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2020 Senatorial Primaries at a Glance

This "at a glance" look at the primary in each State simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order.

boldface followed by (inc) indicates the incumbent

Date State Democrat
R Winner % Second % R Winner % Second %
Tuesday 3 March 2020 Alabama  Jones (inc) P      Tuberville 34% to Sessions 32% poceed to 31 March 2020 Runoff
Arkansas           Cotton (inc) P    
North Carolina  Cunningham D Smith    Tillis (inc)      
Texas  Hegar 22% v West 15% proceed to 26 May 2020 Runoff  Cornyn (inc)      
Tuesday 10 March 2020 Mississippi  Espy        Hyde-Smith (inc) U    
Tuesday 17 March 2020 Illinois  Durbin (inc) U      Curran 41 Hubbard 23
Tuesday 31 March 2020 ArkansasR        R        
Tuesday 12 May 2020 Nebraska  Janicek 31 Philips 24  Sasse (inc)      
Tuesday 19 May 2020 Idaho  Jordan        Risch (inc) U    
Oregon  Merkley (inc) U      Perkins 50 Romero 31
Tuesday 2 June 2020 Iowa  Greenfield 48 Franken 25  Ernst (inc) U    
Montana  Bullock        Daines      
New Mexico  Lugen U      Ronchetti D Martinez  
South Dakota  Ahlers P      Rounds (inc) L Borglum  
Tuesday 9 June 2020 Georgia  Ossoff N Tomlinson    Perdue (inc) U    
South Carolina  Harrison P      Graham (inc) L LaPierre  
West Virginia  Swearengin 38 Ojeda 33  Capito (inc)      
Tuesday 23 June 2020 Kentucky  McGrath 45 Booker 43  McConnell (inc)      
MississippiR        R        
North CarolinaR        R        
South CarolinaR        R        
Virginia  Warner (inc) P      Gade L Baldwin  
Tuesday 30 June 2020 Colorado  Hickenlooper D Romanoff    Gardner (inc) U    
Oklahoma  Broyles D Britt    Inhofe (inc) L Stitt  
Tuesday 7 July 2020 New Jersey  Booker (inc) U      Mehta 40 Singh 34
Tuesday 14 July 2020 AlabamaR        R Tuberville L Sessions  
Maine  Gideon L Sweet    Collins (inc) U    
TexasR Hegar N West  R        
Tuesday 4 August 2020 Arizona  Kelly U      McSally (inc)      
Kansas  Bollier        Marshall 40 Kobach 26
Michigan  Peters (inc) U      James U    
Thursday 6 August 2020 Tennessee  Bradshaw 36 Kimbrough 26  Hagerty N Sethi  
Tuesday 11 August 2020 GeorgiaR        R        
Minnesota  Smith (inc)        Lewis      
South DakotaR        R        
Tuesday 18 August 2020 Alaska  Gross L Howe    Sullivan (inc) U    
Wyoming  Ben-David 41 Ludwig 21  Lummis D Short  
Tuesday 25 August 2020 OklahomaR        R        
Tuesday 1 September 2020 Massachusetts  Markey (inc) D Kennedy    O'Connor D Ayyadurai  
Tuesday 8 September 2020 New Hampshire  Shaheen (inc)        Messner N Bolduc  
Rhode Island  Reed (inc) U      Waters U    
Tuesday 15 September 2020 Delaware  Coons (inc)        Witzke D DeMartino  
Tuesday 3 November 2020 Louisiana                  
Saturday 5 December 2020 Louisiana                  


2020 General Election Outline

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