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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2008)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2008 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2008] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable


Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
3 Incumbents
185 Candidates

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
American Samoa  
ArizonaIndependentHarley Dean MeyerCandidate for House CD 7
ArkansasIndependentRonald Trevor "Trevor" DrownCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentLance LeviCandidate for House CD 2
CaliforniaIndependentNicholas "Nick" DibsCandidate for House CD 37
IndependentJohn Victor HagerCandidate for House CD 23
IndependentCecilia Patricia "Ceci" IglesiasCandidate for House CD 47
ColoradoIndependentJason Andrew NapolitanoCandidate for Senate Class 3
ConnecticutIndependentChristopher "Chris" HutchinsonCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentWarren Bruce MoslerCandidate for Senate Class 3
District of ColumbiaIndependentCarlos AllenCandidate for Mayor
IndependentQueen NobleCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
GeorgiaIndependentEdward "Eugene" MoonCandidate for House CD 9
IdahoIndependentformer state Representative Jana M. KempCandidate for Governor
IndependentDavid Edwin "Dave" OlsonCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentMarvin "Pro-Life" RichardsonCandidate for Governor
IndependentBrian SchadCandidate for House CD 2
Illinois(Independent)Willie "Will" Eugene Boyd, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 3
(Independent)Willie "Will" Eugene Boyd, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentClarence Desmond ClemonsCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentScott Lee CohenCandidate for Governor
(Independent)Shon-Tiyon "Santiago" HortonCandidate for Senate Class 3
(Independent)Shon-Tiyon "Santiago" HortonCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndianaIndependentJesse C. TruebloodCandidate for House CD 5
KentuckyIndependentGatewood GalbraithCandidate for Governor
IndependentMichael D. HansenCandidate for House CD 3
LouisianaIndependentDennis "Dan" "Danny Alan" NorthcuttCandidate for Governor
Maine(Independent)Samuel A. "Samme" "Sam" BaileyCandidate for Governor
(Independent)Edwin S. BraleyCandidate for Governor
(Independent)Beverly Cooper-PeteCandidate for Governor
IndependentEliot R. CutlerCandidate for Governor
(Independent)John JenkinsCandidate for Governor
IndependentShawn H. MoodyCandidate for Governor
IndependentKevin L. ScottCandidate for Governor
MassachusettsIndependentSusan F. AllenCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentPatrick J. BarronCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentDale Edward BrownCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentTreasurer and Receiver-General Timothy P. "Tim" CahillIncumbent Treasurer and Receiver-General
IndependentTreasurer and Receiver-General Timothy P. "Tim" CahillCandidate for Governor
IndependentRobert Michael "Bob" ClarkCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentPhilip L. "Phil" DunkelbargerCandidate for House CD 9
IndependentMichael EngelCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentDonald M. JordanCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentJoseph L. "Joe" KennedyCandidate for Senate Class 1
Independentformer state Representative Maryanne LewisCandidate for House CD 10
Independentformer Quincy Mayor James Andrew "Jim" SheetsCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentJoe van NesCandidate for House CD 10
MinnesotaIndependentMichael James CavlanCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentLinda S. EnoCandidate for Governor
IndependentDavid J. HochCandidate for Attorney General
IndependentAbraham P. "Aubrey" ImmelmanCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentLars Allen JohnsonCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentKenny KalligherCandidate for Auditor
IndependentKen PentelCandidate for Governor
IndependentLynne TorgersonCandidate for House CD 5
Independentformer state Senator Eugene "Gene" WaldorfCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentThomas Christopher "Chris" WrightCandidate for Governor
MississippiIndependentA. G. BaddleyCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentLester L. "Les" GreenCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentRick "Rico" HoskinsCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentWally PangCandidate for House CD 1
MissouriIndependentLawrence David "Larry" BillCandidate for House CD 8
NevadaIndependentEugene "Gino" DiSimoneCandidate for Governor
IndependentMichael L. HainesCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentJesse A. HollandCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentAaron Yehuda HonigCandidate for Governor
IndependentBarry MichaelsCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJeffrey C. ReevesCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentWil StandCandidate for Senate Class 3
New HampshireIndependentChris BoothCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentTimothy "Tim" vanBlommesteynCandidate for House CD 2
New JerseyIndependentMargaret M. ChapmanCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentKenneth J. "Ken" CodyCandidate for House CD 12
IndependentPeter M. DeStefanoCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentLawrence J. "Larry" DonahueCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJack FreudenheimCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentRaymond GiangrassoCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentMark LovettCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentDavid R. MeiswinkleCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentJoanne MillerCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentMaximo Gomez NacerCandidate for House CD 13
IndependentNicky I. PetrutzCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentMark D. QuickCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentJames Douglas RadiganCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentRobert Louis ToussaintCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentVitov Valdes-MunozCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentKaren Anne ZaletelCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentAnthony ZanowicCandidate for House CD 13
New Mexico  
New York  
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Northern MarianasIndependentTerritorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
IndependentTerritorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
OhioIndependentMichael L. PryceCandidate for Senate Class 3
Independentformer Congressman James A. Traficant, Jr.Candidate for House CD 17
OklahomaIndependentRichard E. CooperCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
IndependentClark DuffeCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentRonald F. DwyerCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentAngelia O'DellCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentRichard PrawdzienskiCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
IndependentStephen Paul "Steve" WallaceCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentDave John WhiteCandidate for House CD 5
PennsylvaniaIndependentJoshua A. "Josh" MonighanCandidate for House CD 19
IndependentJames D. "Jim" SchnellerCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentJake TowneCandidate for House CD 15
Puerto Rico  
Rhode IslandIndependentRonald AlgieriCandidate for Governor
IndependentKenneth A. "Ken" CapalboCandidate for House CD 1
Independentformer Senator Lincoln Davenport "Linc" ChafeeCandidate for Governor
IndependentTodd GirouxCandidate for Governor
IndependentRobert J. "Bob" Healey, Jr.Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
IndependentJoseph M. "Joe" LusiCandidate for Governor
IndependentJohn Olaf Matson, Sr.Candidate for House CD 2
IndependentKeven A. McKennaCandidate for Attorney General
IndependentRobert "Rob" RainvilleCandidate for Attorney General
IndependentGregory RaposaCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentRobert P. VenturiniCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
South Carolina  
South DakotaIndependentB. Thomas MarkingCandidate for House At-Large
TennesseeIndependentD.H. "Andy" AndrewCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentDonald "Don" BarkmanCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentBayron E. Binkley, Jr.,Candidate for Governor
IndependentJim BoydCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentStephen William CollingsCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentWilliam "Bill" CrookCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentPaul H. CurtisCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentMark DeVolCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentBrandon DoddsCandidate for Governor
IndependentSamuel David DuckCandidate for Governor
IndependentDavid GatchellCandidate for Governor
IndependentGregory C. "Greg" GoodwinCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentBrandon Eric GoreCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentJames Anthony GrayCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentJune GriffinCandidate for Governor
IndependentToni K. HallCandidate for Governor
IndependentTommy N. HayCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentH. James "Jim" HeadingsCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentRobert HumphriesCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentDonn JanesCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentRichard S. JohnsonCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentMorris F. "Mo" KiahCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentMike KnoisCandidate for Governor
IndependentSavas T. KyriakidisCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJoseph R. "Joe" Leinweber, Jr.Candidate for House CD 2
IndependentBoyce T. McCall, Sr.Candidate for Governor
IndependentDonald Ray McFolinCandidate for Governor
IndependentJohn P. MigliettaCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentJacqueline Marie "Jackie" MillerCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentJoe D. Moore, Jr.Candidate for House CD 5
IndependentLinda Kay PerryCandidate for Governor
IndependentDavid PurcellCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentMark Jeffery RawlesCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentJames ReesorCandidate for Governor
IndependentWilliam Gregory "Greg" SamplesCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentJohn W. "Big John" SmithCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentThomas Smith, IICandidate for Governor
IndependentStephen R. SpragueCandidate for House CD 6
IndependentKermit E. SteckCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentPerry SteeleCandidate for House CD 9
IndependentJ. William "Bill" StoneCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentSandra SullivanCandidate for House CD 9
IndependentHoward M. SwitzerCandidate for Governor
IndependentThomas "Clark" TaylorCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentCarl "Two Feathers" WhitakerCandidate for Governor
IndependentJames Gregory Whitfield, IICandidate for House CD 5
IndependentGerald YorkCandidate for House CD 4
TexasIndependentJames Keith "Keith" DyerCandidate for House CD 13
IndependentMichael "Shane" ShepardCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentCraig T. StephensCandidate for House CD 23
VermontIndependentStephen J. CainCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentDaniel "Dan" FelicianoCandidate for Governor
IndependentDaniel FreilichCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentPeter R. GarritanoCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
IndependentGus JaccaciCandidate for House At-Large
IndependentJohenry NunesCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentEm PeytonCandidate for Governor
IndependentSenator Bernard "Bernie" SandersIncumbent Senate Class 1
IndependentDennis P. SteeleCandidate for Governor
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaIndependentJeffrey Aaron "Jeff" ClarkCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentChristopher F. DeCarloCandidate for House CD 11
IndependentKenneth Eugene "Kenny" GoldenCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentJeremiah David HeatonCandidate for House CD 9
IndependentJohn D. KellyCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJeffrey W. "Jeff" VankeCandidate for House CD 6
WashingtonIndependentBob Jeffers-SchroderCandidate for House CD 7
West Virginia  
WisconsinIndependentEddie Ahmad AyyashCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentJames JamesCandidate for Governor
IndependentGary KautherCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentMichael "Mike" KrsieanCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJames Dean "Jim" LangerCandidate for Governor
(Independent)Patricia MessicciCandidate for Governor
IndependentRobert R. RaymondCandidate for House CD 5
(Independent)Hariprasad "Hari" TrivediCandidate for Governor
Wyoming(Independent)Taylor HaynesCandidate for Governor

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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