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2021 Contests Where No Candidate
Received a Majority

Close Contests Summary - Decision by 2% or less
Contests Where No Candidate Received a Majority


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts".



(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
California Special Governor
Margin between top two vote getters: 38.811%, 2,857,089 votes
Larry A. ElderRepublican3,563,86748.41% 
Kevin PaffrathDemocratic706,7789.60% 
Kevin L. FaulconerRepublican590,3468.02% 
Brandon M. RossDemocratic392,0295.33% 
John CoxRepublican305,0954.14% 
Kevin KileyRepublican255,4903.47% 
Jacqueline "Jackie" McGowanDemocratic214,2422.91% 
Joel VentrescaDemocratic186,3452.53% 
Daniel WattsDemocratic167,3552.27% 
Holly L. BaadeDemocratic92,2181.25% 
Patrick KilpatrickDemocratic86,6171.18% 
Armando "Mando" Perez-SerratoDemocratic85,0611.16% 
Caitlyn JennerRepublican75,2151.02% 
John R. DrakeDemocratic68,5450.93% 
Daniel I. "Dan" KapelovitzGreen64,3750.87% 
Jeff HewittLibertarian50,3780.68% 
Ted GainesRepublican47,9370.65% 
AngelyneNo Party Preference35,9000.49% 
David MooreNo Party Preference31,2240.42% 
Anthony TriminoRepublican28,1010.38% 
Doug OseRepublican26,2040.36% 
Michael LoebsNo Party Preference25,4680.35% 
Heather CollinsGreen24,2600.33% 
Major SinghNo Party Preference21,3940.29% 
David LozanoRepublican19,9450.27% 
Denver StonerRepublican19,5880.27% 
Samuel L. "Sam" GallucciRepublican18,1340.25% 
Steve Chavez LodgeRepublican17,4350.24% 
Jenny Rae Le RouxRepublican16,0320.22% 
David Alexander BramanteRepublican11,5010.16% 
Diego MartinezRepublican10,8600.15% 
Robert C. Newman, IIRepublican10,6020.14% 
Sarah StephensRepublican10,5830.14% 
Dennis RichterNo Party Preference10,4680.14% 
Major WilliamsWrite-in8,9650.12% 
Denis LuceyNo Party Preference8,1820.11% 
James G. HaninkNo Party Preference7,1930.10% 
Daniel MercuriRepublican7,1100.10% 
Chauncey "Slim" KillensRepublican6,8790.09% 
Leo S. ZackyRepublican6,0990.08% 
Kevin K. KaulNo Party Preference5,6000.08% 
David HillbergRepublican4,4350.06% 
Adam PapaganNo Party Preference4,0210.05% 
Rhonda FurinRepublican3,9640.05% 
Nickolas WildstarRepublican3,8110.05% 
Jeremiah "Jeremy" MarciniakNo Party Preference2,8940.04% 
Joe M. SymmonRepublican2,3970.03% 
Miki HabrynWrite-in1370.00% 
Stacy SmithWrite-in810.00% 
Vivek B. MohanWrite-in680.00% 
Thuy E. HugensWrite-in190.00% 
Vince LundgrenWrite-in50.00% 
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