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2016 Gubernatorial Primaries at a Glance

This "at a glance" look at the primary in each State simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order.

boldface followed by (inc) indicates the incumbent

Date State Democrat
R Winner % Second % R Winner % Second %
Tuesday 15 March 2016 North Carolina  Cooper L Spaulding    McCrory (inc)      
Tuesday 3 May 2016 Indiana  Gregg U      Pence (inc) U    
The winner subsequently withdrew and was replaced by Holcomb
Tuesday 10 May 2016 West Virginia  Justice N Goodwin    Cole U    
Tuesday 17 May 2016 Oregon  Brown (inc)        Pierce 48 Alley 29
Sunday 5 June 2016 Puerto Rico  Nevares N Pierluisi    Bernier P    
Tuesday 7 June 2016 Montana  Bullock (inc)        Gianforte      
Tuesday 14 June 2016 North Dakota  Nelson U      Burgum D Stenehjem  
Tuesday 28 June 2016 Utah  Weinholtz C      Herbert (inc) L Johnson  
Tuesday 2 August 2016 Missouri  Koster        Greitens 35 Brunner 25
Washington  Inslee (Democrat) (inc) 49 Bryant (Republican) 39         
TOP TWO Primary
Tuesday 9 August 2016 Vermont  Minter N Dunne    Scott   Lisman L
Tuesday 13 September 2016 Delaware  Carney P      Bonini L Lafferty  
New Hampshire  Van Ostern N Marchand    Sununu 31 Edelblut 30


2016 General Election Outline

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