The Green Papers: 2016 General Election
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House Seats by State

This is a list of the current House seats and the incumbents occupying them. All 435 of these seats are up for election on 8 November 2016.

There have been 1 death, 3 resignations, and 0 changes of party affiliation in the 114th House.

  • Congressman Michael G. "Mike" Grimm (Republican, New York CD 11) announced his resignation effective 5 January 2015 following his December 2014 conviction on Federal Tax Evasion.
  • Congressman Patrick Alan "Alan" Nunnelee (Republican, Mississippi CD 1) died on 6 February 2015 from cancer.
  • Congressman Aaron Jon Schock (Republican, Illinois CD 18) resigned on 17 March 2015 in light of a Congressional Ethics investigation.
  • Congressman Daniel M. "Dan" Donovan, Jr. (Republican, New York CD 11) is elected in a Special 5 May 2015 election.
  • Congressman John Trent "Trent" Kelly (Republican, Mississippi CD 1) is elected in a Special 12 May 2015 election.
  • Congressman Darin McKay LaHood (Republican, Illinois CD 18) is elected in a Special 10 September 2015 election.
  • Congressman John Andrew Boehner (Republican, Ohio CD 8) resigned on 30 October 2015.

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South Carolina  2-year term. Election Cycle 2016, 2018. No Term Limit.
Partisan Composition: 6 Republican, 1 Democratic

114th Congress
CD 1  
  Candidate American 2,774 0.85% Albert "Al" Travison
FEC H6SC01185
Total 325,170 100.00%  

114th Congress
CD 2  
  Candidate American 11,444 3.75% Eddie McCain
FEC H0SC02053
Total 304,996 100.00%  

114th Congress
CD 5  
  Candidate American 5,388 1.97% Rudolph C. "Rudy" Barnes, Jr.
FEC H6SC05137
Total 273,006 100.00%  

Political Parties    Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.

Major Parties
  Democratic-Farmer Labor
  Democratic-Nonpartisan League
Major Third Parties
  Pacific Green
Other Third Parties
  Alaskan Independence
  Blue Lives Matter
  Economic Growth
  Financial Independence
  For Political Revolution
  Forefathers Party
  Haris Bhatti
  Independent American
  Independent Greens
  Independent Party of Connecticut
  Independent Party of Oregon
  Legal Marijuana Now
  Legalize Marijuana Party
  Liberty Union
  Make Government Work
  Natural Law
  New Beginning's
  NSA Did 911
  People's Choice
  People's Independent Progressive
  Representing the 99%
  Socialist Party USA
  Stop Iran Deal
  Tax Revolt
  Teddy Roosevelt Progressive
  Transparent Gov't
  Trump Conservative
  U.S. Taxpayers
  Upstate Jobs
  Veterans Party of America
  Wake Up America
  We Deserve Better
  We The People
  Women of Power
  Women's Equality
  Working Families
  No Party
  No Party Affiliation
  No Party Preference
  No Poliitical Party
  Nominated By Petition
  Non Affiliated
  Working Class
Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable


Candidates for office appear on this page in italics where 'The Green Papers' does not yet have independent confirmation from a legal election authority that the person has been officially certified to appear on the ballot.

"FEC" indicates the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Finance Summary.

When available, we post each candidate's FEC identification number, the date of their most recently filed Report of Receipts and Disbursements, their "Tot" [Total Receipts (contributions received or what came in: FEC Form 3, Line 16, Column B)] and their "Dsb" [Total Disbursements (expenditures or what was spent: FEC Form 3, Line 23, Column B)]. A link is provided to the Federal Election Commission's Summary Report for those who might wish to explore the details.

If a candidate raises or spends $5,000 or less, he or she is not subject to FEC reporting requirements.


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  Relative Political Party Strength by SECTION and Region coming out of the 2014 General Elections  

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