11Gerald Edward "Gerry" Connolly (I)Democratic  $1,921,183
VACD 11Manga A. AnantatmulaRepublican  $241,775
VTAt-LargePeter F. Welch (I)Democratic  $768,959
VTAt-LargeMiriam BerryRepublican   
VTAt-LargeChristopher HelaliCommunist   
VTAt-LargePeter R. BeckerIndependent   
VTAt-LargeMarcia HorneIndependent   
VTAt-LargeShawn OrrIndependent   
VTAt-LargeJerry TrudellIndependent   
WACD 01Jeffrey Allen Beeler, Sr.Republican  $55,305
WACD 01Suzan Kay DelBene (I)Democratic  $2,004,617
WACD 02Timothy Scott "Tim" HazeloRepublican  $24,174
WACD 02Richard Ray "Rick" Larsen (I)Democratic  $1,179,623
WACD 03Jaime Lynn Herrera Beutler (I)Republican  $4,108,966
WACD 03Carolyn N. LongDemocratic  $3,740,753
WACD 04Douglas E. 'Doug" McKinley, Jr.Democratic  $58,040
WACD 04Daniel Milton "Dan" Newhouse (I)Republican  $1,107,484
WACD 05Cathy Ann McMorris Rodgers (I)Republican  $4,044,697
WACD 05Dave WilsonDemocratic  $89,508
WACD 06Derek Kilmer (I)Democratic  $2,418,085
WACD 06Elizabeth KreiselmaierRepublican  $149,345
WACD 07Pramila Jayapal (I)Democratic  $2,499,899
WACD 07Craig KellerRepublican  $3,375
WACD 08Jesse JensenRepublican  $737,604
WACD 08Kim Schrier (I)Democratic  $5,069,528
WACD 09Douglas Michael "Doug" BaslerRepublican  $14,486
WACD 09David Adam "Adam" Smith (I)Democratic  $1,217,403
WACD 10Beth DoglioDemocratic  $1,290,173
WACD 10Martin V. "Marty" McClendonWrite-in  $52,830
WACD 10Marilyn StricklandDemocratic  $1,484,511
WICD 01Roger PolackDemocratic  $483,252
WICD 01Bryan George Steil (I)Republican  $3,246,893
WICD 02Mark Pocan (I)Democratic  $1,161,358
WICD 02Daniel Peter TheronRepublican  $40,485
WICD 03Ronald James "Ron" Kind (I)Democratic  $2,593,762
WICD 03Derrick F. Van OrdenRepublican  $1,777,483
WICD 04Gwendolynne S. "Gwen" Moore (I)Democratic  $1,090,678
WICD 04Tim RogersRepublican   
WICD 04Robert R. RaymondIndependent   
WICD 05Tom PalzewiczDemocratic  $334,184
WICD 05Scott L. FitzgeraldRepublican  $1,049,945
WICD 06Jessica Jeane "Jess" KingDemocratic  $254,631
WICD 06Glenn S. Grothman (I)Republican  $1,625,135
WICD 06Dennis PaulahaWrite-in   
WICD 07Tricia ZunkerDemocratic  $1,201,659
WICD 07Thomas "Tom" Tiffany (I)Republican  $2,483,476
WICD 08Amanda StuckDemocratic  $395,598
WICD 08Michael John "Mike" Gallagher (I)Republican  $3,189,724
WVCD 01Natalie Ann ClineDemocratic  $76,728
WVCD 01David Bennett McKinley (I)Republican  $998,459
WVCD 01Shawn Paul CosnerWrite-in   
WVCD 02Catherine Marie "Cathy" KunkelDemocratic  $579,543
WVCD 02Alexander Xavier "Alex" Mooney (I)Republican  $1,952,639
WVCD 03Hilary Anne TurnerDemocratic  $84,969
WVCD 03Carol Devine Miller (I)Republican  $839,637
WVCD 03Belinda Fox-SpencerWrite-in  $5,119
WYAt-LargeLynnette Grey BullDemocratic  $107,013
WYAt-LargeElizabeth "Liz" Cheney (I)Republican  $2,804,645
WYAt-LargeJeffrey Allen "Jeff" HaggitConstitution   
WYAt-LargeRichard BrubakerLibertarian   
50 states435 offices1,187 candidates   $1,525,347,715

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