Traditional Sections and Regions
of the several States

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State Section Region Survey
IllinoisMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
IndianaMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
IowaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
KansasMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
MichiganMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
MinnesotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
MissouriMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
NebraskaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
North DakotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
OhioMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
South DakotaMIDWESTGreat PlainsPublic Domain
WisconsinMIDWESTGreat LakesPublic Domain
ConnecticutNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
DelawareNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
District of ColumbiaNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
MaineNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
MarylandNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
MassachusettsNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
New HampshireNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
New JerseyNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
New YorkNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
PennsylvaniaNORTHEASTMid-AtlanticMetes & Bounds
Rhode IslandNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
VermontNORTHEASTNew EnglandMetes & Bounds
AlabamaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
ArkansasSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthPublic Domain
FloridaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
GeorgiaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
KentuckySOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
LouisianaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
MississippiSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthPublic Domain
North CarolinaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
OklahomaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthPublic Domain
South CarolinaSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
TennesseeSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
TexasSOUTHLower ["Deep"] SouthMetes & Bounds
VirginiaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
West VirginiaSOUTHUpper ["Border"] SouthMetes & Bounds
AlaskaWESTPacificPublic Domain
ArizonaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
CaliforniaWESTPacificPublic Domain
ColoradoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
HawaiiWESTPacificMetes & Bounds
IdahoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
MontanaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
NevadaWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
New MexicoWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
OregonWESTPacificPublic Domain
UtahWESTIntermountainPublic Domain
WashingtonWESTPacificPublic Domain
WyomingWESTIntermountainPublic Domain

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