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Parties Grouped by Classification

Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

  1. Independent
    1. Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
      1. 5 Incumbents
      2. 98 Candidates
      3. 2 Links
StatePartyCandidate or Party LinkOffice
AlabamaIndependentKevin G. StewartCandidate for House CD 6
American Samoa  
ArizonaIndependentIndependent Party of Arizona
IndependentAlan AversaCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentBrady BusbyCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentScott MenorCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentEvan Andrew OlsonCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentSenator Kyrsten SinemaIncumbent Senate Class 1
IndependentSenator Kyrsten SinemaCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentClint William SmithCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentJeremy SpreitzerCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentSarah WhartonCandidate for House CD 1
ArkansasIndependentJohn WhiteCandidate for House CD 4
ColoradoIndependentClinton Roosevelt "Clint" DaleCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependentMorgan LawCandidate for House CD 1
ConnecticutIndependentJaden Joseph Ramírez SkudlarekCandidate for House CD 4
Democrats Abroad  
District of Columbia  
GeorgiaIndependentCourtney BranhamCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependentDeVelle LaVaughn JacksonCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependentUloma S. "Uma" KamaCandidate for House CD 13
IndependentColleen Joan MasseyCandidate for House CD 2
IllinoisIndependentJorge Alberto BrisenoCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentAustin James MinkCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentAustin James MinkCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentJoseph "Joe" SeverinoCandidate for House CD 10
IndianaIndependentCameron BeamonCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentSean Adam DadaCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentTiffany Shawn FordCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentRichard Allen KentCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentSamuel "Sam" KravitzCandidate for House CD 1
KentuckyIndependentScott Micheal DuncanCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependentStephan "Steve" MazurCandidate for House CD 5
LouisianaIndependentLouisiana Independent Party
IndependentBenjamin BarnesCandidate for Governor
IndependentJeffery IstreCandidate for Governor
IndependentHunter LundyCandidate for Governor
IndependentBruce PaytonCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
IndependentFrank ScurlockCandidate for Governor
MaineIndependentKevin BallCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentElias BassileCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentSenator Angus Stanley King, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
IndependentSenator Angus Stanley King, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
MarylandIndependentShaunesi Yvette DeBerryCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentEmmanuel Onyekachi "Emmanuel" OsuchukwuCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentMichael Ray "Mike" SigmonCandidate for Senate Class 1
MichiganIndependentJames Kieth Frizzell, Sr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
MinnesotaIndependentJames TomahawkCandidate for House CD 7
MississippiIndependentGwendolyn GrayCandidate for Governor
MissouriIndependentJohn BowmanCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentAlexander JS HeidenreichCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentWesley SmithCandidate for House CD 2
IndependentJared YoungCandidate for Senate Class 1
NebraskaIndependentDan OsbornCandidate for Special Election Senate Class 2
NevadaIndependentJoseph James "J.J." DestinCandidate for Senate Class 1
New Hampshire  
New JerseyIndependentNicholas Matthew "Nick" CarducciCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentVictor Joseph ScazzolaCandidate for Senate Class 1
New MexicoIndependentCameron Alton Chick, Sr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
New YorkIndependentRyan Michael KalataCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJoshua O. "Josh" MadsonCandidate for Senate Class 3
IndependentDiane Wilson SareCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentJacob O. SotoCandidate for House CD 3
(Independent)James Paul SpeakerCandidate for House CD 26
IndependentHal StewartCandidate for House CD 19
North CarolinaIndependentShelane EtchisonCandidate for House CD 9
North Dakota  
Northern MarianasIndependentGovernor Arnold Indalecio PalaciosIncumbent Governor
IndependentTerritorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
IndependentTerritorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
OhioIndependentAnthony Gerald "Tony" Evans, Jr.Candidate for House CD 11
IndependentSean FreemanCandidate for House CD 11
IndependentMichael Robert HarbaughCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentRoss Tackett, Jr.Candidate for House CD 3
OregonIndependentDeschutes County Soil and Water Conservation District Board Member Andrew J. AasenCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentDavid Victor AllenCandidate for House CD 1
PennsylvaniaIndependentChuck KellerCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentLewis ShupeCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentHussein Tartour-AguirreCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentReece Master Wright-McDonaldCandidate for Senate Class 1
Puerto RicoIndependentArnaldo ClaudioCandidate for Resident Commissioner to the House of Representatives
IndependentEd CruzCandidate for Resident Commissioner to the House of Representatives
Republicans Abroad International  
Rhode IslandIndependentJon LindleyCandidate for Senate Class 2
South CarolinaIndependentElspeth Snow MurdayCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentElizabeth TedderCandidate for House CD 5
South Dakota  
TennesseeIndependentKathleen M. CosgroveCandidate for House CD 4
IndependentJason Jerrell SmithCandidate for Senate Class 2
TexasIndependentRoger BaroneCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentClayton T. ChapmanCandidate for House CD 32
IndependentVictor Leonard Fisher, IICandidate for House CD 1
IndependentEric Scott LoydCandidate for House CD 27
IndependentRonald Razon "Ron" MedinaCandidate for House CD 11
IndependentStefan Paul MedleyCandidate for House CD 10
IndependentAntonio "Tony" RodriguezCandidate for House CD 5
IndependentAshley TranCandidate for House CD 32
VermontIndependentCris EricsonCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentSenator Bernard "Bernie" SandersIncumbent Senate Class 1
IndependentSenator Bernard "Bernie" SandersCandidate for Senate Class 1
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaIndependentCraig Edward EnnisCandidate for House CD 7
IndependentJonathan T. "JT" HardinCandidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentStephen Alan LeonCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentJeramy "Lee" OlmackCandidate for House CD 8
IndependentCsaba Menezes Rusznak, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
IndependentTiger XiongCandidate for Senate Class 1
WashingtonIndependentReid SarrisCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
West VirginiaIndependentQuintin Gerard CaldwellCandidate for Governor
IndependentWes HoldenCandidate for House CD 1
IndependentFred VanceCandidate for Governor
WisconsinIndependentRustin Levem ProvanceCandidate for House CD 3
IndependentJacob VeenhuisCandidate for Governor

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.

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