The Green Papers: District of Columbia 2008 General Election
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Elections for Statewide offices and Congress
Primary: Tuesday 9 September 2008
General Election: Tuesday 4 November 2008
Electoral Votes:3(0.56% of 538)
2002-2010 Representatives:0(0.00% of 435)
2000 Census:574,096 (0.20% of 281,998,273)
Estimated Voting age population (November 2000):411,000
Registered Voters (November 2000):354,410
Capital:Washington, DC
Tuesday 9 September 2008 polling hours 7:00a EDT (1100 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC).
Tuesday 4 November 2008 polling hours 7:00a EST (1200 UTC) to 8:00p EST (0100 UTC).

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District of Columbia State and Local Government

District of Columbia 2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions:
Democrats, Republicans, Third Parties

04 December 2008: General Election 2008 - Certified Results

07 October 2008: Synchronized with DC Board of Elections and Ethics - Election Year 2008.

Tuesday 9 September 2008 Primary

Returns from an official source.


President  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2008, 2012. Term Limit: No more than 2 4-year terms in a lifetime. Electors: 3 (Winner-take-all), How Appointed, Meeting Place, Duly Appointed Presidential Electors, List of Presidential Candidates.
Up for election in 2008
  Elected Democratic 245,800 92.11% Senator Barack Hussein Obama
(3 Electoral Votes)
Vice President: Senator Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.

FEC P80003338: $778,642,047
  Candidate Republican 17,367 6.51% Senator John Sidney McCain, III
Vice President: Governor Sarah H. Palin

FEC P80002801: $399,826,076
  Candidate Scattering 1,138 0.43% Write In, if any
  Candidate Independent 958 0.36% Ralph Nader
Vice President: Matt Gonzalez

FEC P20000527: $4,520,160
  Candidate Scattering 705 0.26% Under Votes
  Candidate D.C. Statehood Green 590 0.22% former Congressman Cynthia A. McKinney
Vice President: Rosa A. Clemente

FEC P80004930: $240,360
  Candidate Scattering 310 0.12% Over Votes
  Candidate Write-in; (Libertarian)     former Congressman Bob Barr
Vice President: Wayne Allyn Root

FEC P80005580: $1,405,899
Total 266,868 100.00%  

Mayor  4 year term, Election Cycle: 2006, 2010. Home Rule

  Democratic Mayor Adrian M. Fenty
First elected: 2006
Seat up for election: Tuesday 2 November 2010

Delegate to the House of Representatives  2 year term, Election Cycle: 2006, 2008. Home Rule

Seat up for election
Democratic Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
• Re-elected Tuesday 4 November 2008
First elected: 1990; re-elected: 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006
Seat up for election: Tuesday 4 November 2008
Renominated - 9 September 2008 Primary
 Polls: Democratic Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
  Elected Democratic 228,376 92.28% Territorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
FEC H0DC00058: $446,781
  Candidate D.C. Statehood Green 16,693 6.75% Maude Louise Hills
a.k.a. Louise Thundercloud

FEC H8DC00176: Financial report not available
  Candidate Scattering 2,402 0.97% Write In, if any
Total 247,471 100.00%  
 Non-voting Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. A candidate must receive a majority of the popular vote in order to be elected as Delegate to the House. A runoff election is scheduled in the event that no candidate receives the requisite majority.

Political Parties    Parties appear in parenthesis and italics when a candidate receives the endorsement of a given Party and/or official sources indicate a candidate's association with a particular Party but only where the Party in question does not appear on the actual ballot as such.

Major Parties
  Democratic (affiliates): 2 incumbents, 2 candidates
  Republican: 1 candidate
Major Third Parties
  D.C. Statehood Green (affiliate of Green): 2 candidates
  Libertarian: 1 candidate
  Independent: 1 candidate
Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable
  Scattering: 4 candidates
  Write-in: 1 candidate
Candidates running under the banner of more than one party are counted towards each party's total. A candidate who has lost a primary or is apparently no longer a candidate is not counted.


Candidates for office appear on this page in italics where 'The Green Papers' does not yet have independent confirmation from an election authority that the person so listed will actually appear on the ballot.
FEC indicates the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Finance Summary "Total Receipts" for candidates for Federal Office.


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