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Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable


Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
424 Incumbents
338 Candidates
81 Links

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
AlabamaRepublicanAlabama Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Robert Brown AderholtIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Robert Brown AderholtCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Will AinsworthIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Morris J. "Mo" Brooks, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Bradley Roberts ByrneIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Bradley Roberts ByrneCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanMobile County Commissioner Jerry Lee Carl, Jr.Candidate for House CD 1
RepublicanDouglas "Doug" DukeCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanMarty Preston HatleyCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanGovernor Kay IveyIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Steven Troy "Steve" MarshallIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanTreasurer John McMillanIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanSecretary of State John Harold MerrillIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Gary PalmerIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Gary PalmerCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanAgriculture and Industries Commissioner Rick PateIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
RepublicanCongressman Martha RobyIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Martha RobyCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Michael Dennis "Mike" RogersIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Michael Dennis "Mike" RogersCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanSenator Richard C. ShelbyIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanAuditor Jim "Zig" ZeiglerIncumbent Auditor
AlaskaRepublicanHouse and Senate Legislative Majorities (Republican)
RepublicanRepublican Party of Alaska
RepublicanGovernor Mike J. DunleavyIncumbent Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Kevin G. MeyerIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator Lisa MurkowskiIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator Dan SullivanIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Donald E. "Don" YoungIncumbent House At-Large
American SamoaRepublicanRepublican Party of American Samoa; P.O. Box 3564; Pago Pago, AS 96799; (684) 699-9609
RepublicanTerritorial Delegate Aumua Amata Coleman RadewagenIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
ArizonaRepublicanArizona Republican Party
RepublicanTraditional Republicans United
RepublicanCongressman Andy BiggsIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCraig R. BrittainCandidate for Senate Class 3
RepublicanAttorney General Mark BrnovichIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanGovernor Doug DuceyIncumbent Governor
RepublicanDavid Victor "Dave" GilesCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Paul Anthony GosarIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanMine Inspector Joe HartIncumbent Mine Inspector
RepublicanCongressman Debbie LeskoIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Debbie LeskoCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanBrandon MartinCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanSenator Martha E. McSallyIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator Martha E. McSallyCandidate for Senate Class 3
RepublicanJoseph David MorganCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanJames A. Schmidt, IICandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman David S. SchweikertIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman David S. SchweikertCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanJustine Louise WadsackCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanTreasurer Kimberly YeeIncumbent Treasurer
ArkansasRepublicanThe Republican Party of Arkansas
RepublicanSenator John Nichols BoozmanIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator Thomas B. "Tom" CottonIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Eric Alan "Rick" CrawfordIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Eric Alan "Rick" CrawfordCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor John Timothy "Tim" GriffinIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman James French "French" HillIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Asa HutchinsonIncumbent Governor
RepublicanState Lands Commissioner Tommy LandIncumbent Commissioner of State Lands
RepublicanAuditor Andrea LeaIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanTreasurer Dennis MilliganIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Leslie RutledgeIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSecretary of State John ThurstonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Bruce WestermanIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Bruce WestermanCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Stephen A. "Steve" WomackIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Stephen A. "Steve" WomackCandidate for House CD 3
CaliforniaRepublicanCalifornia Republican Party
RepublicanCalifornia State Assembly Republican Caucus
RepublicanCalifornia State Senate Republican Caucus
Republicanformer Assemblymam Scott BaughCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanJames P. BradleyCandidate for Senate Class 3
RepublicanJames P. BradleyCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanBrian J. BurleyCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanCongressman Kenneth S. "Ken" CalvertIncumbent House CD 42
RepublicanCongressman Kenneth S. "Ken" CalvertCandidate for House CD 42
RepublicanCongressman Paul CookIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Paul CookCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanJeff DenhamCandidate for House CD 10
RepublicanJohn DennisCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanDanny FabricantCandidate for House CD 30
Republicanformer Tracy City Councilor Ted D. Howze, IICandidate for House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Duncan Duane HunterIncumbent House CD 50
RepublicanCongressman Duncan Duane HunterCandidate for House CD 50
Republicanformer San Clemente City Councilor Steven Craig KnoblockCandidate for House CD 49
RepublicanCongressman Doug LaMalfaIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Doug LaMalfaCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanSan Juan Capistrano Mayor Brian L. MaryottCandidate for House CD 49
RepublicanCongressman Kevin McCarthyIncumbent House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman Thomas "Tom" McClintockIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Thomas "Tom" McClintockCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanDale K. MensingCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanOmar NavarroCandidate for House CD 43
RepublicanCongressman Devin Gerald NunesIncumbent House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Devin Gerald NunesCandidate for House CD 22
RepublicanCharles Michael PatronCandidate for House CD 25
RepublicanTemecula Council Member Matt RahnCandidate for House CD 50
RepublicanDaniel RiceCandidate for House CD 48
RepublicanLaguna Hills City Councilor Donald M. "Don" SedgwickCandidate for House CD 45
Republicanformer Congressman Mimi WaltersCandidate for House CD 45
RepublicanEl Cajon Mayor William Daniel "Bill" WellsCandidate for House CD 50
RepublicanLarry A. WilskeCandidate for House CD 50
ColoradoRepublicanColorado Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Kenneth R. "Ken" BuckIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Kenneth R. "Ken" BuckCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSenator Cory Scott GardnerIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Douglas L. "Doug" LambornIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Scott Randall TiptonIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Scott Randall TiptonCandidate for House CD 3
ConnecticutRepublicanConnecticut House Republicans
RepublicanConnecticut Republicans
RepublicanConnecticut Senate Republicans
RepublicanRuben RodriguezCandidate for House CD 5
DelawareRepublicanThe Republican State Committee of Delaware
Democrats Abroad  
District of ColumbiaRepublicanDistrict of Columbia Republican Committee
FloridaRepublicanRepublican Party of Florida
RepublicanRepublican Party of Florida
RepublicanCongressman Gus Michael BilirakisIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Gus Michael BilirakisCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Vernon "Vern" BuchananIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Vernon "Vern" BuchananCandidate for House CD 16
RepublicanGeorge William BuckCandidate for House CD 13
RepublicanKirk ChongCandidate for House CD 24
RepublicanGovernor Ronald D. "Ron" DeSantisIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Mario Diaz-BalartIncumbent House CD 25
RepublicanCongressman Neal Patrick DunnIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Neal Patrick DunnCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanGabriel A. "Gabe" FerrerCandidate for House CD 27
RepublicanCongressman Matt GaetzIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanLateresa Ann "L.A." JonesCandidate for House CD 20
RepublicanMatthew LuskCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Brian MastIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman Brian MastCandidate for House CD 18
RepublicanRichard MendelsonCandidate for House CD 23
RepublicanJoe MilladoCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanRalph John Mills, IIICandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanAttorney General Ashley MoodyIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanShlomo NizahonCandidate for House CD 23
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Jeanette NunezIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanBill OlsonCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanSergio E. OrtizCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanChief Financial Officer Jimmy PatronisIncumbent Chief Financial Officer
RepublicanCongressman William "Bill" PoseyIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman William "Bill" PoseyCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanChase Anderson "Andy" RomagnanoCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Francis RooneyIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanCongressman Francis RooneyCandidate for House CD 19
RepublicanSenator Marco RubioIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman John RutherfordIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanArmani SaladoCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanSenator Richard L. "Rick" ScottIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Richard L. "Rick" ScottCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Vincent Ross "Ross" SpanoIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Vincent Ross "Ross" SpanoCandidate for House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Greg W. SteubeIncumbent House CD 17
RepublicanCongressman Greg W. SteubeCandidate for House CD 17
RepublicanCongressman Michael "Mike" WaltzIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Michael "Mike" WaltzCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Daniel "Dan" WebsterIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Daniel "Dan" WebsterCandidate for House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Theodore Scott "Ted" YohoIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Theodore Scott "Ted" YohoCandidate for House CD 3
GeorgiaRepublicanGeorgia House Republican Caucus
RepublicanGeorgia Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Richard Wallen "Rick" AllenIncumbent House CD 12
Republicanstate Senator Brandon BeachCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanComptroller General/Insurance Commissioner Jim BeckIncumbent Comptroller General/Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Gary W. BlackIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanLabor Commissioner John Mark "Mark" ButlerIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
RepublicanAttorney General Christopher M. "Chris" CarrIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Earl Leroy "Buddy" CarterIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Earl Leroy "Buddy" CarterCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Douglas Allen "Doug" CollinsIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Douglas Allen "Doug" CollinsCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Geoff DuncanIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanDaniel Evan "Danny" EllysonCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Anderson Drew "Drew" Ferguson, IVIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman John Thomas "Tom" Graves, Jr.Incumbent House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman John Thomas "Tom" Graves, Jr.Candidate for House CD 14
RepublicanDerrick GraysonCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Jody B. HiceIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Jody B. HiceCandidate for House CD 10
RepublicanSenator John Hardy "Johnny" IsaksonIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanGovernor Brian Porter KempIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Barry D. LoudermilkIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Barry D. LoudermilkCandidate for House CD 11
RepublicanSenator David Alfred PerdueIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Brad RaffenspergerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman James Austin "Austin" ScottIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman James Austin "Austin" ScottCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman William Robert "Rob" Woodall, IIIIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanEducation Superintendent Richard L. WoodsIncumbent Superintendent of Education
GuamRepublicanRepublican Party of Guam; P.O. Box 2846; Agana, GU 96932; 671-472-3558, Fax 671-734-2001
HawaiiRepublicanHawai'i Republican Party
IdahoRepublicanThe Idaho Republican Party
RepublicanSenator Michael D. "Mike" CrapoIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSecretary of State Lawerence E. DenneyIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanTreasurer Julie A. EllsworthIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Russ FulcherIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanGovernor Brad LittleIncumbent Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Janice McGeachinIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator James E. "Jim" RischIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Michael Keith "Mike" SimpsonIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanAttorney General Lawrence G. WasdenIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanController Brandon D. WoolfIncumbent Controller
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Sherri YbarraIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
IllinoisRepublicanIllinois Republican Party
RepublicanIllinois Republican Party - We Are Illinois
RepublicanCongressman Michael J. "Mike" BostIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Michael J. "Mike" BostCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanAnthony CatellaCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman Rodney L. DavisIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman Rodney L. DavisCandidate for House CD 13
RepublicanPeggy HubbardCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Adam KinzingerIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Adam KinzingerCandidate for House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Darin McKay LaHoodIncumbent House CD 18
RepublicanCongressman Darin McKay LaHoodCandidate for House CD 18
RepublicanDaniel "Danny" MaloufCandidate for House CD 14
Republicanstate Senator Jim OberweisCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanMatthew "Matt" QuigleyCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman John M. ShimkusIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman John M. ShimkusCandidate for House CD 15
IndianaRepublicanIndiana House Republicans
RepublicanThe Indiana Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman James R. "Jim" BairdIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman James R. "Jim" BairdCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman James E. "Jim" BanksIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman James E. "Jim" BanksCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanSenator Mike BraunIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Mike BraunCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Susan W. BrooksIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Susan W. BrooksCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Larry D. BucshonIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Suzanne CrouchIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr.Incumbent Attorney General
RepublicanGovernor Eric Joseph HolcombIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Joseph A. "Trey" Hollingsworth, IIIIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanAuditor Tera KlutzIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanSecretary of State Connie LawsonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Jennifer McCormickIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanTreasurer Kelly MitchellIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Gregory J. "Greg" PenceIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Gregory J. "Greg" PenceCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Jackie Swihart WalorskiIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Jackie Swihart WalorskiCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanSenator Todd Christopher YoungIncumbent Senate Class 3
IowaRepublicanIowa House Republican Caucus
RepublicanIowa Senate Republican Caucus
RepublicanRepublican Party of Iowa
RepublicanSenator Joni K. ErnstIncumbent Senate Class 2
Republicanstate Senator Randall "Randy" FeenstraCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSenator Charles E. "Chuck" GrassleyIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Adam GreggIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Steven A. "Steve" KingIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Steven A. "Steve" KingCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanAaron Thomas KrullCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSecretary of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Mike NaigIncumbent Secretary of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
RepublicanSecretary of State Paul D. PateIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanGovernor Kimberly K. "Kim" ReynoldsIncumbent Governor
Republicanformer Mayor of Irwin Bret A. RichardsCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanPaul RieckCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanWoodbury County Supervisor Jeremy TaylorCandidate for House CD 4
KansasRepublicanKansas Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Ron EstesIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanTreasurer Jacob "Jake" LaTurnerIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanTreasurer Jacob "Jake" LaTurnerCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Roger W. MarshallIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Roger W. MarshallCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanSenator Jerry MoranIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSenator Pat RobertsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanAttorney General Derek SchmidtIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Vicki SchmidtIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanSecretary of State Scott SchwabIncumbent Secretary of State
Republicanstate Senator Susan WagleCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Steven C. "Steve" Watkins, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Steven C. "Steve" Watkins, Jr.Candidate for House CD 2
KentuckyRepublicanRepublican Party of Kentucky
RepublicanTreasurer Allison BallIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanTreasurer Allison BallCandidate for Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Garland "Andy" BarrIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Garland "Andy" BarrCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanGovernor Matthew Griswold "Matt" BevinIncumbent Governor
RepublicanGovernor Matthew Griswold "Matt" BevinCandidate for Governor
RepublicanDaniel CameronCandidate for Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman James R. ComerIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanKarl DasCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanAndrew EnglishCandidate for Secretary of State
Republicanstate Representative Robert GoforthCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Steven Brett "Brett" GuthrieIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Jenean HamptonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Mike HarmonIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Mike HarmonCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanIke LawrenceCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Thomas H. MassieIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Thomas H. MassieCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSenator Mitch McConnellIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanCarl "Trump" NettCandidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Rand PaulIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanBill PolyniakCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Ryan F. QuarlesIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Ryan F. QuarlesCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman Harold Dallas "Hal" RogersIncumbent House CD 5
Republicanstate Senator Wil SchroderCandidate for Attorney General
Republicanstate Senator Whitney H. WesterfieldCandidate for Attorney General
RepublicanWilliam E. WoodsCandidate for Governor
LouisianaRepublicanThe Republican Party of Louisiana
RepublicanCongressman Ralph Lee Abraham, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Ralph Lee Abraham, Jr.Candidate for Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State R. Kyle ArdoinIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator William M. "Bill" CassidyIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner James J. "Jim" DonelonIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanCongressman Garret GravesIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Clay HigginsIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman James Michael "Mike" JohnsonIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanSenator John Neely KennedyIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanAttorney General "Jeff" LandryIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanMike "MC" LawrenceCandidate for Treasurer
RepublicanLieutenant Governor "Billy" NungesserIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Stephen J. "Steve" ScaliseIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Stephen J. "Steve" ScaliseCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanTreasurer John M. Schroder, Sr.Incumbent Treasurer
RepublicanTreasurer John M. Schroder, Sr.Candidate for Treasurer
Republicanstate Representative Julie StokesCandidate for Treasurer
RepublicanAgriculture and Forestry Commissioner Michael G. "Mike" StrainIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry
RepublicanTim TempleCandidate for Commissioner of Insurance
MaineRepublicanMaine Republican Party
RepublicanSenator Susan M. CollinsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanDerek LevasseurCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanMax Patrick LinnCandidate for Senate Class 2
MarylandRepublicanMaryland Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Andrew P. "Andy" HarrisIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Andrew P. "Andy" HarrisCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanGovernor Lawrence J. "Larry" Hogan, Jr.Incumbent Governor
RepublicanGeorge E. McDermottCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Boyd K. RutherfordIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
MassachusettsRepublicanMassachusetts Republican Party
RepublicanGovernor Charles D. "Charlie" Baker, Jr.Incumbent Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Karyn E. PolitoIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
MichiganRepublicanMichigan House Republicans
RepublicanThe Michigan Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Justin AmashIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman John W. "Jack" BergmanIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman John W. "Jack" BergmanCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanBob CarrCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman William P. "Bill" HuizengaIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman William P. "Bill" HuizengaCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanEarl Patrick LackieCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Paul Mitchell, IIIIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman John MoolenaarIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman John MoolenaarCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Frederick Stephen "Fred" UptonIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Frederick Stephen "Fred" UptonCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Timothy L. "Tim" WalbergIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Timothy L. "Tim" WalbergCandidate for House CD 7
MinnesotaRepublicanMinnesota House of Representatives - Republican Caucus
RepublicanMN Senate GOP - Twitter
RepublicanRepublican Party of Minnesota
RepublicanCongressman Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer, Jr.Candidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman James "Jim" HagedornIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman James "Jim" HagedornCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanDavid Russell "Dave" HughesCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanForest W. HyattCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanJoel NovakCandidate for House CD 7
Republicanformer Windom Council member Jayesun Israel ShermanCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Peter Allen "Pete" StauberIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Peter Allen "Pete" StauberCandidate for House CD 8
MississippiRepublicanMississippi Republican Party
Republicanstate Public Service Commissioner Sam BrittonCandidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanGovernor Phil BryantIncumbent Governor
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Michael Jackson "Mike" ChaneyIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Michael Jackson "Mike" ChaneyCandidate for Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanEugene S. "Buck" ClarkeCandidate for Treasurer
RepublicanTreasurer Lynn FitchIncumbent Treasurer
Republicanstate Representative Robert FosterCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCommissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy GipsonIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce
RepublicanCommissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy GipsonCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce
RepublicanCongressman Michael Patrick GuestIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanSecretary of State Delbert HosemannIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Cindy Hyde-SmithIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Cindy Hyde-SmithCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman John Trent "Trent" KellyIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanPetal Mayor Hal MarxCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Steven McCarty PalazzoIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanShane QuickCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Tate ReevesIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Tate ReevesCandidate for Governor
Republicanformer Madison County Supervisor Andy TaggartCandidate for Attorney General
Republicanformer Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice William "Bill" Waller, Jr.Candidate for Governor
Republicanstate Senator Michael WatsonCandidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Shadrack "Shad" WhiteIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Shadrack "Shad" WhiteCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanSenator Roger F. WickerIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Roger F. WickerCandidate for Senate Class 1
MissouriRepublicanMissouri Republican Party
RepublicanMissouri Republican Party
RepublicanSecretary of State John R. "Jay" AshcroftIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Roy BluntIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanTreasurer Scott FitzpatrickIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Vicky Jo HartzlerIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Vicky Jo HartzlerCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSenator Joshua David "Josh" HawleyIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Joshua David "Josh" HawleyCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Mike KehoeIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Billy LongIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman W. Blaine LuetkemeyerIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman W. Blaine LuetkemeyerCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanGovernor Michael L. "Mike" ParsonIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Eric S. SchmittIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman Jason T. SmithIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Ann L. WagnerIncumbent House CD 2
MontanaRepublicanMontana Republican Party
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Elsie ArntzenIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanJon BennionCandidate for Attorney General
RepublicanSenator Steven "Steve" DainesIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanAttorney General Tim FoxIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanAttorney General Tim FoxCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Greg GianforteIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanCongressman Greg GianforteCandidate for House At-Large
RepublicanAuditor Matt RosendaleIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanSecretary of State Corey StapletonIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSecretary of State Corey StapletonCandidate for Governor
NebraskaRepublicanNebraska Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Donald John "Don" BaconIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Bob EvnenIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSenator Debra S. "Deb" FischerIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Mike FoleyIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Jeffrey Lane "Jeff" FortenberryIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanAuditor of Public Accounts Charlie JanssenIncumbent Auditor of Public Accounts
RepublicanTreasurer John MuranteIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Doug PetersonIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanGovernor J. Peter "Pete" RickettsIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSenator Benjamin E. "Ben" SasseIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Benjamin E. "Ben" SasseCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Adrian M. SmithIncumbent House CD 3
NevadaRepublicanNevada Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Mark Eugene AmodeiIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanSecretary of State Barbara K. CegavskeIncumbent Secretary of State
Republicanformer Assemblymember Jim MarchantCandidate for House CD 4
New HampshireRepublicanNew Hampshire Republican State Committee
Republicanformer state Representative Steve NegronCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanGovernor Chris SununuIncumbent Governor
New JerseyRepublicanNew Jersey Assembly Republicans
RepublicanNew Jersey Republican State Committee
RepublicanNew Jersey Senate Republican Caucus
RepublicanFrank T. PallottaCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanThomas William "Tom" PhillipsCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Christopher Henry "Chris" SmithIncumbent House CD 4
New MexicoRepublicanRepublican Party of New Mexico
Republicanformer state Representative Stella Yvette "Yvette" HerrellCandidate for House CD 2
Republicanformer Fresno Councilman Chris MathysCandidate for House CD 2
New YorkRepublicanNew York Republican State Committee
RepublicanCongressman Christopher Carl "Chris" CollinsIncumbent House CD 27
RepublicanCongressman Christopher Carl "Chris" CollinsCandidate for House CD 27
RepublicanCongressman John M. KatkoIncumbent House CD 24
RepublicanCongressman Peter T. "Pete" KingIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanAssemblymember Nicole MalliotakisCandidate for House CD 11
RepublicanAvery PereiraCandidate for House CD 7
Republicanformer Broome County Legislator George PhillipsCandidate for House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Thomas W. "Tom" Reed, IIIncumbent House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman Thomas W. "Tom" Reed, IICandidate for House CD 23
RepublicanFranklin Walton SagerCandidate for House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Elise M. StefanikIncumbent House CD 21
RepublicanCongressman Elise M. StefanikCandidate for House CD 21
RepublicanSteve VanderCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman Lee Michael ZeldinIncumbent House CD 1
North CarolinaRepublicanNorth Carolina House Republicans
RepublicanNorth Carolina Republican Party
RepublicanChristopher James "Chris" AnglinCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanKevin Patrick BaikoCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCurrituck County Commissioner Paul Michael BeaumontCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanLabor Commissioner Cherie Killian BerryIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
Republicanstate Senator James Daniel "Dan" BishopCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanDavid BlackwelderCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanSamual Graham "Graham" BoydCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanBilly Joel "Bill" BrewsterCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanGaston County Commissioner Chad BrownCandidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanLeigh Thomas BrownCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Theodore Paul "Ted" BuddIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman Theodore Paul "Ted" BuddCandidate for House CD 13
RepublicanSenator Richard Mauze BurrIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCeleste CairnsCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner John Michael "Mike" CauseyIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanGary Armand CeresCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanChimer Davis Clark, Jr.Candidate for House CD 3
Republicanformer Mount Airy Mayor Deborah CochranCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanDonald Raymond "Don" CoxCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanKathie C. DayCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanFrancis X. De LucaCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanGary Mitchell DunnCandidate for House CD 9
Republicanformer Congressman Renee EllmersCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Dale R. FolwellIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Daniel J. "Dan" ForestIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Daniel J. "Dan" ForestCandidate for Governor
RepublicanCongressman Virginia Ann FoxxIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanMark Everette HarrisCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman George Edward Bell HoldingIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman George Edward Bell HoldingCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Richard Lane Hudson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Richard Lane Hudson, Jr.Candidate for House CD 8
RepublicanStevie Rivenbark HullCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Mark Randall Johnson, Jr.Incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanMichael LaPagliaCandidate for Secretary of State
RepublicanPhilip Joseph "Phil" LawCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Patrick Timothy McHenryIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Mark Randal MeadowsIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanJeffery Kevin "Jeff" Moore, IICandidate for House CD 3
Republicanstate Representative Gregory Francis "Greg" MurphyCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanMichele Ann NixCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCurrituck County Commissioner Michael Henry "Mike" PaymentCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanJoan Templeton PerryCandidate for House CD 3
Republicanformer Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Romano RidenhourCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanLenoir County Commissioner Eric Sean RouseCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman David Cheston RouzerIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman David Cheston RouzerCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanUnion County Commissioner Stony Dwight RushingCandidate for House CD 9
Republicanstate Representative Phillip Ray "Phil" ShepardCandidate for House CD 3
Republicanformer state Senator Fern Haywood ShubertCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanSandy SmithCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanSandy SmithCandidate for Senate Class 2
Republicanstate Representative Michael David SpecialeCandidate for House CD 3
Republicanformer state Representative Scott StoneCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator Thomas Roland "Thom" TillisIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Steven Wayne "Steve" TroxlerIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman Bradley Mark "Mark" WalkerIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanAlbert Lee Wiley, Jr.Candidate for House CD 9
North DakotaRepublicanNorth Dakota Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Kelly M. ArmstrongIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanCongressman Kelly M. ArmstrongCandidate for House At-Large
(Republican)Public Instruction Superintendent Kirsten BaeslerIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanGovernor Doug BurgumIncumbent Governor
RepublicanPublic Service Commissioner Randy ChristmannIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 2
RepublicanSenator Kevin CramerIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Kevin CramerCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanPublic Service Commissioner Julie FedorchakIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 1
RepublicanAuditor Joshua C. "Josh" GallionIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Jon GodfreadIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Doug GoehringIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanSenator John HoevenIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanSecretary of State Alvin A. "Al" JaegerIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanPublic Service Commissioner Brian K. KroshusIncumbent Public Service Commissioner 3
RepublicanTax Commissioner Ryan RauschenbergerIncumbent Tax Commissioner
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Brent SanfordIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Kelly L. SchmidtIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAttorney General Wayne StenehjemIncumbent Attorney General
Northern MarianasRepublicanCNMI Republican Party
RepublicanGovernor Ralph Anthony Deleon Guerrero TorresIncumbent Governor
OhioRepublicanOhio Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman William Troy "Troy" BaldersonIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman William Troy "Troy" BaldersonCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Steven J. "Steve" ChabotIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanTerry Vincent CristCandidate for House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Warren DavidsonIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Warren DavidsonCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanGovernor Michael "Mike" DeWineIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAuditor Keith FaberIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman Robert Brian "Bob" GibbsIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Anthony E. GonzalezIncumbent House CD 16
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Jon A. HustedIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman Bill JohnsonIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Bill JohnsonCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman James D. "Jim" JordanIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman James D. "Jim" JordanCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman David P. "Dave" JoyceIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman David P. "Dave" JoyceCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanSecretary of State Frank LaRoseIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Robert Edward "Bob" LattaIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanSenator Robert Jones "Rob" PortmanIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanTreasurer Robert Cole SpragueIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Steve E. StiversIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanCongressman Michael R. "Mike" TurnerIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Brad R. WenstrupIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Brad R. WenstrupCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanAttorney General David A. "Dave" YostIncumbent Attorney General
OklahomaRepublicanOklahoma Republican Party
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Bob AnthonyIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 2
RepublicanAuditor and Inspector Cindy ByrdIncumbent Auditor and Inspector
RepublicanCongressman Thomas Jeffery "Tom" ColeIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanDavid GreeneCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Kevin R. HernIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Kevin R. HernCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Todd HiettIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 3
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Joy HofmeisterIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanAttorney General Mike HunterIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSenator James M. "Jim" InhofeIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator James Paul LankfordIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanCongressman Frank D. LucasIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanTreasurer Randy McDanielIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Markwayne MullinIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanInsurance Commissioner Glen MulreadyIncumbent Insurance Commissioner
RepublicanCorporation Commissioner Dana L. MurphyIncumbent Corporation Commissioner 1
RepublicanLabor Commissioner Leslie OsbornIncumbent Commissioner of Labor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Matt PinnellIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanGovernor Kevin StittIncumbent Governor
RepublicanMerideth VanSantCandidate for House CD 5
OregonRepublicanOregon Republican Party
RepublicanOregon Republican Party
RepublicanOregon Senate Republicans
RepublicanJoseph "Joey" NationsCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanJo Rae PerkinsCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanLarry Wallace ReeseCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman Gregory Paul "Greg" WaldenIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Gregory Paul "Greg" WaldenCandidate for House CD 2
PennsylvaniaRepublicanPennsylvania House Republican Caucus
RepublicanPennsylvania Senate Republican News
RepublicanRepublican Party of Pennsylvania
RepublicanChristopher BainCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanRenee L. BeadencupCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanJessica Bowman-HosleyCandidate for House CD 12
Republicanformer Lehigh Commissioner Dean Napier BrowningCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanJames CanningCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanGerald CarlinCandidate for House CD 12
Republicanformer Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm L. DerkCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanKevin FerraraCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Brian K. FitzpatrickIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanBrian FullerCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanStacy GarrityCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanDavis C. HaireCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanChris HoffmanCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanTom IrwinCandidate for House CD 16
RepublicanRobert J. "Bobby" JeffriesCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman John JoyceIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman John JoyceCandidate for House CD 13
Republicanstate Representative Fred KellerCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman George J. "Mike" Kelly, Jr.Incumbent House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman George J. "Mike" Kelly, Jr.Candidate for House CD 16
RepublicanCongressman Thomas Anthony "Tom" MarinoCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanMatthew "Matt" McDermottCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanDale McElhattanCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanBradford County Commissioner Doug McLinkoCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Daniel P. "Dan" MeuserIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanPatrick MillerCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanMaria MonteroCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanJoseph MoralezCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanRobert "Rob" NoerrCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Scott G. PerryIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Scott G. PerryCandidate for House CD 10
RepublicanJoseph "Joe" PetersCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Guy L. ReschenthalerIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanCongressman Guy L. ReschenthalerCandidate for House CD 14
RepublicanChuck RisioCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Lloyd K. SmuckerIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Lloyd K. SmuckerCandidate for House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman Glenn William "G.T." ThompsonIncumbent House CD 15
RepublicanMatthew "Matt" TimmCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanSenator Patrick Joseph "Pat" ToomeyIncumbent Senate Class 3
Republicanstate Representative Jeff C. WheelandCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanMatthew ZeiglerCandidate for House CD 12
Puerto Rico  
Republicans Abroad InternationalRepublicanRepublicans Abroad International
Rhode IslandRepublicanRhode Island Republicans
South CarolinaRepublicanSouth Carolina Republican Party
RepublicanThe South Carolina Senate Republican Caucus
RepublicanBeaufort County Councilman Michael E. "Mike" CovertCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Jeffrey D. "Jeff" DuncanIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanComptroller General Richard A. EckstromIncumbent Comptroller General
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Pamela EvetteIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator Lindsey Olin GrahamIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSecretary of State John Mark "Mark" HammondIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanDewon HugginsCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanTreasurer Curtis M. "Curt" Loftis, Jr.Incumbent Treasurer
RepublicanGovernor Henry D. McMasterIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Ralph W. Norman, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Hugh T. "Tom" Rice, Jr.Incumbent House CD 7
RepublicanSenator Timothy E. "Tim" ScottIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanEducation Superintendent Molly Mitchell SpearmanIncumbent Superintendent of Education
RepublicanCongressman William R. Timmons, IVIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Hugh E. WeathersIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman Addison Graves "Joe" WilsonIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanAttorney General Michael Alan "Alan" WilsonIncumbent Attorney General
South DakotaRepublicanSouth Dakota Republican Party
RepublicanSecretary of State Steve BarnettIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanSchool and Public Lands Commissioner Ryan BrunnerIncumbent Commissioner of School and Public Lands
RepublicanTreasurer Josh HaederIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Dustin "Dusty" JohnsonIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanCongressman Dustin "Dusty" JohnsonCandidate for House At-Large
RepublicanGovernor Kristi Lynn NoemIncumbent Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Jason RavnsborgIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Larry RhodenIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanSenator Marion Michael "Mike" RoundsIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanAuditor Richard L. "Rich" SattgastIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanSenator John R. ThuneIncumbent Senate Class 3
TennesseeRepublicanTennessee Republican Party
RepublicanSenator Lamar AlexanderIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Marsha BlackburnIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Marsha BlackburnCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Tim BurchettIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Tim BurchettCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Scott Eugene DesJarlaisIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Scott Eugene DesJarlaisCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Charles J. "Chuck" FleischmannIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Charles J. "Chuck" FleischmannCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Mark E. GreenIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman David KustoffIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman David KustoffCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanGovernor Bill LeeIncumbent Governor
RepublicanChristopher Brian MondayCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanGarrett Lance "Lance" NicholsCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanCongressman David Philip "Phil" RoeIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman John W. RoseIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman John W. RoseCandidate for House CD 6
TexasRepublicanRepublican Party of Texas
RepublicanGovernor Greg AbbottIncumbent Governor
RepublicanCongressman Jodey Cook ArringtonIncumbent House CD 19
RepublicanCongressman Brian BabinIncumbent House CD 36
RepublicanCongressman Brian BabinCandidate for House CD 36
RepublicanRoger Richard BaroneCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanJohn Richard BohlinCandidate for House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman Kevin Patrick BradyIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Kevin Patrick BradyCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Michael C. BurgessIncumbent House CD 26
RepublicanTania BurgessCandidate for House CD 32
RepublicanGeneral Land Office Commissioner George P. BushIncumbent Commissioner of General Land Office
RepublicanCongressman John Rice CarterIncumbent House CD 31
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Wayne ChristianIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 1
RepublicanCongressman Michael J. CloudIncumbent House CD 27
RepublicanCongressman Michael J. CloudCandidate for House CD 27
RepublicanWacey Alpha CodyCandidate for House CD 11
RepublicanCongressman K. Michael "Mike" ConawayIncumbent House CD 11
RepublicanSenator John CornynIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Christi CraddickIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 2
RepublicanCongressman Daniel "Dan" CrenshawIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Daniel "Dan" CrenshawCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanSenator Rafael Edward "Ted" CruzIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Rafael Edward "Ted" CruzCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanThomas Christian "Tom" DeVorCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman William "Bill" FloresIncumbent House CD 17
RepublicanCongressman William "Bill" FloresCandidate for House CD 17
RepublicanAbhiram GarapatiCandidate for House CD 31
RepublicanCongressman Louis B. "Louie" Gohmert, Jr.Incumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Louis B. "Louie" Gohmert, Jr.Candidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Lance GoodenIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Lance GoodenCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Kay N. GrangerIncumbent House CD 12
RepublicanCongressman Kay N. GrangerCandidate for House CD 12
RepublicanComptroller of Public Accounts Glenn HegarIncumbent Comptroller of Public Accounts
RepublicanCongressman William "Will" HurdIncumbent House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman William "Will" HurdCandidate for House CD 23
RepublicanCongressman Kenny Ewell MarchantIncumbent House CD 24
RepublicanCongressman Kenny Ewell MarchantCandidate for House CD 24
RepublicanCongressman Michael T. McCaulIncumbent House CD 10
RepublicanCongressman Michael T. McCaulCandidate for House CD 10
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Sid MillerIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanCongressman Peter Graham "Pete" OlsonIncumbent House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Peter Graham "Pete" OlsonCandidate for House CD 22
RepublicanAva Reynero PateCandidate for House CD 18
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Dan PatrickIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanAttorney General Ken PaxtonIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanCongressman John Lee RatcliffeIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman John Lee RatcliffeCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Chip RoyIncumbent House CD 21
RepublicanCongressman Chip RoyCandidate for House CD 21
Republicanformer Congressman Peter Andrew "Pete" SessionsCandidate for House CD 32
RepublicanRailroad Commissioner Ryan SittonIncumbent Railroad Commissioner 3
RepublicanCongressman Nicholas V. "Van" TaylorIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Nicholas V. "Van" TaylorCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman William McClellan "Mac" ThornberryIncumbent House CD 13
RepublicanCongressman William McClellan "Mac" ThornberryCandidate for House CD 13
RepublicanThaddeus Joseph "Joe" WalzCandidate for House CD 22
RepublicanCongressman Randy WeberIncumbent House CD 14
RepublicanMichael Howard "Mike" WilliamsCandidate for House CD 31
RepublicanCongressman Roger WilliamsIncumbent House CD 25
RepublicanCongressman Roger WilliamsCandidate for House CD 25
RepublicanCongressman Ron WrightIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Ron WrightCandidate for House CD 6
UtahRepublicanThe Senate Site - Republican
RepublicanUtah Republican Party
RepublicanCongressman Robert William "Rob" BishopIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanJeff BurninghamCandidate for Governor
RepublicanLieutenant Governor Spencer J. CoxIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
RepublicanCongressman John CurtisIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanTreasurer David DamschenIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAuditor John DougallIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanGovernor Gary R. HerbertIncumbent Governor
RepublicanSenator Mike LeeIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanAttorney General Sean D. ReyesIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanSenator Willard "Mitt" RomneyIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSenator Willard "Mitt" RomneyCandidate for Senate Class 1
RepublicanCongressman Chris StewartIncumbent House CD 2
VermontRepublicanVermont Republican Party
RepublicanVermont Republican Party
RepublicanGovernor Phil ScottIncumbent Governor
Virgin IslandsRepublicanThe Republican Party of the USVI
RepublicanThe Republican Party of the Virgin Islands; P.O. Box 1532; St. Thomas, VI 00804; 340-776-0583
RepublicanVirgin Islands Republican Party (Facebook)
VirginiaRepublicanRepublican Party of Virginia
RepublicanCongressman Benjamin Lee "Ben" ClineIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCraig Edward EnnisCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman H. Morgan "Morgan" GriffithIncumbent House CD 9
RepublicanCongressman Denver Lee Riggleman, IIIIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Robert J. "Rob" WittmanIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Robert J. "Rob" WittmanCandidate for House CD 1
WashingtonRepublicanWashington State Republican Party
RepublicanTreasurer Duane A. DavidsonIncumbent Treasurer
RepublicanCongressman Jaime Lynn Herrera BeutlerIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Jaime Lynn Herrera BeutlerCandidate for House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Cathy Ann McMorris RodgersIncumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Cathy Ann McMorris RodgersCandidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Daniel Milton "Dan" NewhouseIncumbent House CD 4
RepublicanCongressman Daniel Milton "Dan" NewhouseCandidate for House CD 4
RepublicanSecretary of State Kim WymanIncumbent Secretary of State
West VirginiaRepublicanWest Virginia Republican Party
RepublicanSenator Shelley Moore CapitoIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanSenator Shelley Moore CapitoCandidate for Senate Class 2
RepublicanPaul ChapmanCandidate for Governor
Republicanformer state Delegate Mike FolkCandidate for Governor
RepublicanRebecca HendersonCandidate for Governor
RepublicanGovernor Jim JusticeIncumbent Governor
RepublicanGovernor Jim JusticeCandidate for Governor
RepublicanAgriculture Commissioner Kent LeonhardtIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture
RepublicanAuditor John B. "J.B." McCuskeyIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanCongressman David Bennett McKinleyIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman David Bennett McKinleyCandidate for House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Carol Devine MillerIncumbent House CD 3
RepublicanCongressman Alexander Xavier "Alex" MooneyIncumbent House CD 2
RepublicanCongressman Alexander Xavier "Alex" MooneyCandidate for House CD 2
RepublicanAttorney General Patrick James MorriseyIncumbent Attorney General
RepublicanChuck SheedyCandidate for Governor
RepublicanSecretary of State Andrew "Mac" WarnerIncumbent Secretary of State
WisconsinRepublicanRepublican Party of Wisconsin
RepublicanCongressman Sean P. DuffyIncumbent House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Sean P. DuffyCandidate for House CD 7
RepublicanCongressman Michael John "Mike" GallagherIncumbent House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Michael John "Mike" GallagherCandidate for House CD 8
RepublicanCongressman Glenn S. GrothmanIncumbent House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Glenn S. GrothmanCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanSenator Ronald Harold "Ron" JohnsonIncumbent Senate Class 3
RepublicanMelissa M. McClintickCandidate for House CD 6
RepublicanCongressman Frank James "Jim" Sensenbrenner, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Frank James "Jim" Sensenbrenner, Jr.Candidate for House CD 5
RepublicanCongressman Bryan George SteilIncumbent House CD 1
RepublicanCongressman Bryan George SteilCandidate for House CD 1
WyomingRepublicanWyoming Republican Party
RepublicanPublic Instruction Superintendent Jillian A. BalowIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
RepublicanSenator John A. BarrassoIncumbent Senate Class 1
RepublicanSecretary of State Edward A. "Ed" BuchananIncumbent Secretary of State
RepublicanCongressman Elizabeth "Liz" CheneyIncumbent House At-Large
RepublicanCongressman Elizabeth "Liz" CheneyCandidate for House At-Large
RepublicanSenator Michael B. "Mike" EnziIncumbent Senate Class 2
RepublicanGovernor Mark GordonIncumbent Governor
RepublicanTreasurer Curtis E. "Curt" Meier, Jr.Incumbent Treasurer
RepublicanAuditor Kristi RacinesIncumbent Auditor
RepublicanJoshua B. "Josh" WheelerCandidate for Senate Class 2

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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