2021 Primary and General Election



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G-politicians.xls - Incumbents and Candidates
Columns: key, state name, state abbreviation, category, office name, office abbreviation, date up for election, Candidate/Incumbent, incumbent running for office, at term limit, disposition, title, first middle "nick", last, suffix, running mate, balloted party(ies), unballoted party(ies), popular vote, electoral vote, FEC identifier, officeholder website, campaign website.
G-events.xls - Events (election dates)
Columns: key, state name, state abbreviation, date, type, description, status, open-1, close-1, timezone-1, open-1 W3C DTF, close-1 W3C DTF, open-2, close-2, timezone-2, open-2 W3C DTF, close-2 W3C DTF, gubernatorial, senatorial, notes.


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  Uncontested Governor's Chairs, Senate, and U.S. House Seats (one candidate running for office)  
  Governor's Chairs, Senate, and U.S. House Seats with multiple incumbents running for them  
  Governor's Chairs, Senate, and U.S. House Seats with only one major party candidate running for office  
  2021 Partisan Composition by State  
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  Comparative Political Party Predominance in each State, 2000 thru 2016  
  Political Party Floor Leaders in the Congress of the United States  
  Dates of DIRECT PRIMARY Elections re: Major Party Nominations for Statewide and/or Federal Office  
  Length of Terms of Office of STATE Governors throughout American History