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2022 Senatorial Primaries at a Glance

This "at a glance" look at the primary in each State simply lists the winner (and, in many cases, the candidate who came in second) in each Primary in chronological order.

boldface followed by (inc) indicates the incumbent

Date State Democrat
R Winner % Second % R Winner % Second %
Tuesday 3 May 2022 Indiana  McDermott U      Young (inc) U    
Ohio  Ryan L Harper    Vance 32 Mandel 24
Tuesday 17 May 2022 Idaho  Roth D Pursley    Crapo (inc) L Trotter  
Kentucky  Booker L Blanton    Paul (inc)      
North Carolina  Beasley        Budd D McCrory  
Oregon  Wyden (inc)               
Pennsylvania  Fetterman D Lamb    Oz 31 McCormick 31
Tuesday 24 May 2022 Alabama  Boyd L Dean    Britt 45% v. Brooks 29% proceed to 21 June Runoff
Arkansas  James D Whitfield    Boozman (inc) D Bequette  
Georgia  Warnock (inc)        Walker L Black  
Tuesday 7 June 2022 California Special  Padilla (inc) D          Meuser  
Top Two Primary Top Two Primary
California  Padilla (inc) D          Meuser  
Top Two Primary Top Two Primary
Iowa  Franken D Finkenauer    Grassley (inc) L Carlin  
South Dakota  Bengs P      Thune (inc) L Whalen  
Tuesday 14 June 2022 Nevada  Cortez Masto (inc)        Laxalt D Brown  
North Dakota  Christiansen        Hoeven (inc)      
South Carolina  Bruce 35% v. Matthews 33% proceed to 28 June Runoff  Scott (inc) P    
Tuesday 21 June 2022 AlabamaR        R Britt L Brooks  
ArkansasR        R        
GeorgiaR        R        
Tuesday 28 June 2022 Colorado  Bennet (inc) U      O'Dea D Hanks  
Illinois  Duckworth (inc) U      Salvi 30 Hubbard 25
New York  Schumer P      Pinion P    
Oklahoma Special  Horn U      Mullin 44% v. Shannon 18% proceed to 23 August Runoff
Oklahoma  Horn 37 Bollinger 17  Lankford (inc) L Lahmeyer  
South CarolinaR Matthews D Bruce  R        
Utah           Lee (inc) L Edwards  
Tuesday 19 July 2022 Maryland  Van Hollen (inc)        Chaffee 21 Friend 15
Tuesday 26 July 2022 North Carolina                  
Tuesday 2 August 2022 Arizona  Kelly (inc) U      Masters 40 Lamon 28
Kansas  Holland 38 Buskirk 20  Moran (inc)      
Missouri  Busch Valentine 43 Kunce 38  Schmitt 46 Hartzler 22
Washington  Murray (inc) D          Smiley  
Top Two Primary
Tuesday 9 August 2022 Connecticut  Blumenthal (inc) P      Levy N Klarides  
Minnesota Special                  
Vermont  Welch        Malloy 43 Nolan 39
Wisconsin  Barnes        Johnson      
Saturday 13 August 2022 Hawaii  Schatz (inc)        McDermott 40 Dalhouse 26
Tuesday 16 August 2022 Alaska           Murkowski (inc) 44 Tshibaka 40
Top Four Primary
South DakotaR        R        
Tuesday 23 August 2022 Florida                  
New York                  
Oklahoma SpecialR        R        
OklahomaR        R        
Tuesday 13 September 2022 New Hampshire                  
Tuesday 8 November 2022 Louisiana                  


2022 General Election Outline

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