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Presidential Nominating Process
Primary: Tuesday 8 May 2012
Delegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor Vote
Romney, Willard "Mitt"77,479  69.63%21  67.74%31 100.00%
Santorum, Richard J. "Rick"13,409  12.05%2   6.45% 
Paul, Ronald E. "Ron"12,267  11.02%  
Gingrich, Newton Leroy "Newt"6,983   6.28%  
Roemer, Charles E. "Buddy", III1,131   1.02%  
Uncommitted 5  16.13% 
(available) 3   9.68% 
Total111,269 100.00%31 100.00%31 100.00%

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Unpledged delegate preferences as of
13 March 2012: Romney 2.
Source: Democratic Convention Watch 2012 GOP Superdelegate Endorsement List

The delegate selection processes herein was updated 27 March 2012.


Find the list of 3 April 2012 delegate candidates from the West Virginia Secretary of State here.

8 May 2012 returns from an official source.


Tuesday 8 May 2012: 28 of West Virginia's 31 delegates to the Republican National Convention are elected in the West Virginia Presidential Primary. Each delegate candidate is individually listed on the ballot along with their presidential preference. The candidates receiving the most votes in each contest is elected.

  • 9 district delegates (3 delegates are elected in each of the state's 3 Congressional Districts).
  • 19 at-large delegates (10 at-large plus 9 bonus) are elected statewide.

In addition, 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the West Virginia's Republican Party, will attend the convention as unpledged delegates by virtue of their position.

CD13Azinger, T5,200Romney
Harman, R4,903Romney
Deem, F4,531Uncommitted
CD23Lane, C5,422Romney
Hall, M5,380Uncommitted
Dodrill, C4,720Romney
CD33Snuffer, R4,654Uncommitted
Gearheart, M4,017Romney
Lucas, C3,152Romney
At-Large19Maloney, B26,593Uncommitted
Ireland, B22,585Uncommitted
Boley, D22,376Romney
Ashley, B21,573Romney
Greer, M20,971Romney
Amrine, R20,480Romney
Barnett, R19,699Romney
Amrine, D19,441Romney
Browning, M18,425Romney
Hersman, B18,388Romney
Mays, J17,981Romney
McKenzie, A17,903Romney
Phillips, B17,135Romney
Gunter, T16,604Romney
O'Neill, T16,478Romney
Long, B16,474Romney
Frich, C16,256Santorum
Kline, J16,180Romney
Warner, K16,069Santorum
Totals: Romney: 21; Santorum: 2; Uncommitted: 5

9 May 2012 update from The Journal: Maloney wows Young Republicans. Bill Maloney, elected as an At-Large delegate on 8 May, said "... he knew who he would vote for in November - Mitt Romney...". Per this article we are listing Mr. Maloney as a Romney delegate in our soft count. He remains "Uncommitted" in our hard count. This changes our soft count from Romney: 21, Santorum: 2, Uncommitted: 5 to Romney: 22, Santorum: 2, Uncommitted: 4. Thanks to Andrew Curtis for the link.

Delegate Candidates. All candidates and "uncommitted", except Santorum, have a sufficient number of delegate candidates for each contest. Santorum is running only 5 delegate candidates out of a possible 28.

  • CD1 - 3 to be elected.
    • Gingrich: 10 delegate candidates. Barton, Kenton; Cookman, Susan Oglinsky; Cuppett, William T. "Ted"; Ezell, Sally Wells; Kohout, Ed; McArdle, Elgine Heceta; Perine, Adam T.; Rexroad, Lewis H.; Ross, Allen S.; Smith, Sue
    • Paul: 3 delegate candidates. Guthrie, Buddy A.; McElroy, Stephen; Merrifield, William Z.
    • Romney: 8 delegate candidates. Azinger, Thomas; Daines, Devin C.; Harman, Robert "Bob"; Haynes, Gene A.; Merinar, Jack; Modesitt, Rick; Phillips, Chris; Tebay, Robert K. "Bob"
    • Santorum: 2 delegate candidates. Sabak, Andrew A.; Wickstrom, Linda L.
    • Uncommitted: 7 delegate candidates. Bartley, Diana; Deem, Frank; Poe, Kevin Scott; Santorine, Dolph; Smith, Greg; Snyder, Russ; Stiles, Becky
  • CD2 - 3 to be elected.
    • Gingrich: 6 delegate candidates. Bruner, Harry C., Jr.; Engelke, Alvin; Kersey, Stephen; Nida, Brandon; Thomas, Greg; Walters, Ron
    • Paul: 3 delegate candidates. Butcher, Stephanie; Long, Kyle; Long, Meredith
    • Romney: 7 delegate candidates. Crouser, Brad; Dodrill, Chris; Haden, Priscilla M.; Harper, Joe; Lane, Charlotte R.; Larsen, Eldon R.; Tyre, Barbara
    • Santorum: 0 delegate candidates.
    • Uncommitted: 10 delegate candidates. Abramowitz, David; Barnes, Clark; Connolly, Stephen R. "Steve"; Cowles, Daryl E.; Egtvedt, Robert B.; Hall, Mike; Morris, Bob; Niklas, Joe; Ricketts, Brenton; Wood, Brian
  • CD3 - 3 to be elected.
    • Gingrich: 3 delegate candidates. Fauber, John J.; Lilly, Gary; White, Jennifer L.
    • Paul: 3 delegate candidates. Imes, Grant; Pinson, Matt; Raines, Anthony M.
    • Romney: 7 delegate candidates. Gearheart, Marty; Lucas, Conrad G., II; McCoy, Karen G.; McCutcheon, John H.; McIlvain, Devin C.; Sorg, Roberta; Tyson, David Richard
    • Santorum: 0 delegate candidates.
    • Uncommitted: 11 delegate candidates. Ankrom, Michael; Baisden, Mike; Canterbury, Ray; Ellington, Joe; Harvey, Paul; Johngrass, Gary L.; McClung, Marky; Rapp, Benjean; Snuffer, Rick; Tomblin, Randy; Woodrum, Jack David
  • At-Large - 19 to be elected.
    • Gingrich: 23 delegate candidates. Johnson, Holly McCarthy; Overington, John; Stuart, Katrina; McClung, Michael F.; Brown, Judie L.; Dinsmore, Jenny L.; Noe, Kevin L.; Adams, Allison; Carpenter, Mik; Hines, Stefanie P.; Adams, Bob; Asbury, Zackery E.; Huffman, David L.; Johnson, George W.; Murto, Bob; Adkins, Garry P.; Waske, Pat; Carpenter, Dennis W.; Story, Chad; Waske, Ed; Staats, Sandy; Lieberman, Thorney; Joseph, Fred H.
    • Paul: 19 delegate candidates. Bolyard, Lucas; Hayes-Shifflett, Laura; Hayes, Jessica Myers; Ihle, Michael; Mann, Benjamin; Talkington, Bill; Hinds, Fred; Grandt, Levi; Long, Chris; Weaver, Shawn; Farmer, Wendi; Walls, Teresa; Black, Darrell Justin; Maddy, Duane E.; Landrum, Stacey; Chapman, Sala; Nold, Dave; Hinds, Monique; Peck, Charles
    • Romney: 25 delegate candidates. O'Neill, Tom; Thacker, Dallas K.; Sorsaia, Mark A.; Phillips, Bill; Browning, Mark W.; Poe, Jessie Christie; McPeak, Pamela D.; Gunter, Todd; Zobrist, Duane H.; McKenzie, Andy; Long, Brian S.; Mays, Jerry; Amrine, Rachel; Boley, Donna J.; Wilshere, Michelle; McIlvain, W. David; Poe, Robert; Ashley, Bob; Greer, Michael D.; Hersman, Bonnie; Stauffer, Roman; Ramey, Lisa C.; Amrine, Daniel C.; Barnett, Rick; Kline, James C., III
    • Santorum: 3 delegate candidates. Holstine, Donna L.; Frich, Cindy; Warner, Kris
    • Uncommitted: 42 delegate candidates. Burgess, Edward R.; Moffatt, Michel G.; Bennett, Ernest; Kennedy, Laura; Casto, Brian; Armstead, Tim; Dungan, Anne; Ankrom, Nora; Bahnsen, John; Kennedy, Ryan; Stuart, Mike; McKinney, Doug; Gerber, Elizabeth "Betsy"; Blair, Craig P.; Maloney, Bill; Harrison, Steve; Dickens, Gary D.; Elmore, Elizabeth B.; Maloney, Sharon; Jacobs, Jean K.; McKinney, Sue; Hartsoch, John; Ruland, Jim; Ireland, Betty; Davis, Joel, III; Dungan, Gary; Morrisey, Patrick; Hudson, Savannah A.; Rucker, Patricia; Lane, Patrick; Board, Lakin; Adams, Angela D.; Nelson, Eric; Bell, Ronald "Ronnie"; Bahnsen, Peggy Miller; Shafer, Diane; MacE, Kevin; Mann, Marshall G.; Krushansky, Pamela; Abramowitz, Stephanie; See, T-Anne; Howell, Gary G.


12 July 2011: "Earlier Voice Wanted In West Virgina - GOP chairman says convention would draw more attention" from The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register.

23 July 2011: The West Virginia Republican Executive Committee voted 77-25 then voted unanimously to allocated their 2012 National Convention delegates by a primary rather than convention. Hence, the state's 2012 delegate selection process would work more like the 2004 process (the delegates were elected in a May primary by direct election) than the 2008 process (at-large delegates were elected in a February winner-take-most caucus and district delegates elected in a May primary using a winner-take-all by district). References: Charleston Daily Mail, Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register, Frontloading HQ, and Robin Holstein (Twitter).

23 July 2011: "GOP County Leaders to Consider Convention Proposal" from The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register.

On 23 July 2011 the West Virginia Republicans decided to select their National Convention delegates by primary.

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